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  1. We've got the 9:00pm prayer shift covered down here on the bayou. We'll call in the big guns for little Ollie...
  2. Thanks for the great suggestions and for your concern, Jan. And I'm glad to hear Juno is doing so well. Cal is about 32 lbs. In fact, she could use an additional couple pounds, but I haven't found a way to get her past the 32# mark (including additional fats, oils, etc.). Anyway, I've pretty much tried everything you suggest. She's not wolfing her food or eating any differently. I feed twice daily; about 1 cup at each feeding. Never straight dry kibble; always some water, canned food, fish oil, yogurt, etc. Last night she couldn't even keep down a small canned food meatball I tried
  3. Thanks Eileen. I see them now in the profile (I was looking under "Manage Friends"). I should have been more specific with my question: the old version allowed us to pull up our list of friends - which included the last time they posted. So if I'm particularly interested in specific peoples' posts, I could use that function to see if they'd posted lately, and go directly to that most recent post. No biggie, but it appears the upgrade doesn't offer that function...
  4. Has anyone else lost their "friends" list? Mine was at around 20, and now it's down to 3...
  5. Great goin', y'all! Put us down for $25 for Riddle too... does that put her at $125? P.S. Where do I send the money? Hurry! Before I have another almost new major appliance breaks down...
  6. Source: www.dogfoodproject.com, 11/21/08 ___________________________________________________________________________ Important News for California Pet Owners! You already know about our state's budget woes and how politicians are looking into all kinds of possibilities to find more ways to fund their frivolous, uncontrolled spending. In the latest proposal, the Governor has recommended broadening the Sales and Use Tax in California to include certain "luxury" services: 1. Appliance and furniture repair 2. Automobile repair 3. Golf 4. Veterinarian services! Yep, that's rig
  7. Way to go you guys! Great job...
  8. I, too, am just seeing this after being out of town. Finding the right words can be so frustrating at times like these. The previous posts are a fine tribute to Buzz, you and Terry and your love and devotion to each other. Rest well, sweet boy...
  9. Which is why I always follow Mark's posts (among others)... Call me a geek groupie.
  10. Welcome to the newbie club, Tiffany. You have joined the world of self-deprecation, thanks to these dogs who are so damned good at what they do. Hmph... I'm working on my doctorate; how hard can this herding thing be? HA! It's been a long while since I've felt so slow, clumsy, and stupid all at the same time. Take heart from everyone else's comments. I have a feeling we're in it for the long haul -- and I'm looking forward to the ride!
  11. Oh, I'm really sorry the news wasn't better. What a blessing they don't know what we do. As with everyone else, we'll keep paws and fingers crossed that Ness will have plenty of good time left to enjoy. Sending positive mojo from down on the bayou...
  12. Go Dottie... Go Dottie... (you can post more photos anytime, Anna!)
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