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    I am very sorry, Laura Rest in peace sweet Craig.
  2. Mojo and prayers sent from here for Lily, I hope the surgery goes well and she recovers quickly.
  3. I have only just seen this, poor Kat.... sending lots of mojo and prayers for her and you from the UK.
  4. We feed ours on James Wellbeloved, it is a good quality hypoallergenic food. They have the Lamb and Rice one, but there are other varieties as well. They also do a sachet food which we sometimes add to their kibble as a topper. http://www.wellbeloved.com/products/dog_food.aspx
  5. I agree with Liz, it may be something he will do for some time. Holly is a lot better now, actually I can't remember the last time she did it ... but she was like it for ages. Excitement and also if she was unsure of something, like a person that she was going to greet. She would go to them but sometimes would do a little wee. We just made sure new meets were outside if possible and cleared up if she did one. I would say she may have outgrown it now though as this has reminded me that she has not done it for ages, she is 4yrs old now. I still wouldn't be surprised if she did again sometime th
  6. No advice on the bones but we do have some tooth cleaning wipes here for dogs. I usually take turns with my two... between those and a brush with paste. With the wipes you use your finger to clean so it perhaps won't seem so much of a toy/ game thing.
  7. My two have the whole house and garden as their area, although we never leave them out in the garden when we are not home. We have it sorted so it is pretty much Holly & Zac proof out there, we have an area with a frog pond in and plants that has a plastic fence round it. They go in and out as they please if we have the doors open in the warmer weather. If it is wet or in the winter then one of us will go out with them and dry them off a bit before they come in if needed, we have a roofed passage area near one of the back doors which is so handy for that. When they are left ho
  8. I have my fingers crossed for you too and hope and pray that is the outcome of the surgery. I am so sorry Sophie has this, good luck for Tuesday. Keep us posted on how she is doing.
  9. Just thought i would bring this back as i am now getting site is safe. So i presume Norton has cleared something and now it is showing as a safe site again.
  10. Mine is still the same too and i have cleared all i can.(i think) I do trust that the site is okay now but i would feel a lot more comfortable without the site unsafe pop up everytime i come on here. Thank you for trying to put it right with Norton, Heather.
  11. I don't really want to put any other info on here other than it is the newest version of Norton that i am using.
  12. As this seems related just to Norton, could it be a problem with that?.... i don't get why none of the other anti virus things are picking it up. I am still getting the same threat on here and to be honest it really puts me off being here. I only click on this thread now. It didn't come up for anything in particular on here for me so i don't know what i did to get it to come up to start with, it is always just there and doesn't change. I don't get this with any other site. I hope someone can come up with a reason for it and it can be put right. I miss looking round on here.
  13. The history and cookies get cleared quite often on here so i think i am fine there, also our Norton has only just been renewed so i think it is still at the default settings. I am now on Firefox and still getting the same Norton warning as i do on IE, 298 threats. I think i will stay off here again for a while until it is clear and safe again. I am scared to click on any other threads now except this one.
  14. I am getting the same site unsafe as Megan, it still shows 298 threats on here now. It comes up on all the forum sections i have been in, i haven't clicked around much though as i don't like having the site unsafe on as i don't know hardly anything about these virus things.
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    I am sorry i am late seeing this.... I am very sorry for your loss Liz, run free Flyboy.
  16. Samantha J


    I am so sorry, run free Bear.
  17. I agree, i wasn't offended by your post either. To be honest there were a few other comments on here that did offend me though, then i went out played with my dogs and realised it doesn't matter really what anyone thinks of what i do. I am as safety careful as i can be and both myself and my dogs enjoy it a lot. Liz: i am glad Quinn is ok, things do sometimes just happen no matter how careful we are.
  18. I have to say that i honestly never get fed up playing ball with my two, i really enjoy a walk around the park with the dogs and my dh, watching Holly & Zac run around and have fun is a good thing to see imo. I have never been bored watching them have fun. They make me smile and when you meet up with other people there and pups it is really nice. We do vary the way they play and what we do there but they always have a good run. I personally think it helps keep then fit and healthy, they can't run like that here as our garden is too small. We meet other dogs, we walk round the lakes someti
  19. Ours do a mixture really, sometimes just plain fetch, which is either Holly first followed shortly after by Zac or they both go together at the same time. They have seperate balls although they do swap and get each others sometimes. They also do the wait and fetch, we usually use a ready, steady, go with that and they can't go until the go word. They actually seem to like you to repeat the ready and steadys or mix them up a bit before saying go...so they do actually listen for the go before they do go. As i throw the park used ones out pretty often they never actually get that worn or
  20. This is what i can imagine my two doing, i am still going to try and get hold of some though as they are better for them and i can clean them. We haven't got a dog park but where we go a lot of dogs go, this is a public park for all but there is always someone who doesn't clean up after their own dog... which is partly the reason i chuck so many balls out after we go there. I do wonder though on the teeth thing whether it is just some dogs who have stronger teeth or is it because they chew the balls more and that causes the damage. I had never thought about it until i joined this board and
  21. I wish they sold the chuck it ones around here, i have been looking for ages to try them. They would be much better for the park as i could wash them. Will have to have a look online, we must be able to get them here somewhere.
  22. We have used the kong squeaker balls in a chuck it, i presume they are totally dog safe. Usually mine get cheaper balls for the park though as i throw them out after every couple of times they go. I always use the kong squeaker ones inside. My two don't destroy tennis balls though so they don't digest any of them, but Holly does like to hold ones sometimes whilst she plays with another one when she is indoors. I keep my eye on their teeth and so far i don't see any wear on them with doing it this way.
  23. Or if you or anyone else can sew, (i am rubbish at it) then you could make some yourself. My mum makes them some sometimes, she sews a liner in them first and then double stitches them. They last a lot longer and are cheaper to make than buy. I save the sqeakers, voice box things out of toys and she re uses them.
  24. Holly doesn't really destroy toys but Zac does, although most toys around here end up as tug toys and get pulled apart that way. The best toy i have found for tugging and playing is Wubba's. I have three now and they last really well. Zac hasn't destroyed them yet so they must be pretty tough and they both really enjoy play with them.
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