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  1. The motion failed. http://usbcha.com/09%20-%20Forum%20minutes.htm
  2. On a related note there are two local USBCHA trials coming up that both offer good spectator viewing because the trials are run on the hillsides. It might help you to see what the trialling aspect of it is all about and help you to decide if you want to get involved, or not. This coming Friday and Saturday there is a trial near Zamora; this Sunday's trial is near Plymouth. The following Friday thru Sunday there is a trial in Hopland. I think both offer opportunities to buy food and drink that benefit 4-H or FFA or the like. ;-) Check the norcalsheepdog.org website for exact dates and
  3. I am in favor of drawing the dogs' names and not just the handlers' names. We have had quite a bit of discussion on this topic both locally and regionally, in terms of the USBCHA trials and the smaller (non-USBCHA) local club. If it is via this rule change or some other way, I think this needs to be at least looked into/acknowledged. Handlers with two or three dogs should not be able to choose the order in which they run them any more than I am able to choose where I run my one dog. This should apply to all classes. What we have seen a lot locally with USBCHA is that the Open class is drawn wi
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