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Hi, gang: new member here, so I have nothing to add but photos.  After having to put down our wonderful 15-year-old Australian Shepard, Higgins, we were lucky enough to find Finnegan.  He's 16 weeks old now.  He's from working/trialing stock in Carbondale Colorado but will be a pet in my active/outdoorsy family.  So far, he's nothing but a joy (but definitely needs CONSTANT supervision to keep him out of trouble).  Here are pics of Finn (and two of the dear departed Higgins, too)!


Finnegan 14 weeks.jpg

14 weeks eyeing ball.jpg

Finnegan 9 weeks.jpg

Finnegan at work.jpg



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Love all the photos! Finn is too cute and Higgins was gorgeous. Hopefully Finn will provide many new memories! And it looks like you might have a future veterinarian in the family?

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Thanks for all your replies!  I'm glad the the photos of Higgins captured some of his outstanding personality.  He was one of the greats -- 100% trustworthy in any situation (from greeting elderly residence in nursing homes, to playing tug with my daughter and her friends, to multi-day wilderness treks and backcountry skiing adventures, he knew exactly how to behave).  Everyone who knew him loved that dog.  (I've attached a few others of him, just 'cuz).285318964_Higgins6.jpg.1462521c9865f9ec98ab294cbe5f47c5.jpg

After he died, I read Bones Would Rain From the Sky, which gave me so much insight into why Higgins was such a good dog.  We had, over the years, formed an indelible bond based on mutual respect and we genuine friendship.   If I can get half way to that relationship with Finnegan, it'll be worth it.

I would love to post new photos of Finnegan, but photographing border collie puppies has got to be one of life's great challenges!  I'll keep trying.

(Oh, and as for our little vet, that's my daughter and she LOVED patching up Higgins.  There's a series of photos of them hanging in our vet's office.)

IMAG0316 (1).jpg

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He is very handsome indeed!


i just wanted to say I love the way you express your relationship with Higgins, that is what I had with my dearly departed Rosie and hope to find with our families’ new puppy as well. Thanks for that!

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