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  1. If you crate him calmly and without anger he will not become fearful or reluctant to go in his crate. He is being a brat and he needs to understand the consequences, like a kid being sent to their room. Since he already knows his crate as his 'home', he'll be fine in that regard. Agree with all the others, beating up on senior dogs is absolutlely not allowed. Good luck and let us know your progress! Amy
  2. Central diabetes insipidus results from lack of AntiDiuretic Hormone (ADH) which is produced by the pituitary gland. The treatment Gibbs' vet is prescribing is a synthetic analogue of ADH called desmopressin acetate. Its effects last 10-12 hours after administration, so it's usually dosed twice a day. Gibbs should show rapid symptom improvement after treatment starts. Best of luck for excellent results and many more years with Gibbs! <3
  3. One of our first Border Collies, Peggy, was extremely versatile. An excellent sheepdog, she also was a good varmint dog and had a super soft mouth as a retriever. We don't hunt but we do shoot target practice from time to time, and you could shoot over her with ease. She would have made an excellent game retriever. I think Peggy was probably the most innately intelligent of all our Border Collies. Amy
  4. Perfect! Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures with your Arrow! Amy
  5. Roadie (sly reference to his possible ridgeback heritage too). Ted popped into my head when I saw him as well. He could be a keeper! Good luck and keep us posted, Amy
  6. Thanks for the detailed and overall reassuring update! I'm glad you are on the right track with Darcy and the help you've received sounds spot on. It will be interesting to see if/how the SSRI helps in the overall program. We'll stay tuned, and continued good wishes! Amy
  7. That's a GREAT story, Ruth! Good for you, Gibbs - a new pleasure at this stage in your long and happy life! <3 Hugs and skritches, Amy
  8. Beautiful dogs, both. I'm sure Finnegan will help to enrich your family in Higgins' absence. Keep us posted! Amy
  9. The comments on the YouTube site are fantastic too! Thanks for sharing!
  10. HA HA HA. The little devil!! <3 Mom has great focus though. Amy
  11. Hi and welcome! It's nice to have an actual training question after a long drought. I've been raising and training Border Collies for trials (and also practical work) since the early 90s. I'm in the 'real' northern California just south of the Oregon border and our climate is similar to yours. Goats could be a good training choice for your pup if they are not too obstinate or aggressive. I'm hoping they would be wethered before you get them and not left as intact billys. I am much more familiar with using larger meat goats such as Boers for dog work, though. I'd be mindful if the dw
  12. Beautiful photos - what a bunch of posers!!
  13. My heart sings when you regale us with Gibbs tales. I am so, so happy you found each other! <3 Amy
  14. Thank you so much, Ruth. AAARROOO back to Gibbs too!
  15. Thanks, Mark. I appreciate your concern. It's been quite a year, hasn't it? Amy
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