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  1. HI Sue, I'm in - let me know the details! Kristi was an inspiration to so many of us, truly a bright, shining light in our little border collie world. She is missed. Thanks for coordinating this! Amy
  2. Yay for Bobby! I hope his new home is the perfect fit. I wonder if you'll be able to keep us posted? Thanks! Amy
  3. Curious if any of your sidewalk crossings have wheelchair access, then you wouldn't have to step down into the street? Also, is Kev okay on stairs? I train border collies to herd sheep, and I have more examples of "two steps forward, one step back" than you can imagine. Sustained progress usually comes from fairness and consistency in training, and figuring out what really works for the individual dog. Good luck and I'm sure others will have more helpful advice! Amy
  4. Thanks for sharing. Incredibly sweet. Amy
  5. Thanks, Lawgirl, for the links. I hope you stay safe in SA, and that rain is on its way. This is such a horrible tragedy. Amy
  6. Lawgirl, what organisations would you suggest for donations? And thanks for the pictures - I was heartened by seeing photos of the Border Collie who is finding injured koalas in NSW as well. Thanks, Amy
  7. Too funny! What goes in, must come out.... It's probably loss of muscle mass in this senior dog, as others have suggested. As long as he's doing as well as it seems, I'd agree to not obsess about it at this point. Happy 2020! Amy
  8. That's a great picture, Gentle Lake - thanks for sharing!
  9. Merry Christmas, Alicia and Furry Friends! Terrific photo! Amy
  10. We are in far northern California, on the Oregon border in a 2500' elevation valley whose climate is semi-arid. We've had a pretty typical winter so far (typical for the last decade, at least - before that it seems like we got more snow). Right now we have howling winds and the threat of rain today with snow later on, maybe not down to the valley floor. Mount Shasta has a great snowpack, and the Sierra snowpack is 113% of normal - good news for drought-plagued California! My heart is breaking for fire-ravaged NSW :-( Glad things are somewhat better in SA. Amy
  11. I trust your judgement, Ruth, and I know you trust your vet, but keep in mind that most vets are used to looking at obese pet dogs, so their 'yardstick' may be a little skewed from our working-dog perspective. I've found that our senior dogs tend to do better if they are on the lean (not skinny!) side. Having said that, I don't mind if the dogs carry an extra pound or two in the cold weather, even though they are in the house. Good luck - hugs to you and a good ol' skritch for Gibbs! Amy
  12. I second Mark's excellent advice. Many of us out there in the USBCHA trialing world dread the day we have to hang up our aging dog's spurs because they can't quite manage the Open work, and we can't trial them in PN ourselves. Active Open handlers usually have a younger dog or three waiting in the wings, and the oldster gets put aside. Finding the right person to take the retiree is a huge gift to all - the dog, the newbie, and the wistful original handler. I speak from experience. Best of luck! Amy
  13. Just a quick word about the looped leash around the dog's waist (CptJack). This is an effective control tool and it's self-correcting which is very good - BUT - if the dog lunges with a lot of force, it is possible to do damage to internal organs. A MUCH safer technique is to loop the leash just behind the front legs, around the chest, and slip the free end of the leash through a ring on the dog's collar so the loop stays around the chest and doesn't slip down the waist. Dogs for the most part dislike the tightening around the chest when they pull and will self-correct without potentially really hurting themselves. Good luck with your gorgeous guy! Amy
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