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  1. Yes, there are lots of border collies that work cattle, some exclusively. Several "lines" of collies bred for that work are in existence here in the US, mostly in the West and South. In some cases other breeds have been crossed onto border collies to emphasize certain traits such as a heel bite, bravery and so on. It takes a courageous dog to brush up rank cattle weighing 1000-2000 pounds. Probably the best-known examples are Hangin' Tree Border Collies (not to be confused with Hangin' Tree Australian Shepherds!) and Cattlemasters. Having said that, there are also ABCA-registered border collies bred and used by cow dog folk who select their own breeding stock within the breed for the characteristics they need and like, and those pups/dogs are usually marketed as cow dogs, or 'cow dog bred', or from cow dog lines. These are likely the dogs you are coming across in your searches. Breeding for purpose is what the border collie has been about since its earliest development. I think it's fascinating. Amy
  2. Anniversaries can be hard, Lawgirl. <Hugs> to you, and I suggest you use a dose of D'Elles good medicine and show some extra love to the dogs in your life today. Take care, Amy
  3. The Canadian Border Collie Association, Canada's registry for purebred working collies, has a Breeder section on their website. There are several in Ontario. Check it out at http://www.canadianbordercollies.org Good luck in your search, and keep us posted! Amy
  4. I think they should be removed. It's a simple surgery, and they are at real risk of injury if left on. We had one pup born here 10+ years ago with hind dewclaws. I nipped them off with nail clippers when the pup was 3 days old and that was that. I know a lot of the primitive breeds like LGDs often have single or double hind dew claws - I wonder about their injuries? Your pup is a doll! Amy
  5. Energy Edge, a human-grade maltodextrin product developed by Dr. Angie Untisz, DVM. Google it - it's got the science behind it. Amy
  6. Mouchette is beautiful! She's very lucky to have you in her new life. Here's Bonnie, not too long after I got her. You can see in her eyes that she's not totally trusting yet. She's come a long way and the journey has been enlightening to say the least! Continued good wishes and good luck with your lovely Mouchette! Amy
  7. You can also use a ballpoint pen as a quiet alternative to a clicker. The important thing, as mentioned, is that you 'mark' the desired behavior at exactly the right moment. I have a just-turned-two year old Border Collie who was basically cared for but not interacted with very much for the first seven months of her life. You could describe her behavior as 'independent' but it's really that she never got hard-wired to 'partner up' with a person. We've been working on that partnership for a year and a half now, and it's very, very much improved but not where I want it to be yet. I'm working her on sheep now and I hope that will solidify the bond. We'll see. Good luck with Mouchette (love the name!), keep us posted, and don't forget....we LOVE photos! Amy
  8. Good luck to you and to Digger, D'Elle, and please keep us posted.
  9. My Pete (Border Collie) was diagnosed with a systolic ejection murmur at about age 12. A low dose of inexpensive enalapril was all he ever needed until he died of a stroke at nearly 15. He had zero side effects. I hope Digger's outcome is similar. Good luck! Amy
  10. Robin started out many, many years ago in USBCHA/ABCA open field trialing and was quite successful with a number of very good dogs. Since that time she's migrated to AKC herding and has developed a successful business model in Southern California. I don't know her current dogs or breeding stock but I do know she understands what makes a good working dog. Since you asked, I would say that I consider Robin "reputable" and based on my past knowledge I would expect her to be honest in her dealings. She and I would disagree on AKC registration of working Border Collies but I understand that people make life choices based on their own needs and beliefs that may not be like mine. As with any breeder, you should ask to meet the parents, see what their temperaments are like, and note the way in which they and the other dogs are kept. And remember, regardless of health tests, contracts, etc., there is no such thing as a "Good Housekeeping" guarantee when you purchase a pup from anyone. Good luck in your search, and don't forget that there are really nice Border Collies in rescue desperate for good homes. Take care, Amy
  11. amc


    That's a beautiful tribute to your lovely June Bug. I'm so sorry you lost her early. Cancer sucks. :-( RIP, Juniper. Amy
  12. I wonder if it's because gabapentin has now been assigned a DEA schedule, same as less potent narcotics (Tylenol w/codeine, for example). There may now be a requirement that the prescribing vet needs to re-evaluate the patient at least once a year in order to issue refills in California? In any case, you should have been told whether the rx was authorized or not. I have an app on my phone direct to our pharmacy - I get a text when my prescriptions are ready. Very handy indeed. Good luck and keep us posted! Extra skritches for Gibbs too! Amy
  13. That was really lovely. I can only imagine the hours and hours of work both partners put in to achieve such a result. They both are obviously loving it, too!
  14. What a lovely place! I'm sure you and Molly will be much happier there! Congratulations! Amy
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