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  1. Great photos, thank you so much! Enjoy the holidays, Everyone!! Amy
  2. The second photo says it all for both of you. Thanks for sharing the first year of your journey, yours and Rooster's hard work toward a wonderful outcome, and the joy of making those irreplaceable connections. Please keep us posted! Amy
  3. My 'gain-of-function' crack was a little dig to some who disparage a lot of the science around this pandemic ;-) but I am somewhat concerned about zoonoses in general, given that dangerous-to-humans mutations can and do originate when viruses skip across species. Have you come across any more research on dog-to-human (and vice versa) SARS Co-V-2 transmission?
  4. Interesting. Where did this study take place? Can this be classified as 'gain of function' research? Amy
  5. What a joy! Glad Braden's light bulb is coming on; we'll look forward to more pupdates! Enjoy! Amy
  6. That's fantastic! Thanks for helping us to do our small part! Amy
  7. https://vetmed.umn.edu/research/labs/canine-genetics-lab/genetic-research/border-collie-collapse University of Minnesota has a long-running study on BCC/EIC; check out their site above, and note the link which allows you to participate with your dog in the study if you choose. Good luck! Amy
  8. So sorry, Geonni; she sure had a good, long life with you. Treasure your memories. Amy
  9. Wow, what lovely portraits of both Oscar and George; they come alive as you gaze at them! Amy
  10. Wonderful update, thank you for sharing your progress with Mouche. She is gorgeous and I love her relaxed posture. I think you, she and Bing all hit the jackpot! Amy
  11. Dogs don't have to be registered to compete in USBCHA trials or the Finals - they just have to qualify for the Finals by placing in the top 20% of sanctioned trials several times. HANDLERS must be a member of the ABCA to run dogs in the Finals, but not in other sanctioned trials. Hope this helps, Amy
  12. Albuquerquedan, is Finnegan in regular sheep training now? He's gorgeous. Well, aren't they all Thanks for the pupdates! Keep 'em coming. Amy
  13. Sounds like you're doing a great job with Katie! The best way (besides doing lab work which is really unnecessary if you're not breeding) to tell if a bitch is past her season is to see her refuse the advances of a male dog. A typical bitch has about a week of pre-estrus when hormones are rising but she's not receptive, about a week of estrus when pregnancy would be possible, and about a week when she is still attractive to males but not receptive. This is a very general rule of thumb, but at least it's a guideline you can use to observe her behavior. Good idea to wait until her growth plates close to spay her, 18 months or so. Check out the Ontario Border Collie Club at https://www.ontariobordercollieclub.com/ Also, the Canadian Border Collie Championships are at Grass Creek Park in Kingston September 21-26 this year. Go if you can - you'll see the best working Border Collies in Canada and meet a ton of handlers who are typically very friendly and eager to welcome newbies. The venue is also spectacular. More resources are on the Canadian Border Collie Association's website at https://www.canadianbordercollies.org/cbca-championships Enjoy!! Amy
  14. Yes, I noticed I was demoted from "Senior Member" to "Rookie"....WTH? Amy
  15. Finn's got his genetics to help him, and a good place to learn. The bigger challenge might be training YOU ;-) But the journey is a very fun and rewarding one, I guarantee. Good luck and enjoy! Amy
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