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  1. My heart sings when you regale us with Gibbs tales. I am so, so happy you found each other! <3 Amy
  2. Thank you so much, Ruth. AAARROOO back to Gibbs too!
  3. Thanks, Mark. I appreciate your concern. It's been quite a year, hasn't it? Amy
  4. I'm in the 'real' northern California, about 20 miles south of the Oregon border on the I-5 corridor. Our local community of Happy Camp, 75 miles down the Klamath River, was devastated last week by the Slater Fire. 150 homes in that tiny community of 800 people were lost, and 2 are confirmed dead to date. The majority of the losses were around the edges of the town, the business district and schools were spared, as were the administrative offices and medical/dental/behavioral health clinics of the Tribe for which I work. We are scampering to get computer access for the essential business f
  5. Good news on your nephew, Mark!
  6. Could it be pee spots? Do they sniff when they other is doing its business? I've had this happen with both male and female border collies. Amy
  7. They are so cute and gangly at this stage. What a cutie. He sure looks like he owns that chair, too! Amy
  8. Congratulations! She's lovely. Please tell us more, and keep sharing your stories of this new adventure! Amy
  9. The MSSA Finals are going on right now in Wyoming with cattle and sheep classes. The trials started yesterday and will finish up on Saturday. They are live-streaming at least one arena - yesterday was Open and Intermediate Cattle. https://mountainstatesstockdog.com/ is the link to the website and the livestream, which is also on their Facebook page. Enjoy! Amy
  10. Great advice, Michael. Cast this net beyond British Columbia as well. Good luck in your search, puppytoes - as others have said, finding the right dog will be worth the wait. Amy
  11. Yes, there are lots of border collies that work cattle, some exclusively. Several "lines" of collies bred for that work are in existence here in the US, mostly in the West and South. In some cases other breeds have been crossed onto border collies to emphasize certain traits such as a heel bite, bravery and so on. It takes a courageous dog to brush up rank cattle weighing 1000-2000 pounds. Probably the best-known examples are Hangin' Tree Border Collies (not to be confused with Hangin' Tree Australian Shepherds!) and Cattlemasters. Having said that, there are also ABCA-registered bord
  12. Anniversaries can be hard, Lawgirl. <Hugs> to you, and I suggest you use a dose of D'Elles good medicine and show some extra love to the dogs in your life today. Take care, Amy
  13. The Canadian Border Collie Association, Canada's registry for purebred working collies, has a Breeder section on their website. There are several in Ontario. Check it out at http://www.canadianbordercollies.org Good luck in your search, and keep us posted! Amy
  14. I think they should be removed. It's a simple surgery, and they are at real risk of injury if left on. We had one pup born here 10+ years ago with hind dewclaws. I nipped them off with nail clippers when the pup was 3 days old and that was that. I know a lot of the primitive breeds like LGDs often have single or double hind dew claws - I wonder about their injuries? Your pup is a doll! Amy
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