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  1. Welcome to the boards, and welcome to Bailey! That photo with the tongue sticking out is sooo cute. Picture me squeeeing over in Australia. I can just imagine he enjoys making friends - I am sure he is a heart stealer.
  2. She is staying super cute - that is one thing I love about Border collies - they are just as cute as adults as puppies!
  3. If you are concerned about antlers having a risk of breaking teeth, have you considered something like goat's horn? It is softer (it took my dogs about a day to chew up instead of days to weeks like antlers do) but should also do the job to help keep teeth clean. It is a little more smelly than antlers and not naturally shed. This may be worth researching.
  4. I second what diane allen has said above. This is a game that a well known agility person Susan Garrett calls "Its Yer Choice" and is a way of teaching self control. Take a treat, and hold it in a closed fist. Your dog will see/smell it, and will start offering up behaviours. Ignore them all, until she turns away. Then say yes (or whatever your marker word is, yah?) and let her take the treat. Repeat, but gradually require more in the way of calm behaviour before you mark with a yes and let her take the treat. So you may start with her turning her head away, then with her backing up a s
  5. The title sounds intriguing. Is there a blurb about the contents?
  6. Brag away as far as I am concerned! I am so grateful to everyone who has worked so hard in this crisis to try and bring it to an end, whether researchers, manufacturers or trial participants
  7. Snow is not a fear for a lot of Border Collies. I live in Australia and my boys love the cold and wet (no snow though) far more than the heat. Luckily we are having a fairly mild summer by our standards where I live - only one 40+ degree Celsius day so far (104 Fahrenheit), although other areas have not been so lucky. PS she is so cute!
  8. I have the private opinion that Border Collies are a little breedist - they know which breeds they like and which they do not. Other border collies (and other working breeds likes kelpies) will get along just fine, but sometimes other breeds are not welcome. Of course you always get exceptions who like every breed, or who like specific other dogs, but in general, other working dogs are better.
  9. Those are two great photos. Puppy time passes so quickly (looking back I mean, it can feel unending when in the middle)!
  10. When my Oscar passed away late in 2019, his littermate George lost his appetite nearly entirely. George often goes through a picky phase around late Winter/early Spring (southern hemisphere) and he was in this when Oscar died. He almost stopped eating entirely, and really would only eat if I hand fed him, and only a limited amount then. He lost quite a lot of weight, probably 4-5 kgs (8-11lbs). In the end, I found an air dried all meat kibble called Ziwi Peak (from New Zealand) and feeding him that and also roast chicken picked off the bones lead him to eat. I gradually added back in
  11. As a Christmas present to my OH a couple of years ago, I found one of those print-your-photo-on-anything websites and got four small cushions with photos of our boys. Here is a photo of our George resting his head on his own cushion. Dogception!
  12. And the uninformed think border collies all look the same! You can tell yours all have different personalities just by looking at them. Love the photo and welcome to (active participation in) the Boards!
  13. Hear Hear! I can almost keep puppy fever at bay with admiring the pictures of everyone's puppies. Now I just need to deal with the jealousy...
  14. So many puppies lately - I am in second hand heaven! Welcome to the Boards, welcome to the BC life, and congratulations on your beautiful girl puppy!
  15. OMG, that tongue action! Fantastic photo, fantastic subject.
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