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  1. OMG, that tongue action! Fantastic photo, fantastic subject.
  2. OK maeflower, time to start a Rylie thread to keep updating with all of your wonderful photos! It will also be a wonderful record for you to access over time.
  3. It sounds to me as though you have found a very sensible behaviouralist. I am firmly of the opinion that agility bred BCs are not bred to be pets, and have a range of issues with temperament/hyperarousal/hyperactivity. I do love the idea of amping up the treats, but a small word of warning - liver treats are very rich, and in my BCs cause some very memorable and smelly, nay stinky, gas. This may not be an issue for you, but if Darcy suddenly becomes a gas machine, those treats may be the issue...
  4. Wisk is gorgeous, I am a sucker for odd colour eyes! Actually I am a sucker for a lot of variations of BCs lol bot one of my first BCs had different colour eyes too, same sides as Wisk.
  5. Gorgeous puppy! Is there any way you can perhaps block off the space under the armchair? If she feels possessive of this space, or resists coming out, maybe block it off until she is too big to get underneath and this will remove the issue of her feeling defensive under there. I am a believer in avoiding issues when possible. I would say that having a second crate downstairs where she can be placed for immediate time out is a very sensible thing, or an x-pen. I am surprised that the trainer is recommending multiple verbal corrections. I can understand using physical pressure
  6. I am not sure about skijoring, but I know that with agility, most reputable clubs will not start full training (e.g. jumps and weaves) until dogs turn 1 year old, and competition where I come from is not until 18 months, to permit joints and bones to fully grow. So you could probably start some light stuff from when he is a year old?
  7. Ok, now you say you are a photographer, I can understand how you get such amazing shots of Rylie!
  8. OK, completely off topic, but puppytoes, OMG, that profile picture, so cuuuuuuute! I really needed to see that right about now.
  9. Welcome to the boards Maeflower! I see you got the memo about puppy photos! Your puppy is beautiful, and I love the difference a couple of months makes between puppy fluff and adult coat, and so shiny! May we know the name of your very intently gazing boy?
  10. How can you last a few minutes?! I would last seconds at best!
  11. Welcome to the Boards waffletastics! I second what D'Elle has said in that BCs are very adaptable and trainable dogs. If you have a puppy in mind, and you know the parents, that will give you some idea about the likely personality of the adult dog. I say likely, because dogs can be very different from their parents, or turn out different than you thought as a puppy, but the important thing is to always work with the dog you have, not the dog you want. If your dog has grown up with the sights and sounds of the city, and is well socialised, there is no reason to think she will not be hap
  12. It is possible that he is going through a fear period at the moment, and combined with the enforced lack of socialisation, this may have caused the problems. The only way I can think of to deal with it would be desensitisation. Take the puppy to the outside of the vet building, and praise him, treat him etc, then leave. Then go back, and take a step or two closer, rinse and repeat over and over until you get to the door. Then put your hand on the door, and praise when he does not react badly, is calm etc. Then open the door but do not go in, and praise and treat when he is calm etc. T
  13. This may be a bit nerdy, but in my opinion the correct number of border collies to own is N+1, where N = the number you currently own! Do I own a large stuffed BC because its name was the same as one of mine? Yes Do I own BC salt and pepper shakers? Yes. Do I buy a BC calendar every year? Yes Do I have BC key ring, wall plaque, fridge magnet? Yes, yes, yes. Do I own a Footrot Flat Dog plushie and buy the comics when I can? Yes, after all I swear I owned Dog himself.
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