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  1. As an Australian, I have been so sorry to see the photos of what is happening on the West Coast. It brings back such sad memories from early this year in Australia. Although where I live was over 400 miles/700 kilometres from the closest fires, I still ended up with breathing difficulties in January because I happened to have the bad luck to get a chest infection at the wrong time. I can't imagine the impact that the smoke and particulates from these fires will be having added to COVID19. Where I am has been very lucky in terms of COVID19, no cases in my city, closest case was over 50
  2. Yes, the ear infection was pretty much gone. We were on our last day of ear drops when this happened and he was not showing any more signs of irritation in his ear. He had no symptoms of vertigo/vestibular issues with holding his head to the side, nausea, drooling, vomiting. The vet was able to manipulate his ears without pain, and the infection was apparently only a mild yeast infection.
  3. I am resurrecting this thread because I have to change what I said above. I now have a dog who has had a fit of some kind. It happened last Friday night with George, our eight year old BC. I was just getting ready to feed our dogs, after we had eaten. George had been given a few (less than ten) small hot chips/French fries from our meal that night as a special treat. He currently weighs about 24kgs/53lbs, which is a very healthy weight for him. As I bent down to pick up one of the dog bowls, George suddenly had his rear legs collapse out from under him next to our sideboard in the ki
  4. That is a good photo of Blue from above. I would agree that he is a little overweight, and cutting back on his food should be all that is needed. He does not seem dangerously overweight, in that he does have a slight waist, but he is a little blockier than is ideal. I tend to adjust my boys' diets constantly depending on how their body feels, as their metabolism seems to vary with the seasons etc. They pretty much get weighed when they go the vets, and that is all. I find that body score is so much more individually accurate than weight.
  5. Happy Birthday Logan! Can you try posting the photos on a photo hosting webpage like photobucket and share a link? If your photos are too big, they won't post.
  6. I have not read it myself, but have read some good things about "The Shepherd's Life: A Tale of The Lakes District" by James Rebanks. Another British author is David Kennard, who writes about his sheep and his border collies. Again have not read his work myself, but seems to get good reviews.
  7. One of my favourite photos of an adolescent Oscar He was a water baby.
  8. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my Oscar suddenly to sepsis on 9/11 last year. He would have turned 8 today. I am struggling today.
  9. My introduction to the Border Collie breed was the Footrot Flats comic by Murray Ball from New Zealand. I read the comic from childhood, owned some of the books, loved the movie. Then ended up with my very own Dog. I defy anyone to tell me Oscar was not the spitting image.
  10. My boy Bailey had rear hind dew claws, both loose and floppy, just a flap of flesh and claw. They never tore but they occasionally got caught, so when he was under getting neutered I had them removed, and he has never looked back.
  11. powerfulgazelle when you said Kip was Rudyard Kipling Dog, and then said your puppy was Walt, my mind immediately jumped to Walter Whitman Dog as his full name - the literary connection perhaps? I love it by the way, great name and a gorgeous puppy (which I think I mentioned on another thread). Feel free to post as many photos of him as you would like urge to herd Do we assume that L. J. Gibbs came through his dental procedure okay? I hope so
  12. There is also Dances with Dogs, which is also not a collie thing specifically but which BCs are excellent at. It has competitions but you can also just do it at home, and be as creative or not as you want. It is really a routine of tricks set to music. The trick with a dog that does not like to be told what to do is to capture their natural behaviour with a reward ( eg bow while stretching - click, "good bow!" and reward). That way they are doing what they want and getting a reward - win/win!
  13. I live in Australia and have been competing in agility, with a mostly black dog. In Australia, most agility competitions are outside and during spring/summer or autumn(fall), with temperatures often reaching into the 30 degrees Celsius range, which is 86 degrees Fahrenheit. A lot of competitors here use cooling coats for their dogs, between runs. May be something for you too look into? Sounds like you both had a lot of fun, which is great.
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