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  1. What a joy! Glad Braden's light bulb is coming on; we'll look forward to more pupdates! Enjoy! Amy
  2. That's fantastic! Thanks for helping us to do our small part! Amy
  3. https://vetmed.umn.edu/research/labs/canine-genetics-lab/genetic-research/border-collie-collapse University of Minnesota has a long-running study on BCC/EIC; check out their site above, and note the link which allows you to participate with your dog in the study if you choose. Good luck! Amy
  4. So sorry, Geonni; she sure had a good, long life with you. Treasure your memories. Amy
  5. Wow, what lovely portraits of both Oscar and George; they come alive as you gaze at them! Amy
  6. Wonderful update, thank you for sharing your progress with Mouche. She is gorgeous and I love her relaxed posture. I think you, she and Bing all hit the jackpot! Amy
  7. Dogs don't have to be registered to compete in USBCHA trials or the Finals - they just have to qualify for the Finals by placing in the top 20% of sanctioned trials several times. HANDLERS must be a member of the ABCA to run dogs in the Finals, but not in other sanctioned trials. Hope this helps, Amy
  8. Albuquerquedan, is Finnegan in regular sheep training now? He's gorgeous. Well, aren't they all Thanks for the pupdates! Keep 'em coming. Amy
  9. Sounds like you're doing a great job with Katie! The best way (besides doing lab work which is really unnecessary if you're not breeding) to tell if a bitch is past her season is to see her refuse the advances of a male dog. A typical bitch has about a week of pre-estrus when hormones are rising but she's not receptive, about a week of estrus when pregnancy would be possible, and about a week when she is still attractive to males but not receptive. This is a very general rule of thumb, but at least it's a guideline you can use to observe her behavior. Good idea to wait until her growth plates close to spay her, 18 months or so. Check out the Ontario Border Collie Club at https://www.ontariobordercollieclub.com/ Also, the Canadian Border Collie Championships are at Grass Creek Park in Kingston September 21-26 this year. Go if you can - you'll see the best working Border Collies in Canada and meet a ton of handlers who are typically very friendly and eager to welcome newbies. The venue is also spectacular. More resources are on the Canadian Border Collie Association's website at https://www.canadianbordercollies.org/cbca-championships Enjoy!! Amy
  10. Yes, I noticed I was demoted from "Senior Member" to "Rookie"....WTH? Amy
  11. Finn's got his genetics to help him, and a good place to learn. The bigger challenge might be training YOU ;-) But the journey is a very fun and rewarding one, I guarantee. Good luck and enjoy! Amy
  12. Nice youngster. You can see the wheels turning. I like that he looks to the handler for a bit of advice/support. He's got nice distance on his flanks and goes both ways equally well. His confidence will come along. The handler did everything right. I'd wager you and Finn are in for a very fun partnership. Keep the pupdates coming! Amy
  13. I get them both from Amazon, just search by the brand names. Let me know how it goes!
  14. You probably already said so previously, but I've forgotten - do you have Gibbs on Duralactin? I think it's made a great difference for Roy, who has a chronic shoulder issue (probably arthritis) combined with Cetyl-M and glucosamine-chondroitin. Good luck and skritches for Gibbs! Amy
  15. Gorgeous dogs, gorgeous photos - thanks! Amy
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMOI_AOy6Pg I found this on YouTube, wow. Hoover clearly understands and loves his job, and he shows patience along with power. Just the right type of bite as well, and he's fearless. Really a great dog! The music amps the videos up for sure, but I would like to have just heard the handler's commands in both videos. Amy
  17. Agree, Lawgirl, it was a pretty good-sized flock for one dog to manage. The sheep were pretty flighty as well, maybe yearlings? He did a good job covering a lot of ground as well. It would be very interesting to see his yard work. Very nice Kelpie! Amy
  18. Wow, nice dog! Thanks for sharing, Lawgirl!
  19. Amanda Milliken is in Kingston. She knows everyone, everywhere ;-) Her contact info should be on the CBCA (Canadian Border Collie Association) website. Good luck! Amy
  20. If you google I-GS testing in dogs, you'll find resources on where to get a test for your dog. It's also known as Cobalamin Malabsorption or Deficiency syndrome. Typically the lab will mail you a cheek swab kit with instructions on how to collect a good sample. Then you mail it back and await the results. Good luck! Amy
  21. Have you DNA-tested him to see if he is affected with IGS, a mutation that prevents the dog from absorbing vitamin B12? The test is available through the usual dog DNA labs that test for inherited diseases. It's showing up in Border Collies with enough frequency that it's worth the test, especially if the gastrointestinal diagnosis is otherwise elusive. The affliction is fatal if untreated, but easily managed with inexpensive B12 injections once or twice a month that you can administer. Good luck and keep us posted. Amy
  22. How fun for you both! We started with Border Collies in 1992 and like you, made a 5-6 hour roundtrip to our first trainer as often as we could. Our progress was slow but steady, and led us to a big move to a 10 acre property, our own sheep, and lots of fun and success on the trial field. I've also had a lot of fun and learning at ASCA events, and I hope the same will be true for you and Val. Keep us posted! Amy
  23. What a sweetheart. She's got the border collie eyes, I'd say. My dogs' ears have usually been 'set' by about 6 months. She's got a lot of ear there, so the muscles that control them may continue to strengthen for a little while longer. Others may disagree, but I'd take a 6 month old on a 4-5 mile hike as long as she can set the pace. Keep us posted! Are you by chance training for the Camino de Santiago, or is it some other overseas adventure? Take care, Amy
  24. Great intro, Nancy, and thanks for saving Mouche (love the name!). Bing just might be her spirit guide for a while, what a cool picture of them on Day 3. I look forward to hearing more of your progress with Mouche! Amy
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