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  1. Two things come to my mind that you may want to consider (but I'm no expert). The first is that maybe he's over-tired at bedtime. The only time I have trouble with my boy (18weeks old) at bedtime is if he's been up too long beforehand. He's like a toddler human and can't regulate himself as well if he's over-tired. The second thing that worked well for me is to actually lay down on the floor beside the crate and relax with the dog for 10 or 15 minutes. For me, it seems to indicate to the dog that it's bedtime for the pack. I don't do this often, but did in the beginning and still do it
  2. Wow! I want to go on that canoe ride, too!! What a great looking pup.
  3. Thanks for all your replies! I'm glad the the photos of Higgins captured some of his outstanding personality. He was one of the greats -- 100% trustworthy in any situation (from greeting elderly residence in nursing homes, to playing tug with my daughter and her friends, to multi-day wilderness treks and backcountry skiing adventures, he knew exactly how to behave). Everyone who knew him loved that dog. (I've attached a few others of him, just 'cuz). After he died, I read Bones Would Rain From the Sky, which gave me so much insight into why Higgins was such a good dog. We had, over th
  4. Erikor, I'm no expert, but it sounds to me like you're doing all the right things, so keep it up. There's one bit in Bones Would Rain from the Sky that chastises dog training titles like "10 minutes to the perfect heel" and "the one secret that will get your dog to listen every time" (I'm paraphrasing). She says a more accurate title would be "Diligently use these techniques for the next two years and you'll probably have a lovely, well-trained, friendly companion" but that such a title wouldn't sell. People want instant miracles, not a rewarding journey. You and I are in a similar s
  5. Hi, gang: new member here, so I have nothing to add but photos. After having to put down our wonderful 15-year-old Australian Shepard, Higgins, we were lucky enough to find Finnegan. He's 16 weeks old now. He's from working/trialing stock in Carbondale Colorado but will be a pet in my active/outdoorsy family. So far, he's nothing but a joy (but definitely needs CONSTANT supervision to keep him out of trouble). Here are pics of Finn (and two of the dear departed Higgins, too)!
  6. I'm no expert, but having a 15-week-old BC pup has given me some insight into what you're going through. With regard to the biting, my guy was just like yours at 10 weeks. I try to have something appropriate for him to bite on me at all times (like a short segment of rope, a small stick, etc...) When he bites, I give a very unambiguous "NO!" and then immediately put the chew toy near his mouth. He'll bite the chew toy and I'll immediately encourage play and give him praise. Being consistent with this has substantially reduced him biting on us humans. I do, however, need to remind myself
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