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  1. Thanks everyone for kind comments. Almost 5 months now, growing so fast. Digging in the snow with the kids, having a blast.
  2. 16 weeks now. Blowing snow today, but she couldn’t care less!
  3. Thanks puppytoes, it can get intense. Especially evenings with both. We have a pretty good evening routine with her I think right now and I do use her pen inside with a Kong for her when needed, or crate. My kids are also at the stage of having a million toys laying around sometimes, older boy sets up these elaborate scenes with dinosaurs or legos and younger whizzes his cars around. So at those times, definitely can’t have her in the room at this point. Thanks for advice.
  4. Ok, makes sense. Honestly, the logistics of it will be tough because she is pretty constant with this clothes grabbing with the kids, though only with them, will be many trips to the crate. I will aim to be consistent and hopefully she starts to figure it out!
  5. Ok. Thanks. Will try putting her up for a couple minutes in the crate. Would you suggest following through to that degree every time she grabs clothes or giving a couple chances like trying the reprimand and then taking her to the crate if she goes at it again? Would just putting her inside for couple minutes if we are outside have the same effect or should it really be the crate? Thanks, sorry for all the questions!
  6. I understand the importance of getting over this before adulthood. Our last foster dog had some serious problems with mouthiness with the kids and as a result had to always be on a leash around them. My older son just turned 5, he is a very bright kid and understands the importance of this And if he ever starts thinking it is cute with the puppy wrestling his pant legs I can remind him of Liza, we don’t want her to be like Liza who no one ever taught her this as a puppy, etc. The younger is almost 3 and more of a wild card lol. But never left unsupervised for sure. She generally will let go wi
  7. Hi everyone. I am fairly new here, been doing a lot of reading of past posts. We have a 16 week old BC puppy named Katie. She is our first BC and first puppy. We have always adopted or fostered in the past, no puppy experience and I am worried I am going to mess her up or something! She is great. So smart and eager to DO stuff. I think she has been settling in and doing pretty well so far. two major issues. First, socialization. She has always been quite shy in general, around new people or dogs. We had enrolled her in puppy class, which was being conducted “virtually” due
  8. He is very handsome indeed! i just wanted to say I love the way you express your relationship with Higgins, that is what I had with my dearly departed Rosie and hope to find with our families’ new puppy as well. Thanks for that!
  9. Following this topic. Mine is just a puppy, she loves chasing a ball around the yard. Struggling a bit with teaching her to bring it back. She really wants to play a keep away game where I chase her around, it is her favourite thing and I don’t mind doing that sometimes. Can I teach her when I want her to bring it back and just play fetch as opposed to chasing game? I have honestly never had a dog who wanted to play fetch before in the last 3 dogs so I am a beginner too I guess lol. She will come when I call her after she gets the ball, but she drops the ball and comes running over then,
  10. 12 weeks now, most photos are a blur but this one turned out really well!
  11. And an old photo I found of my last dog, back when she was maybe 2. Mix unknown, she was a stray (hound/terrier maybe, catahoula, podengo/beagle all suggested, I don’t know she was just a great dog) I adopted her when she was 1 and that was back before smartphones and all that, so have few pictures of her younger days. This was an exciting find! She was my best friend for 17 years.
  12. Pretty good picture of her. 10 weeks old now and growing so fast!
  13. Hi, new here. I have been reading through the forums for the past month or so anticipating our new puppy. This is Katie, she is 8 weeks old and we picked her up a few days ago. She is our first border collie and our first puppy. Well, my first puppy. My husband raised his JRT who passed away at age 18 a few years ago from as a puppy. He was an amazing dog, so my husband must have done something right I say, but that was a long time ago lol. i do have dog experience, just all of my prior dogs have been rescues not puppies. My last dog passed away earlier this year at age 17, she was s
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