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  1. Looks interesting! I have never heard of this before. my pup also is not interested in fetching. She likes goaltending as well though, so worth a look. I can’t tell too much from the website as far as how to play exactly, maybe it is the sort of thing that you adapt to yourself and your situation. Cool. It was interesting reading on the fetching thread of all the great games people do around fetch, our dog doesn’t have the 8nterest in a ball to work like that for one. She does like tug and will play games around that. Maybe this is something new to try. currently h
  2. No advice here, but I sympathize. Our pup is about 6.5 months now and going through similar things. She used to be scared of other dogs, we didn’t get to socialize much with pandemic and are still under a “stay at home” order here. So we started sending her to a dog daycare a couple mornings a week to play and she loves it. She plays like mad when she is there and gets along with all the dogs really well. Now she loves other dogs and desperately wants to meet them all. It is tough to manage walks always to avoid passing other dogs in a “trainable” way, staying under threshold. She will “look a
  3. We have a puppy, slightly older, she will be 6 months in April. We also have 2 kids, younger than yours, just turned 3 and 5. We also had a lot of trouble with her nipping or pulling the kids clothes. Long after she stopped being mouthy with the adults she persisted with the kids. She also is very quick to earn new things, but not this! I have never had a herding breed before, but I agree it is not herding behaviour. I also read those articles before we got her and was concerned, but I would say our pup is more “motion activated” than herding. I think any breed could do this, she is just
  4. Thanks for sharing! I have gone back and read your earlier post and I see what you mean. i practice a mat command with her, less formally, with varying degrees of distraction but I will try this way in the link. Maybe the added structure of that will help, again thanks for sharing. i guess I feel guilty for how much time she spends in her pen or crate, but if she is out for the “ignoring” times she just seems to wander around getting into things or pestering someone. The ignoring/nap/self occupy times (with bathroom breaks) would be approximately 9-12 , crate nap always about 12:30-2
  5. So I guess we are doing too much? Haha. Ok, thanks for suggestions. i will try to clarify couple things. We have more a routine than a schedule I guess. We do the same things in the same order, just not always at a strict time. Somethings are at the same time, like waking up, but times can vary. Same as when the kids were babies. Most days are pretty consistent apart from what we do in afternoon, which can vary as needed. Most training sessions are in the 3-5 range, evening is longer because I practice the mat with her. Where she lays on it for 5 minute intervals with the inte
  6. Thanks! Yup, she is just waiting for me to get up haha.
  7. Sorry, just to add a couple things. i know there have been some similar posts, which I have read, just wondering if it seems we do enough with her in our general schedule. If so, I would feel better about confining her when she starts wandering looking for mischief. Also, her crate is upstairs in our bedroom, quiet spot. Where her pen is in the main living area, much busier spot. She doesn’t sleep in there, more plays and watches the action. She can get a bit fussy there when lots is going on, kids are getting goofy, get jumping up and stuff. i have been wondering if I should add an
  8. Hello everyone. our pup is now 5.5 months old or so and still struggling to settle in the house. She is not horrible, just paces around looking for things to get into or pestering our old cat (which is not tolerated!) kind of like if I am not actively engaging her, she can’t figure out what to do on her own or just chill a bit. Wondering if I can give a sense of our approximate daily schedule and see if it is to do with too much or too little exercise? Will try to not be too long winded! 7:00 am i get up with her. She goes out to pee, very short training session, has some of br
  9. About 5.5 months now. Couch potato? This is generally how she “relaxes” on the couch. Haha
  10. Quick question regarding the control unleashed books I have seen recommended on here. I have been looking for the book here in Canada and have been unable to find it to purchase. Found an American website I can order from and have it shipped. My question is which would be better, the original or the puppy edition? My puppy is just over 5 months old, but she is not really a “blank slate” at this point, not sure if the puppy one is more to do with first steps and bringing your puppy home sort of stuff or for all ages of puppyhood. She knows many commands very well, more looking to address s
  11. Thanks everyone for kind comments. Almost 5 months now, growing so fast. Digging in the snow with the kids, having a blast.
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