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  1. Really nice looking dogs Love the names too, we have this thing in my family where all our dogs have names starting with M, might steal one of your names for my next dog
  2. Good news: Bobby has found a new home! Saw it posted on the shelter’s website today.
  3. My cat decided I did not buy the new big comfy pillow for the dog. Molly is very polite about the whole thing. I thought I’d get the cat his own comfy bed, but this plan has turned out differently than I thought. The cat threw it from it’s nice and high place and I was very surprised to see Molly in it - she lies in it all the time now. Silly girl. Sure she fits... barely.
  4. I love how he is really posing for the picture
  5. I didn't know that saying I love it though Can't wait for an opportunity to use it in class ( I'm an English teacher at a high school) I'm sure my students will like it too
  6. Yes exactly, I think he learned that people will leave him alone when he bites. The shelter explained it like that on the website so people have all the information. He is great with other dogs and friendly to strangers, so I think he has a good chance to find a nice home. If only hey had said something, I would have taken him in until he found a good home, trained him a little. Would have saved them the shelter fee too. But perhaps too difficult to be confronted with your failure when you see me walking him in the neighbourhood. @GentleLake We don’t have breed specific rescues here in the Netherlands, or at least not for BC’s. Probably because we are such a small country. I’d love to start one, who knows, when I can buy a house with a little bit of land... I might
  7. Years ago we had a rescue dog that was very fearful towards strangers. What helped her to be more at ease with strangers was no interaction with them. Just to be in the same room without them trying to pet her or talk to her or even look at her. This way she wasn't pressured into doing anything she didn't want to and could do everything at her own pace. I can't help you with why he's doing this - but he is sending a clear message: he doesn't want anything to do with strangers, so perhaps listen to that. I'd take the pressure off and give him some space with people and at the same time very slowly teach him to trust that he doesn't have to worry so much when there is strangers around. Treats can be part of that, but I wouldn't let other people feed my dog, at least not at this stage where he clearly doesn't want to be near them. I'd maybe start letting strangers give him a treat when he is confident enough/interested enough to sniff them. Even then probably not.
  8. My mother has a jack russell terrier (the little one in my profile pic). We had the same fears and sure she is a lot feistier than the BC's, but turned out very well behaved. Our combined pack is similar to yours one old and wise dog and then the dynamic duo - my Molly and Maxima the terrier (we named her after our queen ) (I can't seem to find a front facing picture of all of them together...)
  9. I'm afraid I have a not so great update on this story. I have a bit of a weird hobby of looking at dogs in animal shelters and on rescue websites even though I can't have a second dog at the moment. And yesterday I came across a border collie on the animal shelter webite who looked somewhat familiar - turns out it is Bobby, now 9 months old. I was shocked and I just can't stop thinking about it. I didn't see this coming. I didn't see them a lot, but we sometimes walked together and I answered all the training questions they had. A couple of weeks ago I recommended a really good trainer that has helped me out with Molly. I have a feeling they didn't contact her as I never heard anything after that. I remember I thought he had so much potential when we last walked together. Such a smart dog. Off leash he went a little bit to far away from us and we changed directions and hid so he would pay more attention and he picked it up really quickly. Eager learner. But I guess the biting had escalated - which started with just the harness as I posted here originally. I wish I could do something, I would take him in a heartbeat if I could. Unfortunately my mum, who is my dogsitter, doesn't want to take care of two dogs as she has two of her own already. I feel awful having seen this slowly get out of hand. Usually bc's are adopted quite quickly here (or so my unofficial hobby/research suggests)- I just hope he will too, but what are the chances for a dog that bites? Sorry, I just had to vent a little. It must have been a very tough decision for them. Poor dog.
  10. I haven't been on the boards in a while and I thought I'd give an update on Molly especially because it is going really really reaaaaally well! No more flirting in the elevator - no more scooting forward when people smile at her. Honestly what changed the most was me. Before I wasn't confident enough to really stop people petting her when they didn't ask... . So Molly wore a bright yellow vest for a while that said "do not pet - dog in training". Really boosted my confidence and now I can do without it and bodyblock people if necessary Sure, I still have to keep an eye on her because she will always love people (and pretend once they are allowed to pet her that she NEVER gets petted at home and they are a very special human indeed). But she isn't as distracted anymore and will listen to me when there is people around. So thank you for your help! It has really paid off! I attached a picture so you can see Molly's irresistable face (and this is a mild version - I don't have a picture of full flirt mode)
  11. With most dogs I wouldn't care at all, and just throw stuff if I feel like it. But for Molly just throwing stuff makes her obsessive and lose her brains. Hence the retriever training, keeps it fun for both of us - and she gets to work which she loves. thanks for the advice. I will have to learn to throw better without the rope
  12. I didn't search for force fetch. I was looking for ways to teach the dog to hold a bumper in the middle when she picks it up.
  13. Must be terrible to be stuck with a thing with such a cute face
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