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  1. @urge to herd haha that story made me smile @D'ElleThank you! I hadn't thought of a time out, that will help tremendously! Weird how I have read that advice for different scenarios on here and not thought about it for my own situation. This will also help with friends who find it difficult to resist her (most of them unfortunately...). Honestly I give clear instructions, but somehow people have their own ideas about training dogs without ever having trained a dog
  2. Molly has had a bit of a revival of her flirty ways. I have since moved from a flat to an apartment on the ground floor in a rural area, which is wonderful in many ways and one of them is that I no longer have to deal with people wanting to pet Molly on the elevator, as I have my own entrance now This was a huge part of the problem before as I was a bit shy to block people from petting her (most people don't ask when a dog looks at them lovingly... sigh). Unfortunately, another problem has popped up. The other day I took Molly with me to visit a friend and when my friend opened the do
  3. I have thought about other high energy breeds as well, but I keep getting back to border collies. There’s always something I worry about when I think about other breeds. I worry that a Malinois wouldn’t be friendly with people or dogs, and they are quite big. Plus a lot of people are scared of shepherds. And I’m not sure if I’m cut out for a hunting dog with a lot of drive to hunt. So I end up back where I started: border collie! Loves to train, great with people, tolerates most dogs, perfect size, no hunting ambitions... (of course if I ever get a second dog this might be s
  4. That is really wonderful! Thank you for posting an update!
  5. I agree. When we used the balcony it was for quick potty only - and not every time. It really shouldn't be a substitute for a walk. Some people use them indoors and I think that would just slow down the process. I've got quite a nice routine with my guest pup. One accident so far which was completely my fault. Really glad I live on the ground floor now makes it so much easier
  6. It's been a while since I've raised a pup, but at the moment I am dogsitting a 14 week old pup and slowly the memories are coming back We lived in an apartment on the third floor when we raised one of our dogs, Mus, who is now 13. I still lived at home with my mum then. We used the balcony for potty training, partly so we didn't have to go down all those stairs every single time, but also because at night our neighbourhood wasn't exactly great, so it was safer to do so for the last potty break. We didn't use puppy pads, but just hosed down the balcony every time (plus used cleaners at t
  7. Thank you very much! I've got some things to work out, but I feel like I have a better idea now. It seems such an obvious answer, but I really needed to hear it. I had this perfect picture in my head of fosters being people that worked from home and could always stay with the dogs. This would be important for me too. It will be quite a task to find a suitable rescue organization. We're a small country, but there are tons of organizations that rehome European dogs, some really good ones, and a lot of shady ones. That's another reason I want to go about this slowly and gathe
  8. I’ve read the Kelso thread - such a wonderful story and very inspiring! The idea was always in the back of my mind, as I love working with dogs. But lately I meet a lot of rescue dogs from those European rescues and they are such nice dogs. Very sweet. Usually fine with dogs, but scared of the world, especially people. Living in a house is foreign for them. Molly usually really likes these dogs as they are not that “in her face”. She would be a great dog to help scared dogs to trust humans as she adores everyone she meets, especially children. How did you manage fostering a
  9. I agree with Journey. I would try to get some more information. They might have changed their approach or your neighbour’s information might not be true. Do they have a website? Usually training schools list their methods in there, especially if certain training tools are mandatory of forbidden. Or perhaps you could call them and ask what their training methods are? This still gives you the option of not going if you disagree with their training methods, but at least you made an informed decision.
  10. I've been thinking about becoming a foster home. But I'm not sure what the requirements are to become one. Rescue organisations here in the Netherlands are pretty vague about it and just say things on their website as needing "a big heart" and "lots of time". I know they do home visits and interviews to determine if you are suitable. I'm not quite ready to write to an organisation or call them for more information, because I want my worklife to be more settled before I take any serious steps towards becoming a foster home. I was wondering if in the meantime any foster homes here ha
  11. That book has been a game changer for me! I have used it to help my dog relax more with other dogs. Worked wonders I can really recommend it. I read about the Look At That game here on the boards, but reading the book made it more clear to me. Plus there are other techniques in there too. I was very happy with the “there’s a dog in your face” one, which used to be stressful, but now is a fun training moment!
  12. That looks like so much fun! I absolutely love the action shots! Maybe I should try it again. We don’t have competition here, but still could be fun. But first I’ll have to learn how to throw a frisbee (really it’s embarrassing) Ahh those darn smart dogs with their anticipating!
  13. Welcome! Nice looking bunch you’ve got there I didn’t know they had Schipperkes in Canada. Silly, why wouldn’t they? I’m from the Netherlands and they are quite rare here. They are on my list of potential future dog breeds to get (although border collie is still number one).
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