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  1. We are bored and anxious but otherwise OK. One good thing in our suburban neighborhood is the greatly increased number of people and dogs out walking (while maintaining social distance). Most dogs in our area are getting a lot more attention, including our own. But if we go out of the neighborhood, many people are NOT practicing the recommendations from the CDC. I fear that the pandemic will last longer than it must because people are not taking it seriously.
  2. When I take my dogs for a bike ride, I try to start the ride somewhere they can be off leash for 10-15 minutes. This takes care of the initial excitement, after which they are happy to have their harnesses leashed to the bike and run calmly along side.
  3. Thank you for rescuing him! Both of our dogs are rescues, and they are affectionate, smart, and very bonded to us. But I'm not biases!
  4. Not a border collie, but our chihuahua mix rescue had a similar history. After years with an asymptomatic heart murmur, Bob developed CHF at age 10. (All ages are guesses since when we rescued him our vet estimated age at 7.) We started him on pimobendan and lasix. Pimobendan did not help and had bad side effects, so was discontinued. He lived a good life until age 17 when a sudden crisis left no choice but to euthanize him. The crisis actually seemed to be caused by his idiopathic epilepsy (occasional partial focal seizures) not his heart. I'm really sorry this is happening, and hope that you have many more years with Ziva.
  5. Happy Birthday! I love the white highlights on her ears.
  6. I hope your dog doesn't have epilepsy, but these do sound like mild seizures, also called petit mal, absence, or partial focal seizures. Our dog Brenden had severe epilepsy, and displayed pretty much every type of seizure. Unfortunately there is no way to directly diagnose epilepsy in dogs; it is a process of elimination.
  7. Thanks! I have 8, but I'm only concerned with their night pen.
  8. SS Cressa and Hooper2, are these the wood pellets made for wood stoves or some other kind? I have ducks, and 50lb bag of anything that lasts a season would be wonderful!
  9. Look for "shredded hardwood mulch". This is produced when arborists prune deciduous trees and run the branches through a chipper. It is much less likely to be toxic than pine or cedar, and should be cheap since it is a waste product. I use this often for clients who have dogs.
  10. All dogs are individuals, but I think young dogs or puppies definitely learn the rules of the family/pack from older dogs. You might try introducing Orbit to some cooperative puppies if you can find them. If he is interested and/or playful, he probably will adapt well to a puppy. Your children already know dogs and are old enough to understand puppy behavior (with supervision for the 6 yo of course).
  11. Try cheese. Aged hard cheeses are less likely to trigger lactose intolerance than soft new cheeses.
  12. Thanks! I'd never seen it, and I'm a Far Side fan!
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