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That'll do Freya.

Liz P

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You have a good memory Roxanne. Yes, Freya was in Terry's puppy agility class in 2001. Duncan (RIP) and Flyboy (RIP) were in the more advanced classes. I remember you had that cute little female, Wren in one of them.


That next summer I went to a sheep dog clinic with Freya. She did fantastic, I fell in love and next thing I new we were competing in sheep dog trials. She really did change my life forever.

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Freya was a good girl. She was with me through college, vet school and the start to my career. She was my lead dog in my first dog sledding race as well as the first dog I ran in a sheep dog trial. Through all those life changes she was a loyal friend. It's hard to think that all the Border Collies from my original "pack" are gone now.


These dogs do not live nearly long enough.

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Liz, I was so sorry to read about Freya. She was a beautiful dog and know she will be missed.


Run free Freya..


“There is a cycle of love and death that shapes the lives of those who choose to travel in the company of animals. It is a cycle unlike any other. To those who have never lived through its turnings or walked its rocky path, our willingness to give our hearts with full knowledge that they will be broken seems incomprehensible; our grief, no matter how powerful it may be, is an insufficient measure of the joy we have been given.”


Susan Clothier Bones Would Rain from the Sky

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