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  1. This definitely isn't the case for every dog, but something to be aware of. My dog with food sensitivities gets tear stains on some of the foods he has issues with, so it's a good idea to be on the look out for other signs of food sensitivity issues.
  2. So sorry you and your girl are going through this.
  3. Both of mine didn't have much coat before 8 months and continued to grow more until around 2-2 1/2 years old. One of mine is that long narrow body style. Your pup's weight looks good.
  4. I'm so sorry you are having to go through this.
  5. I've seen several dogs get hoarse from excessive barking, so that might be it.
  6. I don't think BCs require more exercise than any other breed. I just think they are unlikely to tell you when they have had an adequate amount. It's really more a case of some BCs needing to be taught to settle down and relax. Mine are content to lie around all day every day while it's too hot to be out. They know that there will be plenty of time for play and work later.
  7. You can try dropping a couple pennies from before 1982 in them. The copper is supposed to help keep algae in check. I can't imagine that the pennies would leave enough copper in the water to affect sheep, but I haven't tried this method in anything except a bird bath.
  8. Don't be surprised if Bing is muscle sore for a number of days yet. Moving around helps with the soreness as long as you don't overdo it. Sending prayers for both of you.
  9. We had a hunting dog come into our vet that had caught one of those dangling dew claws in the brush and tore it off and a 4 inch strip of skin with it. In 14 years working there, I never saw another one like it. But we had a number of LGDs that had double dew claws. Their old wives tale was that the double dew claws protected them from snake bites, so they NEVER removed them.
  10. I cut off the first joint. That section doesn't have any meat but is fatty and extra bone. I also give more meat, if the wing is supposed to be a meal, because that's too much bone for the amount of meat for my dogs. They get constipated. I just got a meat clever this time last year and I LOVE it. I can take a Turkey apart in about 8 minutes.
  11. My 14 year old JRT gets plague build up very quickly if she doesn't get her bones to take it off. Before I got her, she was getting a teeth cleaning every year(she belonged to my vet), but once I got her, she has had 1 teeth cleaning in the last 10 years. That 1 was because as she has aged, she has had constipation issues, so I decreased her meaty bone meals after a bad bout. Within 6 months, she needed her teeth cleaned. Right now, I'm trying to figure out what her needs are to balance out her issues. I'm hoping a meaty bone once a week will work for her.
  12. Lying in bed for the length of time that they keep a human down is very detrimental to the elderly. They lose muscle usage so easily. Since dogs typically get up immediately upon waking and stay pretty active compared to elderly humans, they usually don't have as hard a time as humans do. It's actually a problem at any age, but the elderly are more likely to also have balance issues. That's why they try to get people up and out of bed so much faster than they used to, like right after surgery. Dogs, being 4 legged and closer to the ground, don't suffer the same consequences when they have balance issues.
  13. And the normal dosage for heartworms isn't high enough to trigger problems in most dogs with the mdr1 gene, which few Border Collies have.
  14. Some probiotics do break down cellulose and blanching and blendering veg helps the dog to be able to use them. While I don't believe that dogs strictly "need" veggies, I do believe they get many benefits from them, like trace minerals and antioxidants. If our meats, including organic ones, weren't exposed to so many harmful chemicals, maybe dogs wouldn't need the extra help from certain super foods, but as it stands, I'll keep adding the veggies. And my little old JRT needs the added fiber for regularity.
  15. Anesthesias are much safer than they used to be and recovery is much faster, so her age should not be a problem as long as her bloodwork is fine.
  16. I soak a washcloth, then wring it out, twist it, and freeze it. Mine have done really well with this.
  17. Nothing stopped Gideon until I changed his food. I don't know if he was poop eating before because of the "natural flarors" in the original food or what, but when we babysit a friends dog, he starts eating that dog's poop. That dog eats the same old brand of food.
  18. Gideon will grab Micah by the ruff and haul him away from trouble. He pushes the cats with his nose, if they are causing trouble.
  19. No, Dog Food Advisor does not tell you that by-products are bad for your dog. They tell you that the un-named by-products in kibble may be nasty garbage because the legal definition allows nasty garbage to be used. Named by-products are considered high quality additions to the diet..
  20. I go just the opposite. I feed All Life Stages foods for life. ALS is formulated for growth, so is puppy food, but companies have the option of choosing to label Growth or All Life Stages. These foods are higher in protein and fat and have controlled amounts of calcium, but cost about the same as Adult/Maintenance foods, so I can feed less. I also don't feed any food long term. I don't believe any food is perfect, so I switch them up regularly.
  21. It looks like a single hive, so probably a bug bite of some kind. I used to have one that reacted to certain mosquitoes like that.
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