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Weird growth in mouth

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So it has been an eventful week. Monday I noticed Crow's jaw was a little bit swollen. He hits his snout all the time when he turns around so I figured it was that or was a bee sting. By Monday night he has a visible growth in between his right lip and his gums.


But Tuesday morning is had doubled in size at least. I called and made a vet appointment, they couldn't get me in until Wednesday morning. He was still eating and acting fine so no big deal. Vet said it sounded like an abscess, something probably got up in there and it would probably need to be drained.


By Tuesday evening it has gotten even larger and was making its way around a premolar. He didn't want to eat and was acting poopy.


We went to the vet Wednesday and they couldn't drain it, it was hard. They gave me antibiotics and pain meds and booked him for surgery today.


He had surgery today. The vet called me after it was over and said she really wanted to send it to the lab to find out what it was because instead of being a kind of mass of tissue which she was expecting it was actually strands of tissue. They also found a small piece of bone inside it. Even the vet who has been practicing for 30+ years has no idea what it is.


Crow is home now and is groggy but seems ok. I put up the exercise pen up to block him off in the dining area because he is still bleeding a little bit. Of course I'm sitting over here with him. He just sleeping right now.


So, has anyone heard anything about this? Or have a clue what it could be? I wasn't extremely worried about it but after talking to the vet and technician I kind of am now. I should hear back from the lab in about a week but I wanted to know if anyone had any experience with anything like this.

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How old is Crow? The piece of bone they found in the mass, was it a foreign body (from chewing a bone?) Or part of his jawbone? Was there any involvement with tooth roots?

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Thank you GentleLake.


Crow is only 10 months old. They weren't sure what the piece of bone is. They are sending it off with the mass to the lab. It was not attached to anything, just found inside the mass.


I don't think it's from chewing a bone because he's not had a bone in months.


No involvement with tooth roots, it's more gum. They couldn't actually remove all of the mass because it was between a couple of premolars. Hopefully it won't keep growing because the vet said we'd have to pull the teeth to get it all out.


He slept most of last night. He's feeling great this morning. I had to hide all of the toys because he wants to play and of course tug is his favorite game. Sorry Crow, no tugging until your mouth is healed.

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Even if he has not had a bone for months it could be from a chew bone, because conceivably it could have been lodged in there for months before causing a problem. I have seen such things happen. Probably it will all be OK.


I am sending you good mojo for a fast recovery and no bad news from the vet.

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^^^ This. Foreign bodies can get implanted and linger for a loooooong time, sometimes never causing a problem. I've got a chip of rock in my calf. Happened when I was about 8 or 9, and that was many years ago. I can still feel it, and it's never gotten infected or anything.


Good luck - I hope it's something that simple.


Ruth and SuperGibbs

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I had a pup with an abscess track that was quite a distance from the original source of the problem (a puppy canine that had not been lost, but that had turned brown like a dead tooth). The vet found a bit of tooth in the abscess track, part of the root of that unshed puppy tooth. The only evidence of anything was what appeared to be a blood blister farther back up on her gum. I asked about it a couple of times only to be told not to worry. When I finally insisted on surgery, the "blood blister" turned out to be one end of the track, and the bit of tooth root was inside the track. So the bone they found could be something as simple as that for your pup. I'm hoping so!



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Very scary!


My sister's little dog came up not wanting to eat one Sunday morning. VERY strange for that dog. We talked about it on the phone. By Sunday afternoon, the dog was lethargic and couldn't swallow. We took her to the e-vet, and they thought it was probably some kind of sore throat/cold thing. Gave her Rimadyl and sent her home.


The next morning, the dog had a LARGE lump on the outside of her neck. My brother-in-law pressed on it, and it burst, releasing a bunch of fluid and puss. They took the dog back to the vet, and the vet found a finger-sized stick lodged way in the back of her throat. It had apparently impaled her behind her rear teeth, invisible to our eyes, and then sat there getting more and more infected until the infection ran all the way to the external area of her neck.


Removed the stick and gave some antibiotics and the dog was 100% - within probably 12 hours. Weirdest thing.

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It's cancer.


The vet called me today. Intermediate stage sarcoma. Vet said it could be one of two types, but I can't remember which she said.


I'm going to go tomorrow and get a print out of what the lab found and get the number of the specialist they are sending me to in Louisville.


I'll know more once I call and get an appointment in Louisville. I'm a mess right now.

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My pagan kids and we Episcopagans will get Crow into our prayer groups. And our pups, cats, snakes, spiders, and fish will definitely speak to their deities.

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