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  1. My sympathy on your loss of Vala. My female Border, Ziva had a heart murmur at age 7. By age 8 she was on Vetmedin. This past February she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. So far she is doing well on the additional medication but no doubt I'll be in your shoes at some point. How long did Vala live after being diagnosed?
  2. I've had Border Collies and cats together. I had a blind cat first. He was very laid back. He and the puppy became friends and remained friends all their lives. After that, I've had three more Border Collies and two more cats. All were gotten young. They have had different attachments. I've never had a timid cat. I've always picked a self confident kitten. I never wanted a cat that would be intimidated by the dogs and hide. So I've always had a cat that intimidated the dogs!!!! If your cat isn't self confident you would probably be better off with an adult dog that is used to cats and either likes them or totally ignores them.
  3. I'm an NCIS fan! My 10 year old female Border Collie is named Ziva. Rarely does anyone ever get it. Usually, I'm stuck spelling her name several times and people end up calling her Diva, Zeba, Viva. Where I work we have a Springer Spaniel who comes in regularly for nail clips and his name is Gibbs. I call him Leroy Jethro Gibbs. His owner loves it but my co workers are confused!
  4. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I rescheduled our cardiologist appointment due to covid-19. It is now for the end of April. Ziva, thankfully, acts totally fine as far as activity level and no cough and a normal respiratory rate. My one concern is for 1-2 days about every two weeks her appetite is off. I had a chem screen done after the first episode (being concerned that she may have a kidney issue) but everything was fine. She has never been a picky dog. I know she hates taking pills so I hand pill her before she eats so she won't have issues with "something" being in her food. She has eaten the same prescription food for years. I've even added cannned prescription food. Every two weeks she just doesn't want it but she looks at the other dog's food and then runs to the treat cupboard when I walk there. I break up a treat or two, add it to her food and she eats without a problem. I'm not sure if I'm being played or if there is a real problem. I've never known of lasix putting a dog off food but I looked up benazepril and it can cause GI problems, but it seems weird that it would only do it every two weeks. Wow! Age 17! I'd be absolutely thrilled if Ziva lived that long a life
  5. I am still working. I'm a Vet Tech and live in Pennsylvania. My rather small/rural county has almost 300 cases and 5 deaths. I'm very concerned where they are coming from. Our small "city"? Nursing homes? The Amish community? No one knows. We are under stay at home orders with only essential travel. Yesterday, it was suggested we wear masks when out in public. Work is very stressful. We no longer allow clients in the building except for euthanasias and one woman to visit her hospitalized cat. People are crazy!!!! Every time we have more restrictions placed on movement, the phone goes nuts! People become convinced their pet needs something ASAP!!!!! It is a lot of running in and out of the building with food/medications and pets!!! Honestly, I think people are just crazy from being stuck at home and it is something they can do. I'm still getting out and walking my dogs but that is concerning also as my hiking area is now getting a lot of attention and the people who are walking dogs have dogs that aren't well mannered at all!! I'm driving farther to find unused areas. It is a very stressful mess.
  6. Hi, Ziva had a mild heart murmur starting at age 7. The cardiologist did an echo cardiogram and said she had tricuspid and mitrial valve insufficiency but didn't need any medication at that time. The following year the murmur was a little louder. The cardiologist said she had heart chamber enlargement so she was started on pimobendan (vetmedin.) A myxoma (benign tumor) was seen in her left atrium. She has been checked every 6-9 months since then and things have remained stable. About a month ago, the dogs were with my Mom while I was at work and she noticed Ziva breathing rapidly. Ziva then jumped off her lap and started gagging and became weak. She called me at work and brought her to me. I work at a Veterinary Hospital and we radiographed Ziva's chest and she had pericardial effusion (fluid around her heart.) She is now in congestive heart failure. She was started on lasix and benazepril and is now doing fine. We have an appointment with the cardiologist in about 10 days. Who out there has had a Border with congestive heart failure? How did they do? What medications were they on? Did you change the diet? Give any supplements? I'm upset because it seemed to come on fast after she has been stable for years. I've been monitoring her respiratory rate and watching for a cough or exercise intolerance for years and there wasn't any changes until that day when she started gagging. Thank you for any information
  7. A few years ago my co-worker had a Boxer with spinal problems. She never really got a definite diagnosis for her dog but did take her for physical therapy. They gave her an Assisi Loop to try out (free), she thought it helped her dog but not enough that her (or I) would pay $300 for one.
  8. Hi, My Border started with diarrhea last Monday and my vet promptly gave him diathol (an antibiotic combo drug that usually works great for diarrhea) and started him on metronidazole. I wonder why your vet is opposed to that? My dog never had blood in his stool but plenty of mucus. I also added lots of rice to his food and gave him a tablespoon of yogurt (live culture) twice a day. I agree with the above comment. Videos and photos are wonderful! Or even bag up the stool for "show and tell" in case your vet wants to check for parasites or sent out for culture. Since it has happened before after surgery I'm sure it is stress related colitis. Since you are already giving a probiotic I'd add the rice and see how it goes, good luck!
  9. I got there!!!!!!! I had a great time!! I sat at the rail and had a perfect view. I even got a good parking space. Then, when I got home, they were showing it on PCN so I got to see coverage of it again. Awesome! Congratulations to all the competitors! I'm excited about next year.
  10. I agree with the above. All of my Borders experienced a fear period at six months. My male did the outside steps but wouldn't do basement steps. I'd get toys out and turn it into a party. My male loved it when I bounced toys down the steps. Get your other dog involved. My female balked at agility equipment until she saw my male dog doing it and getting praise, then she'd run along behind him. Shorten the tunnel and have someone hold her at the opposite end, then crawl into the other side so she can see you and call her. I would get her eyes checked since some conditions start out with night vision issues. With the nail trimming do one or two nails when she is tired out and then have a party, toys, treats, praise. Make it fun.
  11. Well, the weather looks like it is going to cooperate so (fingers crossed) I am aiming to be there this year on Sunday. I'll have to double check the time.
  12. Yes, we have them too sometimes. Ours are military planes and sometimes are in groups. We all stop what we are doing to watch them, even the dogs, but they just seem interested.
  13. My previous female Border Collie, Cass, seemed to enjoy watching airplanes and large birds. We lived on top of a hill and this area gives hot air balloon rides (a lot.) One time one came out our way and had to "fire it up" to get above the treetops. I could hear it doing that "PPPPSSSSSSSSHHHHH!!!!!!" noise and Cass was frantically running about the fenced in yard, looking up at the very low hot air balloon with very visible people waving. I yelled for Cass as she was running into everything in the yard and she came charging over to the safety of the porch. She never got over that and would always check the sky as soon as she stepped outside. Can't say I blame her. I took her to see balloons take off and she just wasn't a fan. My current female Border Collie, Ziva, likes to watch large birds (hawks, vultures, eagles) and my male, Logan, watches for floating leaves to grab. I've never had one notice the moon!
  14. Hi, I'm kind of hijacking your thread but what did you do about Gibbs' lower back pain? My 13 year old is having issues too. Thanks
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