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  1. Hi, I love the puppy!!! Usually the ears of mine were set by six months. But . . . . Years and years ago I had a female Border with airplane ears whose ears became prick at 9 years of age!!!! I have no idea why! Only a Border Collie . I hike a lot with my dogs but I'm very cautious with puppies. I had a co-worker who got a husky from a rescue and took him on a long hike when they got him. He was a year old but was neutered at 4 months. His growth plates weren't closed and the hike damaged the growth plate in his carpus and as he continued to grow the leg became cro
  2. I think I will try supplementing his regular food with MCTs instead of changing the food. I'm not a big fan of corn. My other Border Collie is on Hills H/D and on occasion the canned food has whole kernels of corn in it. (I thought it smelled like corn!) She was never an itchy dog but she is now. Not horribly itchy or having skin infections but just a bit itchy. My boss had two of her ancient terrier mixes on Bright Minds but they were also on Anipryl so it was difficult to say what helped. I was hoping someone on the Boards had tried it. My old Border isn't anywhere
  3. Hi, Has anyone fed Bright Minds dog food (made by Purina) to their senior dog? Any comments (good and bad.) I'm not sure if it is worth changing my 14 year old dogs food.
  4. I'm sorry about the diagnosis. Spoil away! Enjoy every day!
  5. I agree to having the vet check this out. She could be starting with kidney issues and that is the cause of the "off" appetite.
  6. One of my girl BC's needed to be out for quite a while and squat several times to empty her bladder, then she was good for quite a few hours. Perhaps your girl is the same.
  7. My boy did the same thing at about the same age. I immediately went back to crating when I was at work and only leaving him out for short periods during the day and overnight (with me there.) At age two I started leaving him out when I was at work, but had someone check on them mid-day. He was never a problem again. Just needed to grow up a bit more!
  8. My male pup I picked out at 9 weeks of age. He was crazy. He made me laugh. 14+ years later, he is still crazy and still makes me laugh!!!! My female I also picked out at 9 weeks of age. She was cuddly and needy, at almost 11 she is still cuddly and needy!! Watch the puppies for quite a while and pick the one you think you can live with.
  9. One of my Borders was a digger. A friend told me to put her stool in the hole. It stopped her from digging out the old holes, she did continue to make some new ones but, in time, that quit. (And she went on to other crazy behaviors )
  10. I've had four Borders. My current male, Logan, is a happy barker. Quiet otherwise he would bark during training because he loved it so much and was over the top happy about it. Unfortunately, I tried almost everything any trainer suggested for years until I happened on the solution mentioned above. Give a verbal warning, then stop training. I'm sad I didn't realize this years ago. No one suggested it, I just (eventually) figured it out on my own and it very much improved his barking. Do it now before it becomes a habit that is hard to resolve.
  11. Happy 14th Birthday Logan, I love you! He and Ziva both enjoyed their ice cream cake! I tried to post pictures but it won't let me
  12. Hi, I'm glad to hear Digger needs Vetmedin only. Ziva the border collie, was diagnosed with a heart murmur when she was 7 years old. The cardiologist did an echo and since there wasn't any heart chamber enlargement just recommended a recheck in a year. A year later, there was some heart chamber enlargement and he recommended Vetmedin. He quoted a study that said that dogs on Vetmedin will live an average of two years longer than ones that do not. She was on just Vetmedin for over two years with no problems. She routinely sees the cardiologist and has been fine. February she ha
  13. I'm so sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts. I've lost the first two Borders I owned and my second pair are 10 and 13 years so I dread what I know is coming.
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