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  1. I've had four Borders. My current male, Logan, is a happy barker. Quiet otherwise he would bark during training because he loved it so much and was over the top happy about it. Unfortunately, I tried almost everything any trainer suggested for years until I happened on the solution mentioned above. Give a verbal warning, then stop training. I'm sad I didn't realize this years ago. No one suggested it, I just (eventually) figured it out on my own and it very much improved his barking. Do it now before it becomes a habit that is hard to resolve.
  2. That is soooo cute! They share!
  3. Happy 14th Birthday Logan, I love you! He and Ziva both enjoyed their ice cream cake! I tried to post pictures but it won't let me
  4. Hi, I'm glad to hear Digger needs Vetmedin only. Ziva the border collie, was diagnosed with a heart murmur when she was 7 years old. The cardiologist did an echo and since there wasn't any heart chamber enlargement just recommended a recheck in a year. A year later, there was some heart chamber enlargement and he recommended Vetmedin. He quoted a study that said that dogs on Vetmedin will live an average of two years longer than ones that do not. She was on just Vetmedin for over two years with no problems. She routinely sees the cardiologist and has been fine. February she ha
  5. I'm so sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts. I've lost the first two Borders I owned and my second pair are 10 and 13 years so I dread what I know is coming.
  6. I can't wait until you are Queen of the Universe!!! My buddies are 13 and 10 and I don't want them to be old!!
  7. I've owned four borders from puppy hood. Two had hind dewclaws, two did not. The female's were bony and tightly attached, I doubt they would have been a problem but I work as a Vet Tech and I've seen them catch and tear on things, so when she was spayed, I had them removed. My current male dog had them also and they were horrible. Loose and floppy with the nail pointing in an abnormal direction, when he was neutered, I had them removed. I wouldn't do an anesthetic procedure just to get rid of them (actually, the vet I worked with at the time offered to remove Logan's with local anesthesia
  8. Thank you for your reply. Please pray that I have Ziva another two years as she is now, I would still be sad to lose her, but thankful for additional years. Maldwyn is adorable and I love shaggy terriers too! I'll pray that he has more years to go in his new home.
  9. My sympathy on your loss of Vala. My female Border, Ziva had a heart murmur at age 7. By age 8 she was on Vetmedin. This past February she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. So far she is doing well on the additional medication but no doubt I'll be in your shoes at some point. How long did Vala live after being diagnosed?
  10. I've had Border Collies and cats together. I had a blind cat first. He was very laid back. He and the puppy became friends and remained friends all their lives. After that, I've had three more Border Collies and two more cats. All were gotten young. They have had different attachments. I've never had a timid cat. I've always picked a self confident kitten. I never wanted a cat that would be intimidated by the dogs and hide. So I've always had a cat that intimidated the dogs!!!! If your cat isn't self confident you would probably be better off with an adult dog that is used to cats
  11. I'm an NCIS fan! My 10 year old female Border Collie is named Ziva. Rarely does anyone ever get it. Usually, I'm stuck spelling her name several times and people end up calling her Diva, Zeba, Viva. Where I work we have a Springer Spaniel who comes in regularly for nail clips and his name is Gibbs. I call him Leroy Jethro Gibbs. His owner loves it but my co workers are confused!
  12. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I rescheduled our cardiologist appointment due to covid-19. It is now for the end of April. Ziva, thankfully, acts totally fine as far as activity level and no cough and a normal respiratory rate. My one concern is for 1-2 days about every two weeks her appetite is off. I had a chem screen done after the first episode (being concerned that she may have a kidney issue) but everything was fine. She has never been a picky dog. I know she hates taking pills so I hand pill her before she eats so she won't have issues with "something" being in her food.
  13. I am still working. I'm a Vet Tech and live in Pennsylvania. My rather small/rural county has almost 300 cases and 5 deaths. I'm very concerned where they are coming from. Our small "city"? Nursing homes? The Amish community? No one knows. We are under stay at home orders with only essential travel. Yesterday, it was suggested we wear masks when out in public. Work is very stressful. We no longer allow clients in the building except for euthanasias and one woman to visit her hospitalized cat. People are crazy!!!! Every time we have more restrictions placed on movement, t
  14. Hi, Ziva had a mild heart murmur starting at age 7. The cardiologist did an echo cardiogram and said she had tricuspid and mitrial valve insufficiency but didn't need any medication at that time. The following year the murmur was a little louder. The cardiologist said she had heart chamber enlargement so she was started on pimobendan (vetmedin.) A myxoma (benign tumor) was seen in her left atrium. She has been checked every 6-9 months since then and things have remained stable. About a month ago, the dogs were with my Mom while I was at work and she noticed Ziva breathing rapid
  15. A few years ago my co-worker had a Boxer with spinal problems. She never really got a definite diagnosis for her dog but did take her for physical therapy. They gave her an Assisi Loop to try out (free), she thought it helped her dog but not enough that her (or I) would pay $300 for one.
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