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First of all let me start by saying what a great knowledge base this site has. I started lurking here around 6 months ago when I was looking for information on training techniques for my border collie Tucker. Tucker is now a little over a year old and over that year has seen a lot of controversy regarding his color. Tucker was purchased from a breeder here in Tennessee and both of his parents are the "text book" black and white. The other puppies in his litter vary anywhere from black & white to red to whatever Tucker is. I've had people tell me there is no way he is a border collie because he is not "colored right" and so on and so forth. I know he is a border collie - of that there is no question in my mind. However what I don't know is what color to call him so I thought I'd ask the experts here. What color is my dog?









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Thanks for all the responses! I was looking at that link and I believe you all are correct. B) The only thing I'm confused about is it says in the article "these dogs, as we will see below, are born dark, or only have tan points when they are born, and the black receeds with age," Here is a picture of Tucker when he was a puppy. He was born tan and that turned to the black saddle he has now. Oh well I always knew he did everything backwards. Thanks for everyones help! Next person that asks what color he is will get a knowledgable answer instead of a "ummmmmmm." :D





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Maybe he's just sable, then?


It would be interesting to send the pictures to Carole at the Border Collie Museum and see what she thinks. . . .


ETA: I agree that he's very striking.


I know all about the reasons not to breed for colors -- and agree with them wholeheartedly! -- but I've gotta admit that I do love to see them. :ph34r:

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