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  1. I found this review article while doing some “light” reading. It is a comprehensive review of the studies that have been published. I found it very informative and I thought I’d share. Pathophysiology, Transmission, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)A Review Journal of American Medical Association July 10, 2020
  2. Here is another video after a few more training sessions. Hattie training session 23 May 2020
  3. Here are videos of Renee’s Hattie (Wyatt Fleming’s Mirk x Jen) at the very beginning of her training. Hattie was the puppy pictured sleeping in the grass during the 2019 finals handlers meeting. Hattie’s first time on sheep Hattie’s second time on sheep Hattie after a few more times on sheep
  4. Having spent time picking cockleburs from rough coats and tangled in long britching on rough coated dogs my preference is smooth coats.
  5. There are 54 positives and 2 deaths in the county where we live and 566 positives and 9 deaths in the county where I work.
  6. Here in the Washington DC metro area we’re under stay at home orders; however, I am an essential employee and am driving into work several times a week. Other than work we are limiting our trips off the farm. At least we have acres to ourselves unlike many of my coworkers who live in apartments or townhomes closer to DC.
  7. Understanding how the test works for covid-19 helps make better sense of what is being reported. This article has a good description on how the tests for covid-19 work How SARS-CoV-2 Tests Work and What’s Next in COVID-19 Diagnostics
  8. For a cheap chew toy, cut off the leg of a worn out pair of jeans and tie in a knot.
  9. yes Sounds like she is training you to participate in her game: “if I push my toy under furniture she will interact with me and get my toy”. Got to love smart dogs
  10. The cost of an open dog early in its open career can be high; this is not the open dog Amy and I are describing. We’re talking about a 9+ year old open dog that is being retired because the open corses are too large for the aging dog.
  11. The best teacher for you would be an open dog that is being retired because it was no longer competitive in open. I don’t view this as cheating any more than having an instructor/mentor is cheating. In this situation you are providing work to a dog that would not get much with the open handler and more one on one time with this dog than in a household with many dogs being trained/schooled. The dog will teach you stock work and handling faster than if you have to also be training a green dog. These situations are not always available but I highly recommend you look for one. We have been on both sides of these situations; learning a lot from open dogs (thank you June) and placing retiring open dogs into homes where they continued to thrive and were teachers.
  12. Just got the annual email from Amazon Smile on how much they donated to ABCA HEF based upon my purchases. This is such an easy way to support the organization working to maintain and improve the health of our breed: BAER clinics, sample collection, EAOD research, etc. A lot of small donations via Amazon Smile go a long way for our breed https://bordercolliefoundation.org/donate/amazon-smile/ These numbers were provided in the email; just imagine how large the donation would be if everyone on this forum used AmazonSmile To date, AmazonSmile has donated a total of: $1,682.51 to ABCA Health & Education Foundation $156,109,909.51 to all charities
  13. Try this resource http://afs.okstate.edu/breeds/
  14. For what it’s worth we have been using livestock dewormer (ivermectin) for heartworm preventative on for over 15years (over 15 different dogs) without adverse reactions. We ensure the doses are 2x-3x the effective minimum dose.
  15. All heartworm meds are in the same class of drugs, macrocyclic lactones (https://www.merckvetmanual.com/pharmacology/anthelmintics/macrocyclic-lactones), and can cause the same adverse reactions when given at too high a dose. All heartworm meds are safe when given at the recommended dose for heartworm prevention (even for dogs with two copies of the Mdr1 mutation).
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