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Well....we failed. Down in flames like the Hindenburg. It was a long hard slog, filled with long, meaningful (if a little loud) family talks, much soul searching and soon, the divestiture of more capital than we can afford, but....Seeker (now Seeka...think: Boston accent) is becoming a member of our family. She’s a BC from the tip of her liver colored nose to the end of her paralyzed tail. She’s smart, affectionate and athletic; the complete package. We all fell in love with this scared, sick little girl, and now that she’s healthy, she’s paying us back in gold.


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Well, congratulations to Seeker (Seeka). Cerb definitely needed a canine companion.


BTW: family discussions tend to get animated (and loud) here too -- it's a healthy sign.



Thanks for being a sounding board of sorts.

Another pic:


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