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  1. OK, I'll vote for a "sense of entitlment". I know Cerb often audibly "grumbles" and gives me dirty looks if I don't let him do something he asks to do (go outside to play)or tell him to move when he's comfy. He complies, but he lets you know he's not particularly happy about it. Really, it's like we have two teenagers in the house. Luckily he hasn't adopted the "in a minute" stalling strategy our daughter is trying. "Entitlement" is probably too anthropomorphic for the situation, but it seems to be a rough analog.
  2. We only have one, but I'm continually lobbying for two. The main sticking point comes down to: Expense. That's the limitation most considered in our house. If you feel comfortable making some health decisions and administering a lot of the vacs and worm treatments, your vet bill should be manageable. If you have friends or neighbors that can watch your pack, vacations and business trips will be OK, but having 2+ dogs can get expensive otherwise. Also, it's easier to get one dog into a hotel roon than 2+. How big is your car? Another thing to consider is serial comunicable health problems. Seeka came down with horrible diarrhea a couple of days after she came to us. Just as she was getting over it, Cerb got the trots. That's about a solid week and a half of getting up every hour or so to let a dog out. Day and night. During my Christmas vacation. I did nothing but stay home and play nurse. Don't get me started with how Seeka was such a prolific artist...with her tail...and her "paint". Would I do it again? With all my heart. When you meet the dog that will make the bother and expense all worth while, you will know it.
  3. I see you're from England. We may be a bit different here in the States. Thus the United States Border Collie Handlers Association and the United Stated Border Collie Club.
  4. Agreed. The one part that kills me is that the AKC paints said glass hammer as the "real (New and Improved!) thing". As long as the AKC calls their dumbed down, black and white fluff balls "Border Collies", real Border Collies lose. By calling them Border Collies, they misappropriate the history, likeness and character of the working Border Collie. It's false advertising, the kind that makes the imitated product cheaper. The AKC is spoiling the Border Collie "brand".
  5. Perhaps as a prerequisite the dog/handler pair would have to compete in X number of herding events in the year prior to the beauty contest and have a cumulative score of X. I'm SURE the AKC could probably rig the scoring so that any dim witted Boxer could qualify.... Just throwing stuff against the wall. Perhaps the best we could hope for is health?..although this would NOT account for the trait that makes a BC a BC: working ability. I still think it's a good thing to comment whenever comments are asked for. I got an e-mail today thanking me for my input However, I don't regret the time and electrons I put into my comments. This is a war of attrition. We need to wear the AKC down and deny them money, in any way we can.
  6. Got the same with Seeka. Now that her tail has been "Aussie-ized" due to paralysis, I bet she gets it in spades.
  7. Mr. McCaig, You have already given June everything. You've adopted her into your pack. You've allowed her to do the job she was bred for, to the best of her abilities. You've guided her and taught her when those abilities needed to be channeled. You've welcomed her to the fire after a days work. You've loved her. She knows this.
  8. I believe they still need to hear it. Loud and clear. If we don't keep reminding them that it's NOT OK to dillute the breed and that Barbie Collies are NOT Border Collies they'll stay in their comfortable echo chamber and believe they're doing "what is best for the breed". I say we give them a good slap across the chops every chance we get.
  9. Form follows function, I guess...or at least should. If that function is to be pretty and stoopid, then I guess that's what you breed for. I, however, would question your priorities.
  10. Little dog fans please look away: Did you see the abomination that won? I loved what Terrierman said about the winner (Ok, Ok, I'm sure that Terrierman is just incendiary enough to have some detractors here, but so far, I like his stuff)
  11. My 88 year old mother tells stories of the collie she grew up with during the depression on a farm in Ohio. The one that sticks in my mind was when one of their hens laid a clutch of eggs under the hen house. She was so secretive they thought a fox had gotten her and didn't notice anything until they heard the chicks peeping. Mom was tasked with crawling under and rounding up the chicks. When she went in, the collie went in with her and rounded up every chick, individually, and held it between his paws until mom could grab it and put it in a basket. Since yesterday I've been trying to get folks from other websites to notice the BOB collie story and tragedy that the AKC is prepetuating in the name of "pretty". Everyone I've personally talked to has shaken their heads and said "how horrible", but not much more, and I have yet to see this story in any major publication. It's as if they all want to see the Westminster as a fun, quirkey, eccentric, feel good story, rather than dealing with the dark underbelly that is the AKC. "Look! Something shiny!!" The BOB collie story is the type of bombshell that could change things. There is NO up side to passing on a horrible and ENTIRELY PREVENTABLE trait in the name of beauty (and personal agrandizement). We need to really get this out there. The AKC needs to change or go away.
  12. Oh...I agree. Sometimes it's so transparent that they're trying to "work" you to get you to do something with/for them. Cerb loves to eat paper and knows I hate it (you should see what ends up in the back yard), but he also loves attention. Sometimes I'll catch him doing the slink out of the study with a piece of paper in his mouth. He'll look up as if to say "I was a baaaaad boy" and stand there until I tell him to leave it, which he will. If he wanted to eat it, why would he come out to the living room and wait until I saw it and reprimanded him? We take this as one of his "I'm bored and want some attention" cues. Last year I was hiking with him on a pretty rough trail. As there were leash restrictions, he was on lead. On the way down the mountain I didn't want him to pull me down from the front so I just pointed behind me and said, "behind" and he did it. Now he does it whenever I start walking downhill on a restrictive trail. He'll just wait and pop in behind me.
  13. Every once in a while it dawns on me just how much I take Cerbs intelligence for granted. I really expect him to do what I tell him, no matter if I've trained it or not. A couple of examples: Last night when I came to bed Cerb was curled up on the spot where my feet would go. Without thinking and much fanfare I said "move it, buddy" and he promptly moved over where I could get in comfortably. Not real big but it showed he was thinking. Then there was the little Yorkie cross we were sitting. She's very playful and Cerb was obliging her, but with the 30lb weight difference I was worried. I told Cerb to sit, he did (duh) but he then proceeded to endure her onslaught of nips and bats without reciprocating. He just pulled in his chin and took it. That is exactly what I meant for him to do, but it's nothing I really trained for or expected. I'm sure there is a lot of other stuff, but the gist is, I now just expect Cerb to do what I tell him, no matter what (within reason). There are plenty of times he doesn't get it right, and you can see him hunting and trying, but I'm pretty knocked out by how often he does get it right.
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