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Jodi Darling lost her Jag recently. Jag was her heart dog. Being that I lost my heart dog in January, and am still not recovered, I would ask that you all say a small prayer for solace in Jodi's heart. Just writing this I get teary. My heart goes out to you Jodi. Please know that all us dog people GET that gut wrenching sadness you feel when you lose a special dog. He will be with you again. A couple months after I lost my Tucker, I had a dream he was playing in the yard, and he kept looking at me while playing. I believe it was a message that he is going to be okay. And so will I.

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There are many of us that know that feeling...Jazz left me in April and I still feel his loss like it was yesterday. My condolences to Jodi...

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Yes, add me to the list of people who know that feeling--it's been nearly four years since I lost William. Jodi, I hope you are able to find some peace and to take comfort in what must be wonderful memories of Jag.

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I'm so sorry Jodi. Don't fight the pain. It's at it's worst now and time and memories will ease it, but right now feel it, because it's for your heart dog. It's a pain none of us want to have to go through, but when you love a dog so much, it's part of the package.


Thinking of you.

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Go in peace, my valiant friend.

Suffer no more; sweet sleep has come.

Be welcomed by our friends;

They have blazed a path for you to follow.

Wait patiently, for I will join you again,

Your keen vision restored to lead our way,

Strength renewed, for we shall journey forever.

I learned from your courage

In the waning of your days.

You fought bravely through the pain,

A whimper never passed,

Always by my side as I was by yours.

Your battle is over, our grieving begins,

As I lay you to rest

In the yard were we played.

Your place in my soul

will always remain filled.

So rest now in peace, my gallant companion,

Knowing how much I loved you

And will miss you at my side.


~ Baby’s Dad eulogy for his beloved Zeke


Via con Dios, Jag.

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