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It has been brought to the attention to the Chief of Police, AKA MOM that Mr. Jalapeno Pepper is missing. The complaint was filed by Mrs. Pepper, who is suffering from an earlier assault from two heathens hiding in fur coats. She is expected to survive.


Mrs. Pepper states that all was well this morning until she looked over to her husband?s pot, only to find a hole and his plant steak.




We called together the usual suspects:



Don?t let the cute faces fool you, they were convicted in the Carrot Massacre in April of 2006. These monsters should be put away for life, before they destroy all projects planted and maintained by the resident caretakers Patrick (6) and Alison (3).


Officer mom walked the yard with the suspects at her heels, but no evidence has been found. The whereabouts of Mr. Pepper is still unknown, but foul play is suspected.


Meanwhile Mrs. Pepper has been relocated to a safe house under the protection and watchful eye of Mr. Strawberry.



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LOL...they sure know how to look innocent!


Are you sure that Mr Strawberry, well-meaning as he may be, isn't a bit too eager to comfort Mrs Pepper? In that last picture, it looks like she'd rather have a bit of space of her own right now (she looks a bit pale and is stiffly leaning away from him...).

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Rofl. Reminds me of when Kookie my previous border cat decided to eat every single pepper off my Thai Pepper Plant. How she pulled that off is a mystery to me. I like HOT peppers but those were hotter than HOT. I would string them and wash my hands 10 or more times and still not be able to put a single finger on my tongue much less my eyes and I had to get my contacts out! That plant was loaded down at the time so she ate a good ceral bowl full or more. I did notice both bowls of water were gone. The next day there was a bit of fussing when someone had to go use the litter box. :rolleyes:


Mrs. Pepper may be worried that Mr. Strawberry, sweet man that he is, just can't handle the job of protecting anyone from Mr. Pepper's kidnappers. Miss Prickly Black berry and Mr. Thornberry Rose mite be better suited for the job. And if they can hack it, send in the Burr squad.

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Ooh, Mr. Strawberry looks like he's oozing over into Mrs. Pepper's space. Looks mighty suspicious to me.


In investigating this, who has the most to gain? Just what would those two lovely little pups gain? Nothing but indigestion. Looks to me as if Mr. Strawberry is the most likely culprit. He sure seems to have the hots (pun intended0 for Mrs. pepper.

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I don't know about the guilt part, dosen't look like a black and white closed case to me. There is a definate grey area here!!! LOL

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