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  1. I would like to second this, and also add my heartfelt THANKS to all our great members. I am soooo grateful for finding this board when Kass was just a pup. Again THANK YOU TO ALL.
  2. Just bumping this up....it's too important not to. Thanks for the link.
  3. Try softened cream cheese for frosting. You can even add a little food coloring using powdered beets (red), powdered turmeric, (yellow), or powdered spinach (green). You can even do pastels, depending on how much you use. I also make frosted lollipops with yougurt chips. Have fun.
  4. dubro...before microchipping him, be sure and ask if anyone in your area has the reader for the chip. In our area, no vet or even our humane society has the means to read any chip, I even asked about our sherriff, noone does. This is in an are of about 50 miles.
  5. Kassie has many collars from shoredog.com. They have what they call a combo. It is a martingale with a clasp, so it fits really well. I also love the fabrics.
  6. I completely agree with helpingudders. They are the best !! Kassie loves everything I've ever gotten from them, her current favorite is the WUBBA, she sleeps with it. I also like their donation policy.
  7. I think it's a great idea. At least you are trying to do something...kudos to you. Who knows, there may be alot of BC owners that would love the chance to get together.
  8. Cabin fever gets all of us snarky. We have had a massive cold spell here and it seems everyone is a little snappish. hopefully, spring is just around the corner.
  9. Welcome back. These boards are just the greatest.
  10. When Kassie goes to "school" she knows all the directions including the lights. It really is amazing how they can tell.
  11. Could someone help me with my font and color on sig.... When I try all I get are the letters and numbers
  12. OK dumbo here Where exactly is the log in page? I'm always logged in, do I log out and come back in ? I'm really trying, cause I love learning new things. Thanks
  13. I'm thrilled with how easy it is to change my avatar. Thanks to all who made these boards soooo great.
  14. Foo Don't you know the rule...once a name appears in your sig line THAT darling is yours forever !!!!! :eek:
  15. I understand the point everyone has made about adopting sibling pups. My situation is a bit different. Kassie is 3yrs. old, 4 in May. She has a brother who is with friends and they have changed locations, thinking they might have to find another home for him. This dog was allowed to run wild, on a farm, with little or no training. My question is this, would they recognise each other as siblings after all this time ? Would the same sibling issues apply to dogs their age ? Kassie is very much my dog and has a great life. We do agility, rally and hope to start herding in spring. I wouldn't want this bond to be affected by a sibling bond. Any thoughts ? Thanks.
  16. Foo... The best of the new year to you !!!!!! The group all look healthy and happy. You just need to break down and put Hope in your sig line Again all the best from Kassie and me !!!
  17. Oh what an angel doll !!!!!!(Of course that's just looks) MWHAHAHA
  18. We will be keeping you in our thoughts tonight, in this your time of sorrow. May good memories make it a little easier. With sympathy...
  19. Sending thoughts your way for strength in this saddest of times. He sounds like he was loved very much.
  20. Kassie and I send our sincerest thoughts to your pack. Kassie said to give Sitka a big slurpy kiss, and let her know she is thinking of her.
  21. Oh Foo... Wish Kassie and I were going with you....we misfits should stick together !!! Have a grand time, and next year give me some notice so we can represent our little corner of the world....
  22. I just know there is a special place in heaven for you.......BUT NOT FOR MANY MORE YEARS Hugs to the whole pack.
  23. I belong to other chats, and I think msn cancelled ALL free rooms in their chat. Just closed them, so she may not be aware that this has even happened. Just guessing.
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