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Today Ouzo is 2 years old!!!


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Today Ouzo is 2 years old! I can't belive how quick time passes and what a grown-up (looking) dog I have! I was hoping to wake up this morning and find that suddently he'd mature over night. Ohhh, well, guess it's going to take my goofy funny boy another few years before he grows a few more brain cells :rolleyes: Just as I type he's in the bedroom, killing an empty carboard box of Mike's Hard Lemonade in the middle of my bed :D There's no better present than the box it came for *for his mommy*.


The last year has been a year of growth for both of us. This fall we started both agility and herding, and he's proven he's good at both, although if he could get some sheep to walk in front of him on the A-Frame and the dog walk, I swear he would enjoy agility even more :D


Exactly like on his first birthday, we woke up this morning to find the first snow of the season!


"Thank you for my present, mom, I love snow!"




Since it was snowing hard this morning (by now it's all melted), and I didn't feel like driving to Petsmart, according to our plan, so he can pick up toys (we'll go tomorrow), this is what my dog did on his birthday.


Can we go outside? Can we go outside? Please? Listen, can we go outside? Look, I brought my frisbee, so let's go outside, ok?!




Napping sounds good, too!





Caught in the act!




It's what today? My birthday?




Really? My second one? Wow.... I don't even remember my first one, must have been a great one!




More pics to follow

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Few more pics taken in the last week or so






This was taken yesterday afternoon, and now everything is covered in snow!





Yesterday, too




Log Pose -last weekend:


Uhhh... remind me again, why am I standing on this log?!

And are you going to do something about that ball you've been keeping prisoner for...say... 20 seconds, you realize that's an unbearable ETERNITY for me?!?!!??!





For Ouzo, balls are serious business.


Do I look like I'm kidding?! Throw that damn thing already before I dry out!!!




I will post a separate thread with pictures from Ouzo's herding training.

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But now, for some baby pictures - it was clear I had to dig them out, you knew that, right?


2 months old - first day in our house:




Little monkey, or litlle devil? Well, both! (This is the monkey whose hand and tail he ate about a month later)




Clasic Ouzo expression




I'm not bitting the couch! I'm not touching it, see, no touching! (he still does the same thing now)




Showing his modeling skills at a very young age:




Ohhh, how my puppy has grown!

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Happy 2nd Birthday Ouzo!!! :rolleyes:



Wow snow already, we are turning wintery over here but we don't get snow usually here for ages, sometimes not until February. At least not around my area, they get more snow up North.


Gorgeous pic's Anda, i love tilting head Ouzo. We should have a tilting head thread. They look so cute when they do that don't they. :D

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Happy Birthday Ouzo!! Such a grown up boy! And he almost shares *someone* else's birthday.... :rolleyes:


And just remember, anything that you chew/slobber on/destroy today won't get you in trouble! After all, who can get mad at such a handsome birthday boy? :D

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Happy birthday bud! From heart-stopping cute to drop-dead handsome :rolleyes: . The picture of him napping is just adorable. :D Looks just like Dazzy too....


I didn't realize he was that much younger than Dazzle, I thought they were closer.....

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Well, let me add a groggy "Happy Birthday", then! It's far too early (6.25) for me to be up and getting ready for the under-heated f****** train to Munich, but I'm grinning at the puppy pics nonetheless :rolleyes:.


Happy birthday, Ouzo, and many more of course!

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Happy Birthday Ouzo!!


It's great watching these pups grow!


You're a lucky boy - your mom must love you more then I love River (not!) since no one (me) posted about her 2nd birthday which was on Sept 17. Tho, I did know it was her birthday - so it's not like she was forgotten. :rolleyes:

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Awe, happy birthday, Ouzo. He and Charlie are right about the same age. :D And, oh my, what an adorable little fluff ball he was as a tiny puppy! :rolleyes:


I can't believe you have snow already. We are still wearing shorts and running the AC down here. :D

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Thank you for your wonderful wishes, guys! I feel kindda guilty I didn't go with him yesterday to Petsmart, but as long as I make it there today, no harm done, right? Plus he got to play in the snow, he found a soccer ball and he played a mean game with me! Too bad that TWICE yesterday I curageously went with my camera outside, took great pictures, only to notice after that my memory card was not in! Brrrrrrr! Twice!!!! And I did not yell at him for playing with that empty Mike's box all over the house and brining it in bed quite a few times :rolleyes: He also had treats, I cut some slices from those training "saussages" which he only gets in tiny lil' pieces when training, and he couldn't belive his eyes this magic food also comes in bigger slices :D I did make him "work" for them, by asking him to give me kisses before! (Sandra, our current joke is "Kiss Knut" and Ouzo pops and kisses us). All in all he had a great birthday!

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