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  1. It would be nice for those of us in Canada. Lots of people from the west coast of Canada attended and made the trip. It wouldn't for you guys to do the same once in a blue moon.
  2. You breed dogs to better their breeds. You don't breed for sport dogs. Sport dogs are trained. IMO, it's lazy people who want to buy "sports" dogs. They don't want to bother having to build any tug drive. To me, that is half the fun of dog sports. And hey... genetics is only 10%.
  3. Sorry to hijack... but I noticed for throws that Jersey jumps for, she lands with her back legs. I've heard that's really tough on them, and it's ideal for them to land on their front. Is there a way to teach this to Jersey?
  4. One thing that I've noticed over the years is that some of his photos have things photoshopped out of them. I wonder what is really supposed to be there.
  5. He looks a little chubby to me! He seems a lot buffer than most BCs I've seen... I would either say Aussie/BC, or high end of Aussie. But who knows... could be BC! Is it possible to get a video of him moving?
  6. Thanks for starting this thread... I just recently started playing frisbee with Jersey and she loves it. I have a question about jumps and age... Jersey is just over a year old now. I don't do any crazy flips or turns, she just jumps in the air a couple of feet and lands. Should I take it easy with her, or do you think she is ok?
  7. I did it in this order: Jump Tunnel (with no curve) Tire jump Weaves That's all the equipment I have, so that's all I've taught so far. lol
  8. We have a one eyed dog training to do flyball... I honestly see no reason why a dog with lost vision could not compete in agility.
  9. Here's a video of Jers at flyball last night. She can do all four jumps, but for some reason I was starting her at two in this video. Anyway... here it is.
  10. My dogs LOVE playing Hide-n-Seek. You need two people to play. One to hide, the other to hold her and say "go find ____!!" The person hiding can yell, "Cali, come fiiiind meeeee!" I don't know what it is about that game, but my dogs love, love, LOVE it!
  11. As already stated, ALL puppies nip. Their mothers and humans are the ones who teach them that they need to be gently. So you need to be consistent with your corrections. Most Border Collie's, when raised with children, are completely fine with them. It sounds like you are very responsible, so I don't think you have anything to worry about it.
  12. Hull's Haven (www.hullshaven.org) is having an online auction mid June.
  13. Mickey, 21", ~45lbs Molly, 18 1/2", ~37lbs, Jersey, 21 1/2", no idea how much she weighs
  14. That was a fantastic video, and I laughed out loud at a few parts! Great ending!
  15. Lisa, thanks for sharing that article. Molly was incompletely spayed her first time around and had many UTI after it. She when back just short a year to get her "third" (that's what they claimed) ovary removed and is constantly at herself now. I've always felt guilty about it. The bit about hyperthyroidism and obesity really stands out to me for Mickey. It was very hard to get his weight up when we got him, and for about the past year we have been trying to get him to lose weight, but it's like we are fighting a losing battle. I may have to get him checked out.
  16. You can't adopt/purchase a dog with the thought "if we can't keep her, there are plenty of other homes out there who want her" running through your mind. When you get a puppy, you are making a commitment. She deserves a chance with you, and I don't mean just a few days or a week. I hope you will give her at least two weeks.
  17. I completely disagree with this. Adding another dog to a home is a change for EVERYONE. It took Mickey a week or two to get used to Molly being in our home, and several more weeks for them to completely adapt to each other. In the beginning, I honestly didn't think it would work out because Mickey was very depressed - but now it is impossible to tear them apart. Your puppy will have to learn the rules. Baring teeth and some snaps are okay because, IMO, "it is Indy's house". The pup will follow his rules, and for the time being (as a pup) will most likely not be the leader/dominant one of the pair. Honestly, I allow tiny scuffles, but if it doesn't stop in 5 seconds or there is blood, I step in. But don't let her intentionally piss him off too much. If she is persistent, I would leash her and every time she makes a go at Indy, "Ah, ah, (insert name)" and bring her over to you and give her something else to do. It may take a while for Indy to adjust, but believe me, there will be a bond formed that you never thought was possible! Make sure you give the pup a week or two if you don't think it is working out. Most rescues have a standard two week trial period for potential homes. Dogs are very adaptable, but it does take time. Good luck!
  18. I love Kenzie!!! A few others: - Evina - Lainie - Laire - Moira - Skena - Teva
  19. Two BC's are definitely not unmanageable! I have three, and there are a handful of members on board who have many more than that! LOL However, not all BC's are good with children. Personally, I would rescue a BC if I were in your situation. If you choose that direction, go with a rescue who takes the time to get to know each dog individually in foster care and that is where you would find your best match. Jocko is a very nice looking BC!
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