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  1. Thanks for all the tips, I'll keep on using positive reinforcement to get her desensitized to the clippers, and try using food too but she's extremely food motivated so it might just get her more excited that she already is! My boyfriend and I just kept her up all day yesterday until about 11:30pm, then when she fell asleep she was dead tired so I sneakily clipped them Ah well, it'll have to do for now til she's fully desensitized!
  2. It's kind of hard to find any asphalt in Winnipeg in the middle of winter The roads and sidewalks are just snow, ice, and more snow! Her back claws are also much shorter; I think it's from pushing off when she goes to run across the hardwood floors in my house. But the front ones are getting pretty long now.
  3. As many of you have read in my last post, my dog Gypsy is a 3 month old BC. I've been working with her since I've gotten her, and she's really an amazingly intelligent dog! In the month I've had her, she's learned: sit, down, stay, come, paw (both of them!), stand, wait (for a treat or toy), spin, "get in your kennel", and has quite a good recall--she'll come to me when she's playing with Milford outside in the yard. She's gotten used to baths too, I can give her one by myself now in our laundry tubs.. Most of the time she needs them because she wants to know what Milford's doing when he s
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