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  1. Erin, Although I'm extremely late to this thread, I just had to express my deepest condilences for your loss. I know Maggie was your Heart Dog, and I'm so sorry she had to leave this world so soon. I don't know what convinced me to read this section of the boards tonight, but I now have tears literally streaming down my face. Goodbye Maggie Mae.
  2. Betty, I'm devastated to hear of Tulsa's passing. He was a grand old boy. When I am able to, I will be buying another picture from you that features the handsome old man. He will light up the walls of my house as I'm sure he illuminated your life through the brief years he spent here on Earth. *hugs*
  3. Gypsy got sprayed right in the face too. I used the same concoction you did at least 4 times and she still stunk. I then went to the pet store and bought an expensive bottle of "de-skunker" that was guaranteed to work, used it twice, and brought it back. My mom sells Norwex, a line of natural home cleaning products, and she gave me a bottle of stuff that is usually used for stinky sports equipment. It got most of the smell out, but I didn't put it too close to her eyes/ears/nose, so now, over a MONTH later, I can still smell it when I get real close to her
  4. Paula, the sheep were just loose in the yard and Gypsy was on the rope (other than when the trainer wanted to see what she would do), since the pen they normally use for this type of thing was flooded. Which is a shame, because after watching the video she gave me, I can see how a pen could really be an advantage for a dog's first time on stock. I honestly don't know if I want to try Trevor on sheep. We're still adjusting to each other and getting over the damage his previous owners did to him.. Every time I want to catch him he completely ignores me until I get close enough, then he turns it into a chase game, and when I finally catch him and praise him, he turns into a cowering puddle of submissive puppy. Whenever we leave the fenced yard he HAS to be on a leash or else he bolts, he's slipped out 3 times and each time led me across several blocks and busy streets.. He needs a better foundation before we progress to something like stockwork. For now, it's just Gypsy's thing. Although I wonder How good of a stock dog Korby would be..
  5. Well, I think we both had fun! I did forget my camera though We got there and there were dogs everywhere, about a dozen or so, tied to different trees and kennels. The trainer and her dad work together raising and selling stock dogs. There was 3 sheep grazing in the middle of the yard. I was wondering why they were loose like that, since the road was quite close, when I noticed two black and white bundles of fur crouched in the grass nearby. The trainer came out to greet me and went to get a rope from the barn while I just walked Gypsy nearby the sheep to let her get used to their sight and smell. The trainer was so calm around her dogs and barely spoke above a whisper but they picked up on everything she asked. We did some basic recall and down work on the rope with the sheep standing there, and Gypsy was calm and responsive. Then she got her dogs to move the sheep past us so that Gyp could see them move... THAT sure got her attention! From that point on she was very excited, and had a hard time calming down, which is unlike her. She has a dominant personality, and kept challenging the trainer by not lying down when she asked and turning away and ignoring her. So for most of the lesson we just worked on getting her focused on us and forgetting about the sheep. Once she was calm again, the trainer released her and she took off after the sheep, who bolted.. She ended up chasing them through the garden and around the house, but came back when I called her. It took a while for her to calm down after that, so we did more focus work, heeling, downs etc. In total we spent 2 hours in the yard, and another hour or so just talking afterwards. She gave me some exercises to work on and said to just keep sharpening up Gyp's reaction time to my commands. She said she was really impressed with how much Gypsy knew, and how we worked off each other, since the people she normally gets have no clue and basically just want to exercise their dogs by letting them chase the sheep She wasn't even going to charge me for the lesson because she said she felt like she didn't get through to Gypsy enough, but I insisted. She gave me a DVD to watch called "Starting your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep, and Ducks", which I really look forward to seeing. This trainer lives 2 hours away, so she gave me the name of another one who is only 30 minutes away, and said she wouldn't be offended if I went to her. I think I will probably try a lesson or 2 with the closer trainer, but if I don't get the same feeling from her as the one I had last night, I think the 2 hour drive is more than worth it! I didn't ask about working with the sheep without my dog in case I don't go back there soon, but we'll see what this second trainer is like. I'm used to working with horses and cattle (dairy), so I'm familiar with herd animals and flight zones, but I know I still have a ton to learn. I just can't wait to do it again
  6. Well, I finally got up the nerve to contact someone for herding lessons for Gypsy and I. Our first lesson is tomorrow! The only stock Gypsy has ever seen was an ornery old nanny goat at the barn I used to board at, and she was definitely interested, but intimidated by her. Obviously we're just doing this as a hobby, but I'm excited to see what kind of potential she has. Flyball didn't cut it for her - she had no problem at all learning the steps and putting it all together, but would only run because I asked her and not because she was having fun. I think this will be something she can actually enjoy doing, that we can learn together. So, all those pros out there... What words of wisdom do you have for two newbies like me and Gyp?
  7. Thanks again for all the comments! He's feeling 110% better than when I first got him! His poops are actually solid now, and he's eating dry food and asking for more. Korby loves him and Gypsy ignores him for the most part, but runs around with him when they really get going in the yard. On Tuesday I went to the pound and officially adopted him! I'm in looooove with his personality, he's obviously had some training but his manners need a bit of work, but with his brains and willingness it'll be a piece of cake. Whoever didn't want him sure missed out on an awesome dog! I just posted some new pictures of him in the Border Collie Gallery, so anyone who wants to see more pictures of him feel free to check it out! http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=28596
  8. He's doing a lot better now! Last night he had his first semi-solid poop, since he hadn't eaten anything in a week. Now that he's here his appetite has picked up and he's eating chicken, boiled ground beef, noodles, and some wet dog food. I'm going to start mixing it with dry food soon, but he was taking so many pills that I needed something appetizing to hide them in. I gave him a bath yesterday, which he was very good for. And today I let him in the front yard to play with Gypsy and Korby - he tried bugging Gypsy but she put him in his place right away. Korby and him had a blast rolling around and wrestling - they're definitely going to be buddies! I'm still keeping him in the bathroom at night, even though he hasn't had any accidents (other than the first day) I'd rather be safe than sorry OH! And I talked to the adoption coordinator! I just have to go to the pound and sign the paperwork and he's officially part of our family!! I promised some more pictures, so here's a few I snapped on his first night home. He got his bandana from the clinic. None of these show just how skinny he is.. He has a ton of fur that hides his hipbones and ribs Peering into the neighbour's yard after he heard them moving around Blurry, but it shows how pointy he is And finally, enjoying his chicken & noodles!
  9. Thanks for all the good thoughts - I think they've helped, since he seems much better than when he was at the clinic. I brought him home a few hours ago, and decided to call him Trevor instead of Leo. I always like re-naming my pets when I adopt them, since I think they should get a completely fresh start. And he wasn't really a "Leo" anyways.. Trevor just kind of fits him! He's alert and begging for chicken, although he is still turning his nose up at the kibble I've offered him.. Definitely a smart dog He seems to be fully housetrained. I put him in the tub when I got home and went back to the car to bring in his meds.. He had diarrhea all over the bathroom by the time I got in. But I set up a rope in the back yard so he will be separate from Korby and Gypsy (they're vaccinated against Parvo, but I'd rather not have them come into contact with his diarrhea). And I've let him out about every hour since then, and he has been going outside consistently. I think he's either a purebred BC or part cattle dog, his records at the clinic have him listed as a mini American Eskimo mix, but there's no way he is. I'll take some pictures and post them later.
  10. Thanks, both of you. I was thinking of chicken/rice but I'll get some pasta and ground beef too. Gypsy and Korby will be happy with some ground beef flavoured water over their dinner tonight! I keep telling myself not to get my hopes up too high because he is still a very sick pup, but I'm definitely falling for him. *sigh*
  11. This weekend I'm looking after a dog that has been sick with Parvo for the past week. He has just recently started eating again, and still has a bit of diarrhea. He isn't interested in dog food, but will take chicken & bread (from the lunches of the vet clinic staff). What would be the best thing to feed him that might also help settle his stomach?
  12. Everyone, meet Leo. He's a 13 month old male border mix(?) that was picked up by Animal Services. They're having issues with Parvo at the pound right now, and Leo unfortunately contracted it. He's been at the vet clinic where my sister works for the past week getting treated with antibiotics and on IV fluids. He hasn't been eating and has lost so much weight that you can feel almost every bone in his body. His records are on file at the pound, and he was born April 10, 2009. His owners had him neutered, fully vaccinated, on heartworm prevention.. everything, but gave him away May 5 of this year. He was picked up on the 12th, and when his owners were contacted, they told Animal Services that "he wasn't their problem" I had been thinking about getting another dog for a while, and was looking for a cattle dog, but I went to meet Leo at the clinic when my sister told me about him. From the couple of times I met him, I just felt there was something about him. Gypsy is my Heart Dog, and he looks and acts SO much like her it kind of creeped me out a little! Instead of staying at the clinic over the weekend and costing both the pound and the clinic more, I told my sister I would take him over the long weekend. He still had diarrhea and is pretty week, so he'll probably live in my bathtub for the weekend, but I think he'll be happier than staying at the clinic alone. I'm going to get a bunch of blankets from a thrift store to make him more comfortable, and then pick him up later today. I tried emailing the adoption coordinator at the pound, but she is out of the office until Tuesday. I guess I'll have to wait till then to talk to someone, but I'll update as soon as I hear anything
  13. To be honest, the idea of doing freestyle doesn't really interest me too much. I'm sure she could do it, but I don't know if she would enjoy it. And if there was a crowd of people around her, she would be too interested/intimidated by them to concentrate.. So we'll just stick to the backyard The song is Why Don't We Just Dance by Josh Turner. And Diane, yes, she does hold things in her mouth without eating them. That was interesting to teach, since she learned how to sneakily swallow them before I could correct her, and I couldn't tell if they were still in her mouth or not!
  14. Thanks for all the comments It certainly is nice having a brilliant dog like Gyp, but I get so frustrated when I'm working with hubby's little mutt, she's just so dumb! Gypsy, on the other hand, I can talk to like a person, and she will understand everything I say. Tricks are learned within minutes. Just a couple weeks ago, I was on crutches with a bruised pelvis and we had a huge blizzard with a good foot of snow, and the paper guy just stuck the newspaper in our chainlink fence. Never having done it before, I just told Gypsy to "go get it". She looked around the yard, spotted the paper, trotted over to the fence, jumped up and grabbed the paper and brought it back to me. She's definitely a special girl and I'm SO lucky to have her
  15. Last year I tried making a video of Gypsy's tricks, but Windows Movie Maker was messed up on my parents' computer and it wouldn't save as a video file. So I finally got around to transferring the clips onto my computer, and finished the video yesterday! Comments and new ideas for tricks welcomed
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