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After 8 years, he's coming home

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There are two dogs which over the years, I've kicked my a$$ for letting go. One of them was Sligo, Pete's son. It's not that he had a bad life when he left me. There was just something about him, but I needed the money and sold him as a goosedog for a huge apartment complex. The look in his eyes as I left him there that day a long time ago, I will never forget. Sligo had a good life, but he is now 10 yrs. old with some old age infirmities. The manager of the ap't. complex called the person who actually sold them Sli and said that they feel he should be retired. She called me earlier in the week and when I found out the news, that they were offering him back to me, there was no doubt in my mind that he'd be coming home with me. But after 8 yrs., what would I find. I asked if they could keep him until I get back from my daughter's wedding in NY in a couple of weeks, but if I could see him once before I finally take him. They said sure. That day was today. While polite, Sligo was aloof. And we went for a ride. He reminded me a lot of the old man, Pete. I think we'll get past the aloofness. I can't wait!


Oh, and I named him Sligo because his breeder was Irish, because as a little pup, he'd howl to "too ra loo ra loo ra", and when he was 4 or 5 months old, I had to take him to the animal ER because exactly on St. Patrick's day, he dumped half a gallon of green paint all over himself.







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Sligo is packing a few extra pounds right now. Although he is not fat, those few extra pounds could make a difference in how he feels. They told me he also has a heart murmur. I'll be getting him thoroughly checked out and change his diet (they've been feeding him SD). Flick is a full sister to him and she just turned 12, but acts like a much younger dog. We'll never get those years back, but my prayers have been answered in that I'm getting him back at all.

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