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  1. My Callie...who I think is a ACD/BC mix..was about 12 lbs at 10 weeks too. She is now 5 months old and weighs 27 pounds! The funny thing is...she isn't very tall. She has been growing mostly longer and wider, but she is still pretty short. I can't wait for her height to catch up with her length cuz she looks funny with her tiny head and long wide barrel body. Your baby is just so adorable!!! She has alot of black ticking just like my Callie. Janet
  2. Thanks..I actually have done that. The other day she was playing with a small teacup Yorkie that had a balance problem...every time that dog went down on her back she had trouble getting back up. The owner said it was ok for her to play and that it was a neurological problem the dog had...poor thing...stupid pet stores..another topic altogether...lol.. anyway, I was nervous letting my pup wrestle with her because she kept standing over this little dog and the dog couldn't really get up ...so I separated her from the dog, but the other dog (slowly) got up and kept hopping around us trying to g
  3. Thanks Kristine...thinking about what you said, I think she definately feels more secure on all fours...something I hadn't thought about as a possible connection until reading your post.. even as a tiny puppy, she never really liked to be picked up "baby style" and cuddled by me or anyone else. She loves to be petted and snuggled with, but not cradled in my arms. When I try to cuddle with her cradled in my arms on the couch, she has always squirmed away, especially if she is on her back. Yet, she does not mind if I pick her up and carry her upright against my shoulder. I noticed that when sh
  4. Hi...my sweet adorable little Callie is almost 5 months old. There is a new dog park that opened nearby that I have been bringing her to for the past few weeks now. They have a section where the larger dogs play, and she was very uncomfortable there the couple of times I let her in that area.....walks around with her tail down and acts a little nervous when approached, though she does allow the dogs to sniff her and she never raises her hackles or growls or barks at them...she just looks scared. In obedience class and at the ON LEASH park we also go to, she rarely acts scared with other dogs,
  5. I made meatloaf tonight and potatos and broccoli...for us. The dogs had Canidae kibble...with a little of the meatloaf on top. They appreciated my cooking far more than my kids did, who whined throughout the whole meal. Janet
  6. My puppy like carrots, and since I started giving them to her, my other dog Buster steals them and eats them. I also put a little pumpkin in their food sometimes when they are having "looser than I like to clean up" stools...lol...and they like that. Both of my dogs also like potatoes. My puppy will eat any and everything...edible or not...lol Janet
  7. I'm sorry your baby is sick...I don't know about either illness. I was just wondering what the heck is wrong with your vet? 10 days you have been trying to get someone to call, even if for no other reason than to ease your mind..and no one calls back? My vet calls me back within minutes whenever I have had to call there. Is there another vet you could use? Your dog is sick and you have questions...the Vet should be answering your concerns. Period. I am so sorry you are having a tough time getting answers. That is so unfair. Hope your baby feels better soon..and that you are able to find a v
  8. My puppy, who is 4 months old..sits like that...I call it her "sloppy sit". I asked her trainer in puppy class about it because I wanted to work on correcting it with her, and she told me not to worry about that right now, as long as she "sits" on command. I wasn't too thrilled with that advice and have been correcting her because it's harder for her to do a "high five" with me or "give paw" when her weight is shifted to one side. She get's no reward for that sloppy sit...but when she shifts her position and sits up nice and tall, I reward her. Lately she has been correcting herself with no pr
  9. Gary...I'm so sorry for what you are going through with her...I sure hope she is ok and that it is nothing too serious or difficult to correct. I keep checking back here for updates..and keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. Janet
  10. I am so happy you have your baby home safe and sound!!!! Janet
  11. You have been giving her kindness, affection, love...these are things she needed most of all. How lucky she is to have you spending time with her and genuinely caring for her. Glad to hear she is making some improvements! Hope she has a quick recovery from the spay. Janet
  12. I think he is just the cutest ball of fluff!!! Janet
  13. I am really so sorry to hear this. Keeping you all in my thoughts. Janet
  14. He's so gorgeous! How exciting that you are reconnecting with him! Would love to hear some updates when you get him home! Janet
  15. Glad she is feeling better! Please keep us posted! Janet
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