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New Border Collie Puppy!

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Gas spent driving around to animal shelters: $20

Collar, food and toys: $60

Adoption fee: $200

Finally getting my own BC puppy after years of begging my parents: Priceless!


Hey everyone, I'm a proud new Border Collie owner and new to this site! My puppy's name is Gypsy and she's a 3 month old tricolour smooth female. I've never owner a BC before, but I've lived with dogs all my life and have always admired everthing about Borders--from some of the posts I've read I definitely don't have to go on about their beauty, intelligence, loyalty, etc


I got Gypsy from an animal rescue shelter where she had been turned in with 8 other littermates. Her mom was a purebred border collie and her dad could have been anything, but by her looks and the way she acts and carries herself, there's no doubt in my mind he was a border too!


Anyways, here's some pictures of my little girl and her big brother Milford (my sister's rottie X elkhound).


~Lisa & Gypsy :rolleyes:






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Originally posted by Lindzey:

Oh my gosh! Isn't Gypsy just the cute one!


I aDORE that last picture! He looks like he knows exactly what he is doing! :rolleyes:


Congratulations, he looks like a very healthy puppy!


Oh, and welcome to the boards.


Thanks, but "he" is a she!
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Originally posted by fooshuman:

Welcome aboard! Gypsy is one fine lil lass! Enjoy the puppyhood while you can it flys by to quickly!

I know what you mean! I've had her for one month and 2 days now, and she's already more then doubled in weight and grown several inches! She used to be able to run under the coffee table in our living room with room to spare, now whenever she forgets to duck she cracks her head on it with a sound that makes me cringe, but she doesn't even seem to notice! :rolleyes:


Also, from the pictures I first took of her when she first came home, I can see such a difference in her body shape and her face... She's much less "puppyish" if that makes any sense!


Ah well, I'll just have to keep on taking thousands of pictures and videos to look back on when she's all grown up! :D

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