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  1. I would love to thank (and reply to) each and every one of you that has taken their time to post on this thread... but there are SOOO many, I'll have to limit it to a few key points. I really, totally appreciate everyone putting up their opinions, and doing so kindly. I am currently 16 (17 in over a month), and I understand that there are MANY things I need to learn. I always go with my mom to the vets office, with the exception of the last checkup. She was out of town for a workshop, and I should have waited one more day for the appointment - or at least called her and discussed this with
  2. First off, I would like to note that both myself (at almost age 17) and my family knows owning a pet (no matter the size) can be - and is - expensive. We understand that taking in a dog means lots of things, and being able to uphold our responsibility as dog owners means we need to take into account the financial burdens that comes along with it. Now to continue, we took Just About in this morning (look at thread titled "Demodex mange?") and have now picked him up. The bill is $468.02. For our family, this is a large amount of money... please do not think us snooty for not wanting to pay t
  3. Took Just About to the vet's this morning, two hours ago. (This is his first trip in awhile, he did amazingly well. Yay!) The vet did some skin scraping, and the test came back negative for demodex. He looked further and noticed (and told me) that it looked like blood vessels had gotten into Just About's cornea - left eye - and he would need to futher investigate. The vet said that it might be "pemphigus" (I will do a forum search to see if anyone else has experienced this...) and he would have to put Just About under anesthesia today to look into his eye and figure out what's going on.
  4. The past week, my 3 y/o BC (Just About) has started losing some hair around his left eye. It was immediate, as we saw no previous scratching or irritation. The hair loss was sudden... in the morning it was fine, and by afternoon, he looked like a raccoon!! It is now gradually spreading to his right eye. He is a healthy dog, and has never had any skin irritations before. I did some research and the only thing I came up with is Demodex Mange... has anyone experienced this? If so, what are treatment/prevention options and what is the approximate cost for treatment? We'll schedule an a
  5. Thank you for your warm wishes. I hope more will reply and help me in this. I just got home after mom picked me up from a band rehersal. I had called her at work and she got off at lunch to go check. She informed me that Just About was still showing the same signs of pain. Right before picking me up, mom had gone to the Vet's to schedule an appointment. The vet was in surgery all day and we have successfully scheduled an appointment for Wednesday afternoon. We got home, I ran straight to the backyard, and I called for him. Guess how came bounding up? Just About! He was still limpi
  6. I only have a brief moment to type as I am currently at school (I am a HS student for those who do not know of me). About 5 minutes prior to leaving for school this morning, I checked on my dogs before I left and went to feed/water. I called to Just About (about two-years old, slightly overweight) and he was laying on his side, head up, near the gate. He struggled to sit/stand, and I put him back in the "down" position. I hurridly went to feed my other dog (Almost, just over a year old). I felt on Just About's back end, hips, and spine. I moved joints and extended his leg. He made no i
  7. Speechless... I understand that there *is* an overpopulation, but why not just quarentine the animals who have just arrived within a week? Though I disagree with it in the full, I see the side of it. There aren't 1000 rooms to quarentine 1000 different animals that don't have signs/symptoms yet. All the diseases are treatable (though unlikely for full recovery), so that's my main reason for saying that the animals that have been there under a week should not be "killed off". Sh*t happens, I know... I just wish there was another way. I mean, what else can you do? ~Lindzey
  8. Going to log in now! Thanks for the add... Never heard of it! ~Lindzey
  9. Wow. You've no idea how jealous I am! How much do you do pictures for? I would definatly be willing to pay for a few pictures of my BC's. Wow... simply INCREDIBLE!! Definate applause for you. I have such an admiration for artists... I can play my clarinet, but that's about as "artsy" as I get. Well done! ~Lindzey
  10. I'll use my profile as an example... See where it's circled (sorry, that came out rude!)? That's where it'll be. If somebody views your profile, that's where it should be. Hope this helps, ~Lindzey EDIT: Looks like you both beat me to it anyway.
  11. I don't mean to start an arguement... I think I phrased what I was trying to say wrong. What I meant was that "Google.com" was on, not that somebody was checking out others' profiles. I don't mind that others see my birthdate and where I live (simply because I choose to not show those things online, and when I do, I am very vague) I was just confused as to why Google was on this forum. I myself just figured out the "Last Visitor" thing about an hour or so ago. I think it's a very neat little concept. Please understand in no way am I trying to be rude or disrespectful. My main concern
  12. Anda, I think you may have misunderstood me. Did you click on the attachment? It isn't like "Lindzey is looking at Google.com"... it's "Google.Com is looking at blahblah's Profile". I just think it's a bit odd, and "Google.com" isn't a registered user because the name was unclickable, just like "guest" is unclickable... and when logged in as "guest" it is impossible to change that name until either A)One registers or B)One logs in. I'm not really scared per se, I just thought it was odd. ~Lindzey
  13. If you look at the bottom of the main forum page, you'll see everyone that is online. If you click the "Last Click" link, you'll then be pulled to a page which shows not only who is online, but also what they are doing (ie - Registering, viewing profile, viewing a thread, etc.). I think it's a great idea, but does anyone else see that "Google.Com" is viewing member's profiles??? You can view what I see if you'll click on the attached thumbnail... Is this just a mess up or is Google.com always on because it's the forums default search engine? UPDATE: Now I'm really curious, because "Goo
  14. I'll applaud all the hard work that went into this! I'm on the vote of keeping the "Seeing who is on" thing... And speaking of 1984, did anyone enjoy that book? I had to read it last semester and LOVED it! Back to the topic... I'm pretty savvy with HTML and the like, as in figuring things out and how to do certain things for boards/internet/websites. Not trying to push you out of the way, Eileen, in the least bit. Just making sure you know that I'm here in case somebody needs assistance. Before asking questions, I would go check out the "My Controls". Most of the issues listed here
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