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My Kit is 16

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My sweet Kit dog turned 16 in December and I threw her a very small "Sweet 16" birthday party.


I am not the kind of person who normally throws birthday parties for dogs. In fact, this is the first time ever, and I only invited three people. But I wanted to commemorate it in some way, shared with other people, even if having a party for a dog is silly.


It has always been hard to get good photos of Kit. She doesn't like having a camera pointed at her. So, while all of the people were trying to get a picture of Kit with her cake, Boo quietly ate an entire plate of hor d'ourves.

Fortunately, everything was designed to be eaten by dogs and people alike, including the cake, so it didn't matter, and we all laughed.


We couldn't get a decent photo of her, so I brought out what was left of the cake after everyone had gone and tried again. Below is the best one I could get, and in my concentrating on trying to get Kit to look happy while a camera is pointed at her, I managed to put the "six" candle on backwards and never noticed until I looked at the photos later! :lol:


Anyway, what matters is that Kit is going strong at 16, still loves her tug play and is as loving and lovable as ever. She is doing great this winter, and I now suspect that her lethargy last summer was due to the extreme heat we had. Next summer I will turn the air conditioner down lower for her. :-)



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Thanks so much for all the good wishes. :-)

Kit is indeed a sweetheart, one of the most loving and kind dogs I have ever known.

She has a way of making everyone who meets her fall in love with her instantly.

(which is how she came to me)


And yes, her ears have always gone their own way, so to speak. She can put them up very straight when she is concentrating, but most of the time they are a bit off. Part of her charm.


Laura V....glad to know I am not the only one wacky enough to have a sweet 16 party for a dog. :-)

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