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  1. A good friend of mine has begun the process of adopting, but doesn't care for the dog's current name. Would changing his name be ok at 3 years old? If so any helpful tips would be appreciated. (This is not a BC. He appears to be a Toy Fox Terrier).
  2. The way she lays in my lap with her eyes aglow in anticipation when I pick up a bag of treats. The way she coaxes other dogs at the park to chase her, then runs so hard away from them and zig zags at full speed. The way she slowly crawls up and gently licks my face when it's past dinner time and I haven't fed her yet.
  3. Great point. My Mancer does this as well. When my friends come over for Sunday football she goes bonkers, loving on them, playing with them, etc. Agree that you are probably over worried about this, as I was temporarily as well. I think any good dog owner who loves and cares about their dog always over worries about things at some point.
  4. I think I may have miscommunicated. Mancer is very much like Ben, now that she is fully grown. But as a puppy, she was a little hellion. . She was very headstrong... frequently barked back at me when I corrected her. Every night had a case of what folks in these parts call "the zoomies" (i called it berserk mode) - where she ran around the room uncontrollably, biting at whatever she came into contact with. I chose a border collie because they are known to be so intelligent, thinking that meant it would be easy to raise one, but quickly learned that just the opposite was the case. That was my
  5. I generally agree with the above but with some caution. It's very possible there's nothing wrong, but I would definitely discuss with your vet regarding DNA and any other testing that might be appropriate since there are some lesser common diseases for which low appetite is a symptom.
  6. My biggest concern here is that it sounds as though your pup is becoming more your boyfriend's dog and less your dog. I would not allow this if I were you. I suppose if you are planning to marry your boyfriend, and are reasonably confident this will happen it might be less of a concern, but personally I would still want to make sure he is YOUR dog. I think you should kindly ask your boyfriend to stop being so heavy handed and let you be the boss. I'm not a professional trainer by any means, but I've trained a few pups and have never made it a practice to take food away from them, and I've
  7. Agree with this 100%. Especially if raising from a pup. I have been part of raising a few puppies, but had no idea what I was getting myself into when I brought home my BC puppy. I'm a dog person to the max, so all has turned out well, but I will be careful as to who I might recommend a BC puppy to.
  8. Omg that's hilarious! I take it he's conquered his fear of the piggy?
  9. Mancer loves the wishbone shaped Benebones with various flavoring infused into them. She also has a couple of the "dental dog chew toy" also made by benebone (and also flavor infused), which supposedly help keep teeth clean and seem to take a bit longer to chew through. Be careful with the jerky treats, especially if they're made in China, as many of them are. I remember a year or two ago several of them were recalled for "making dogs sick".
  10. Another quick thought, if you want her to lay in your lap and be affectionate, try coaxing her to sit in your lap with treats. I've always given Mancer her treats this way, and she lays in my lap (as I watch TV in the recliner) every night now. This will also likely make her more receptive to petting. (Over time of course)
  11. Dogs have personalities just like people. This seems to be especially true of border collies. Certainly you need to establish yourself as boss(in the proper way), but you also need to be observant and learn what your pup likes and doesn't like. When my pup was about that age, I learned that if I gently rubbed underneath her chest with one finger while holding her, she would stop resisting and let me hold her for 10 minutes or so. Yiu should try different things and learn what she responds to. You can pretty much expect her to be all teeth for a while. I recommend the nylabone key ring for her
  12. Forgot to mention that as an alternative to the crate, I frequently used an x-pen when my girl was a young pup. A bit larger and more open than the crate, and was a nice option when I wanted to relax and watch TV for a spell.
  13. I'm sure the experts here will respond with their usual great advice, but I'll go ahead and chime in with some quick feedback. First, it's certainly normal at this age for her to be easily frightened, she is equivalent to a baby. My Mancer was scared out of her wits by a flock of geese overhead or neighborhood dogs barking in the distance at that age, but by 1 year old she was barking back at things she had previously been scared of. I'd be careful about taking her out to pee every day at 3AM as that could become habit forming. My pup always woke me up when she needed to go. Sometimes she slep
  14. https://tincanada24h.com/rescuers-rush-save-dog-curled-freezing-snow-two-days-find-hes-protecting-something/?fbclid=IwAR1bzii3kfuqZUXSOHnHr7Yyn2Msdl0FnwljFbNsdEo5BmEdwqKPZ9OddDk
  15. It really does seem like most things are a slow and gradual process with border collies though, as the experienced folks here have told me. So be patient and know that changes won't happen overnight, but one day you'll suddenly realize that things have gotten better, as long as you are consistent and persistent in your behavior and responses.
  16. When my girl was that age I was at wits end thinking we weren't going to make it. But over time she settled into her environment and at 2 yrs she is a sweetheart now. Sure she still has her high energy moments, but nothing near how she was at 4-6 months. You have a ways to go yet, and each dog is different, but time is your friend. I gave her lots of love, which she frequently resisted. So I gave her treats when she was most affectionate and laying calmly in my lap. It took some time but she has gradually gotten to the point where she lays in my lap every night. And all I have to do is pick up
  17. My Mancer has gotten to the point where she just goes into the crate by herself when she knows I'm unhappy with her. It really doesn't seem.like punishment as she isn't all that bothered by being there. Which seems like I am going about things correctly, though I do admit that I still allow myself to get angry now and then which I know is incorrect. But it's become very rare these days that she needs a time out, so all in all I guess I've done things more correctly than incorrectly. (She'll be 2 in 2 weeks).
  18. So sorry D'Elle. There are simply no words for times like this, but try to find solace and peace in knowing how lucky you both were to have had each other.
  19. I bought a web camera to keep an eye on my BC on days when she needs to be left alone for 8-9 hours. (My mother is usually home during the day so it doesn't happen often). I discovered that whether I put her in the crate or leave her confined to one or two rooms, she doesn't have much interest in playing with her toys. She just sleeps the majority of the time. And as soon as I get home she grabs a toy and brings it to me, full of energy, ready to play.
  20. That face is just too doggone cute! Glad to hear things are going so well.
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