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  1. When their eyes are that bright blue, they won't change.
  2. I brush my three dogs teeth daily. Two are fed kibble, one is fed raw, but doesn't matter. All three get done. They go outside for the last time at night, and run straight to the bathroom to get their teeth brushed. Start early, and keep going. Toothpaste doesn't matter according to my dog's dentist. Also, you can start by using gauze pads and work your way up to a toothbrush. Hope that helps!
  3. I'm currently competing with my BCxbeagle in CPE agility. He's doing pretty well and we are almost completely in level 5. My youngest BC was herding for a bit, but the fields have been too wet for us to continue lessons for now. He is going through some skin related health problems, so currently only doing agility ring rentals. He is scared of the dog walk and teeter, so I let him just do tunnels and jumps for now. We may start nose work as well. Laura
  4. Unfortunately, it's the gross veterinary prescription diet.
  5. Has anyone had a dog with food allergies before? My Veterinary dermatologist thinks that's why my young boy constantly tries biting his feet and legs. We are currently doing the elimination diet with the only food he is currently eating being kangaroo and oat. We are at week 3 and I'm hoping this is the answer. If it is, I discussed with the vet doing a homemade diet after the trial is complete.
  6. Proin is awesome. We used it for my old guy who had incontinence.
  7. Great video! I seriously looked like an idiot and my trainer was super nice about it. I know when I'm teaching someone something in my mind I'm freaking out like what the heck are you doing? But she was so nice and made me feel comfortable even though I looked like a dummy.
  8. Coming from doing agility for years with my bcxbeagle, herding is such a different ball game. The way you give corrections is a hell of a lot different. The way you move is completely different, so it was super tough. My husband video taped me so I can learn from my mistakes.
  9. We recently started taking lessons to build confidence in my rescue, and boy does he love it! It's such a good feeling watching him do what he was bred to do. He is naturally ambidextrous which is really helpful. I got into the pen for the first time and it isn't easy as it looks. My trainer makes it look like a beautiful fluid dance. I look like I'm trying to juggle while balancing books on my head! I'm very excited to keep it up with him, and maybe eventually, with a lot of lessons and hard work, we can try and trial!
  10. My golden used to do this. Every once in awhile, she would pee as she slept. It started when she was 3 or 4. She ended up just growing out of it. Keep watch on her water intake and if you take her out 4 times a day, bump it up to 5 even if she doesn't have to go.
  11. Gotta love those kibble manufacturers...
  12. I'll look into that! Like I said, I moved to a different suburb, second largest city in the state, so there is probably more opportunity. My biggest fear is not knowing what foods to put together to make sure they are getting all their needs met. I know there is probably lots of information out there.
  13. He is definitely my most anxious dog. He is very sensitive as well. If what my vet suggests doesn't work, a dermatologist is the next step. We did use very strong allergy medication with no avail. Literally did nothing. He does have other OCD tendencies which makes this more likely also OCD. It is just so sad to watch him struggle to just lay still.
  14. Not much is a good price in the Chicagoland area where living expenses are through the roof. Local butchers even sell scraps for a premium. I have looked into it, and price wise it wasn't an option at the time. I moved recently to another city, so I'll have to ask around and see what's available.
  15. Prednisone is also another option the vet talked about, but she never likes using it unless completely necessary. I think we're at the point where we need to give it a shot.
  16. That's what I was thinking to do next. See a dermatologist. However, this definitely looks like OCD. He was treated with the strongest anti-itch medication possible. Even if there was an underlying condition, he wouldn't be doing this. It's pretty bad. If I tell him not to lick his paws, sometimes he will lick the floor or even the air. It's so sad to watch. He is only a year and a half. Such a great dog, and he's going through this.
  17. That is probably the next step. His personality is taking a huge hit. When he has something to do, he is his happy go lucky self. When he doesn't, he is depressed and focused on chewing himself raw. I'm calling the vet tomorrow to see if Prozac is still an option for him. We all hate seeing our furry family members suffer. He has had such a rough start at life. I just want him happy.
  18. Mine are on ACANA, and lentils aren't mentioned until the 7th ingredient. I spoke to my vet, and they said at this time, there is no point to change food. Store bought food always has some negative news. Guess we all have to get a loan and make their food at home haha!
  19. Well it's been awhile since I've been on here (super busy). My bc Scotty is miserable. He was diagnosed with allergies about a month ago. Was given apoquel, didn't work. Got the cytopoint injection, nothing. Then the vet did a skin scrape, and he had a bacterial infection. Treated for that. Still itching. After speaking with the vet, we both agreed it has turned into OCD. He is currently on amitriptyline, and we haven't seen any improvement at this point. He has been on it over a week. We have a shed defender on him and his paws are wrapped in medical wrap. We tried a cone, and it just doesn't work for him. He is a very sensitive dog. We are at a complete loss. He is so miserable and constantly biting his legs and feet if they aren't covered. He gets an intense stare when he looks at his paws, and I can't break him from it. When we have him busy i.e. walks, herding, playing, agility, etc, he is ok. When he isn't doing something, he goes at it. Realistically, we can't keep him occupied 24/7. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, what finally helped?
  20. I was at a store today and the baggers were talking about dog food. My bagger told the other one that he only feeds BB because he wants his dog to have the best while the other bagger only fed his dog human food because he wants his dog active and lean. They got quite the education...
  21. I'm aware on how much and which kinds of peanut butter to use. Spoke to the vet years ago about that for another dog. Thanks for the other ideas on what to stuff in the Kong! I'll be sure to try some of those. Thanks for the well wishes. Poor guy has a rough road ahead, especially if he doesn't calm down.
  22. I'm fostering a 12 year old crazy border collie sheltie mix, and he will be undergoing heartworm treatment at the end of the month. He's pretty hyper and needs to be calm during treatment. I know he will need to be created because he loves to run and chase my dogs. So, besides stuffing a kong with peanut butter, what options do I have? Also, we cover his crate with a sheet to keep him from going bonkers. Thanks!
  23. I know a ton of people, including myself, who have border Collies and Goldens. Never seen a problem or have heard of one myself, but regardless, all dogs are different.
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