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My new boy.

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Thank you, he is a super pup. He is my first baby puppy and I am having loads of fun with him. He is a little sponge just soaking up new experiences. At the moment I would describe him as brave but not reckless, he has a think before diving in, but nothing phases him. Our other dog would prefer it if we returned him , having been an only dog for 4 years and the center of my attention he is not happy with the new arrangements.

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Our other dog would prefer it if we returned him....


I find that reaction from resident dog(s) to be totally hilarious. And that's the best way to describe it. I'm convinced that's exactly what they're thinking. -_-


But I'll wager the two of them will become fast friends, and in pretty short order too. B)


Enjoy that puppy time. It goes by way too quickly.

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My stars, he is adorable! What a darling wee thing! Please feel free to continue torturing delighting us with more puppy pics! :wub:

^This^ Gloria says it all.

I never get puppies. Of course when you start reporting how's eating your shoes and peeing on rugs, then I get to do the evil grin thing...which is why I never get puppies.

But do enjoy drooling over everyone else's.

Fenway is adorable.

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