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  1. I know this was a long time ago but was re-reading. I did do the trade thing.....worked!!! Oh, no bone, not now, not ever! She snapped at me when I gave her something and went to take the bone. Gracie is now 3 years old and I have to tell you all, your advice is so valuable that without it Gracie might be someone else's dog. I can take anything I want from her now just as easy as giving it to her. Gracie is the best dog I have ever ever had. I feel very blessed to have her.
  2. Congratulations on the baby!! A dog who is nervous and sheepish would be the first kind of dog to snap at another dog. I believe you are correct about being protective over the baby, I also believe that the older our dogs get the more aches and pains they themselves have and it might be that your dog is telling them that they are in pain and do not feel like playing or whatever happens to be on the other dogs mind, It stands to reason that if your dog is being harassed by another dog, your dog will defend itself, a lawsuit could be in your future if you can't get that under control people are suing happy these days, I could be wrong but you know what they say..." an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." FYI our BC's are never too old to learn new things, be it straight out of the womb or on death's door, (somewhat exaggerated lol). I would hate to see you have to muzzle your precious pooch, I've had mine muzzled at the Vets office because she isn't fond of the needle that is rammed into her hind end, I have to tell you that I hated every second of it. Here is the advice part......I am not a vet but I think she is maybe in a bit of pain and just doesn't want to play, be sniffed, or any other form of doggie stuff, maybe have her seen. Good luck with your dog and let me know. There are a lot more people on the board more qualified than myself to answer your question. I've had my BC for 3 years and she was (is) my first, still learning a great deal myself.
  3. Does anyone else walk your dog? The tail between the legs is a sure sign of being frightened ( not the only reason that happens of course ) Have you taken your dog to the Vet to see if it is painful to walk? Do you walk the same route?
  4. I promise this too shall pass. I was at my wit's end with Gracie, even thought of giving her away ( A LOT!!!!! ) everyone said that around a year and a half she would be like a new dog, these people knew what they were talking about, it was like magic! I kid you not. I struggled like you for a way to make this dog understand that she was abnormal and needed sedatives, either she needed them or I did. Gracie was like no other dog I have ever owned! These dogs get bored because they are so intelligent, they can predict things, they can figure out problems, their minds wander and their energy level is like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. Be patient and just know that one day ( that day is coming I promise ) this dog that is driving you insane will turn out to be your best friend. This dog loves you, remember that, it's looking for you to understand. I love my Gracie and I wish I had it to do all over again. Look in this dogs eyes, you will see it just wants YOU. On the good side, tricks come easy for these animals, Gracie knows every trick in the book. OH, don't forget that BC are creatures of habit if a walk is at 3 and 3 comes and goes with no walk, all I can say is....don't let 3 go without taking the dog for a walk. LOL. Lighten up darlin.
  5. I have a chihuahua that was 7 when I brought my hyped up border collie puppy in the house, my chihuahua hated her ( Bella, all of 4 pounds ) Gracie wanted to play ( now, 58 pounds of still wants to play but not with Bella anymore ). Gracie has learned to respect Bella because she is the Queen of cool. Gracie is allowed to smell her butt but it ends there. They will be fine I'm sure as long as there isn't an all-out battle, even then it could work out.
  6. You described Gracie when you were talking about Faith. I laughed until I cried, your funny.
  7. Hello, one and all. Gracie is getting to be 3 years old ( Dec 12, 2015 ). I haven't let her have puppies as of yet, I want to do that this year I believe. Gracie has had her regular shots, wormed, etc.. As she is reaching 3 years old are there any more preventive health care procedures she should get at this stage of the game?
  8. Update on Gracie and her mysterious hatred toward a certain someone. This fellow will not be returning to our home, not now, not ever. Turns out that she did, in fact, know something we did not and for all intense purposes she ( Gracie ) should win medals for knowing what a real piece of work this guy turned out to be. It was no secret I didn't like him either. At first, I thought Gracie didn't like him because I didn't like him, maybe a little of that could have rubbed off on her but she likes other people I'm not so fond of. No, she didn't like him for a far better reason than what I didn't like him for. I would love to go into detail about the scum bag but, I can't. Just know that I took your advise seriously like I always do. I wouldn't ask for your advise if I wasn't prepared to follow it. This site is a much-needed helpline to anyone who has questions about their Border Collies. Gracie and I appreciate you all so very much.
  9. I'm back again. Gracie is a great dog, in every way shape and form. Couldn't ask for a better dog. I also have you wonderful people on this board to thank for helping me with her every step of the way! Now the problem....Gracie has it in for one person that comes to my home. She doesn't like him in any way. She snarled at him, growled at him, lunged at him, he went to shake hands with a client that's when she bit him. She has never acted like this before with any other human being and I mean no one ever!! Why? Doe's she know something I don't? Can't say it's the beard, she knows and loves many men with hair on their face, it isn't because he is loud, hell, I'm loud. I can't figure this one out. He addresses her, he is nice to her, he doesn't get in her space, but she hates him, watches every move he makes with her head down, I feel like she wants to bite him every minute. It's just this guy, no one else.
  10. I can't thank you all enough, you have eased my mind. I know Gracie wasn't just being bad, she is with Turner and me all the time and no one else. Talksalot; Gracie is usually just minding her own business, I don't think she is an aggressor all the time but I have seen her go after other dogs when they came out of nowhere. Everything you all said was great to read, it's nice knowing you all have experience in these things, I don't know what I would do without you all I really don't. You all have made me understand my dog more than I could have by myself. Your wisdom on border collies is priceless in my opinion. THANK YOU ALL!!
  11. Well, here I am again. I'll get right to the point when Gracie see's another dog she isn't aggressive at first, well, most times she isn't, my brother in law brought his little10 or 12-week old german shepherd over to a house my husband and I are fixing up. Gracie was cautious then she snapped at him, I then took her back out to the truck. My husband and his brother said, oh they are alright but I think that was just a "hey!! next time it's your throat!" threat. I don't want my dog to be responsible for some kind of serious injury. She has gone after many dogs smaller than her, puppies, she has snarled, nipped, barked at big dogs. How do I change this behavior that I am sure I created.
  12. For what its worth, you had me cracking up. I wish I had some advice or words of wisdom, but I don't. These people on here are pretty informed I'm sure they will help. Good luck.
  13. Gracie goes bat #*^! crazy in the truck!!!! I mean a real wild child, she does what your dog does only with other automobiles, front seat, back seat, front seat, back seat, until like you we come to a stop and the behavior ends with her sitting there like....what? then we are off and running again. I tried everything you tried, Gracie is a good dog she is the love of my life and I feel I will just have to keep pounding away at the good dog for those few seconds she isn't sounding like she is having a heart attack because she can't jump out the window and charge the vehicles. She will learn to be good at riding like she has learned to be good at everything else I have taught her. I have to say to that because of this forum my Gracie and I are like peas and carrots and before I had the advise of these good people I was going to give her back to the breeder from which she came, I was pulling my heart out for a lack of understanding. Thank you one and all for all you do!!!!!!!
  14. Grace has had so many ticks I had to give her a topical ointment and that isn't doing what its intended to do but has for the most part cut down on them considerably, its gone from 10 to 2 and none at all for days on end. I am in southern indiana surrounded by the Hoosier National Forest, we have more ticks here than I have ever seen in a season!! I'm alarmed at the number!
  15. Hello!!!! First time BC owner here as well. Good luck
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