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  1. I don’t know why Border Collies get this reputation for being out of control monsters. Do they need mental stimulation and exercise - yes. But so do all dogs. I know a couple people with GSPs and they seem way more insane than my Border Collies. I am a little curious as to why you chose a BC with children, they are kind of notorious for trying to control their movements and getting over-aroused by running/screaming kids. Any dog really, minus maybe a bulldog, would be active and fun for children. (I mean there is a reason the “picture perfect” family has a Golden Retriever...)
  2. Both my girls lack the traditional "blaze" of what people think the standard BC should look like, but Lo is my BFD. Interestingly, she is always called a BC while no one believes my tri girl is one.
  3. Nosework? There are lots of online classes, and if you dont want to teach the oils, you could always teach your own scent.
  4. We had a great trial weekend! We got two more Steeplechase Qs and out last Advanced Q. As usual, I messed her up in our Snooker run (which I haaaaate) Steeplechase 1
  5. I personally would just keep doing what you're doing. It sounds like he has a lack of self-control and your girl is too patient to do anything. Our new puppy was a holy terror to our Aussie. She would bite his face, make him yelp, but I've NEVER even heard him growl, so she knew she could push his buttons. We would interrupt her, put her in a crate/ex-pen if she wouldn't leave him alone. Now she is much more respectful of him and other dogs in general. Our female BC gave her some very appropriate corrections, so they've never had an issue....
  6. My first BC was a nutcase in class. I think she found the pace boring (3 minutes of practicing sits, then listening to the instructors...booooring) She also (in classic female BC mode) had zero interest in socializing with those other puppies in the free-play session. When she was ON she was amazing, totally focused, put the other puppies to shame. When she was bored and/or over-stimulated, she was a nightmare. We started feeding her, pretty much the entire time, tossing a treat for her to catch every 5 seconds when we weren't working, and we changed it up a lot, sits, down, etc.
  7. I've taught it several ways, for different dogs. My Aussie steps forward into the stand, where as my BC has a beautiful obedience kick-back stand. Not sure why as we don't do obedience, but I digress. 1. Nose touch - Can you teach her to touch her nose to your palm? Once they can nose touch, put them in a sit and offer your hand at a distance where they will have to get up to touch it, the moment they get up to touch, click and reward. 2. Luring - Using a treat, put it to your dog's nose, and essentially trace it down their chin towards your chest. This causes them to drop their he
  8. I can't believe I haven't made one of these yet, but I thought it might be nice to keep track of videos or issues in case anyone has any ideas. I am a new agility handler and Heidi is my first agility dog. She has a TON of obstacle focus, so if we NQ, it tends to be because of Off-courses. We started trialing last November, and are currently competing in Advanced and Masters in AAC. When they are available, we also trial in UKI and I'm hoping to try some USDAA next summer. Please enjoy me struggling to keep up with my dog.
  9. Crazy ears are one of the most fun parts of BC puppies! My oldest has airplane ears, since the day we brought her home. Logan's ears were straight up at 10 weeks, spent the next two months going up and down, then settled fully pricked. Her mom and dad both have floppy ears, but almost every puppy in the litter got prick ears!
  10. I love dogs parks. At 6 am. When no one is there. I don't enjoy dog parks. I've lived in three different cities (and they have been mighty different from each other), and all the parks I've been to have been the same: Too small, way too full of feces, and full of dogs that shouldn't be there, and people that have zero interest in interacting with their dogs. Or even watching them. The whole idea of a dog park is weird to me. Just a pretty boring, fenced-in area filled with dogs where this outing is probably the only exercise they get all week. And then you toss a whole bunch of dogs
  11. Yes! Not to mention people tend to get nervous/anxious when they see something they know is going to trigger their dog, and there is just no way your dog (particularly those sensitive Border Collies) doesn't read that. Someone I know has a BC and she doesn't let her look at ANYTHING because she "knows she's going to react". In the 5 minutes I spent hanging out with them at a trial, the dog was pretty happily pointing out dogs (at a decent distance) and staring pointedly at me ("There's a dog lady, give me my Goldfish cracker") I'm pretty sure it is both. Plus she almost always h
  12. @Baderpadordercollie If you're a Facebook user, Fenzi almost ALWAYS has "Lurker" groups for their classes. You send a screenshot of your library (so they can see you're actually in the course) and then you get to hang out with all the other Bronze students. People usually post videos and you can work through it together, without instructor feedback. And make sure to join the Fenzi Alumni Group
  13. Forcing my dog to look away from a trigger (with a cue or cookie/toy) is what has been mentioned above: management. More of a "Oh no that dog came out of nowhere, I need to remove myself and my dog now" type of deal. My new puppy was quite nervous of dogs when she came home, so we used a combination of "LAT" and "Engage/Disengage" game to get her to look away without me having to nag her. (Seriously there is a lady in my agility class "watch me, watch me, waaaaaatch me, watch ME!"). In my opinion it helped a lot because looking at the trigger and looking away from the trigger were her ch
  14. Heidi is a black tri, and just turned 3 years old on July 4th. We were petting her a while back, and we noticed on her head, there is some random copper/red coming through. I didn't think much of it, just figured that her coat was changing a little bit. Then I did the worst possible thing and Googled it thinking maybe there was a name for it. Instead I came up with all the diseases and sun damage etc. that she could be experiencing and freaked myself out. We aren't out in the sun that much, and being a black dog, she tends to seek out the shade and she's had no new changes to her d
  15. No, just your standard paint. The behaviours are trained to fluency long before paint enters the picture! Her mouth actually never goes near the paint. I do use a drop cloth around/under the canvas just because when she hears her click she drops the brush, so paint would land on the floor. It is surprisingly not as messy as you'd think.
  16. The best trick I've taught Heidi was how to paint. The paintings are a little modern for me, but it's pretty funny! Some close runner ups, are when I sneeze she'll bring me a tissue and then throw it out, and she will hold anything in her mouth which makes amazing pictures!
  17. Sorry for the double post, but is there a good way to really tell if a puppy is displaying Frustration vs Fear?
  18. Hi everyone! Little Lo is now 4 months old (Have I really had her for 6 weeks?!) and I am really pleased with how her training is coming along. She is really getting some good coordination, has really turned on to training/shaping and is such good friends with my older dogs that everything seems in harmony. She has an excellent retrieve (which we mainly use for tugging, since I'm not big on fetch), and her "obedience" cues are coming along nicely. She is in two puppy classes a week. One is a "Beginner Obedience" and the other is a "Socialization Class". I'm friends with both of the
  19. I'm fairly new on the agility scene (only training for a little over a year, competing for several months), so take this with more of a salt lick than a grain of salt, but here's what I've noticed. My dog does really well. We almost always Q, and usually a first or 2nd place in 20", which is fairly competitive. I think the reason she does so well is that she is my buddy first, agility dog second. Yes, I want to Q, and honestly I want to/like to win. But, not at the expense of turning my dog into a crazy beast. She has a level head, and I don't let her get bananas. A lot of the peopl
  20. Okay, good to know I am pretty much on the right page, and my gut is reasonable. I just feel like doing those things to the dog I have would make a very difficult to live with dog. I definitely don't let her eye other dogs, I don't let my older one do it either, because as you said I also think it is very rude and has real potential to start fights. So I don't let her stare at things too long. She will sometimes "eye" birds, and sometimes stalks my dogs if they aren't looking and a chewing on a toy. She'll only jump on the Aussie, the BC has made it crystal clear that you don't jump
  21. Thought I would give a quick update. Logan is just over 13 weeks and is settling in pretty nicely. Housebreaking is going pretty well, minor accidents here and there (my fault) but sleeps beautifully through the night. She gets up earlier than I'd like (between 6-6:30) but once we take her out to pee, we put her in bed with us/the other dogs and she sleeps for another hour. Her barking has gone down A LOT. I can now play some chase/tug games with her without her little brain exploding, and she barks way less at the older two. We still have a tough time not barking when it isn't our t
  22. Hi everyone! Quick little update (while she is sleeping... ) Things have settled nicely here over the past couple of days. She has turned onto the clicker, and she is starting to become more confident and comfortable offering behaviours, so we are having lots of fun shaping things. The over-arousal is ebbing, as when she gets fired up, I give her a chance to redirect to a toy, and if that doesn't work and she keeps being nippy (to either me or my poor Aussie) she just gets popped in the pen or her crate for a bit. She hasn't tried to bite me in the face since that first post, and he
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