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We had to say goodbye to our first dog today, Sammie.


I have no idea what he was. I've always said Border Collie mix, but never really did know. But, no matter, he started my interested in Border Collies and he was always a fantastic companion.


He was almost 15 years old and his body just finally gave out on him. We tried everything reasonable at the end, but finally it was clear that it was time. :(


I miss him awfully, but he is with Speedy and Maddie now and I know that is right. Even though he and Speedy didn't seem close, Sammie was never the same after we lost him. He went downhill physically kind of quickly after that.


In their younger days, Sammie and Speedy . . .




He will be missed. He slept on my feet almost every night of his life with us.


No matter how long we have them, it's never enough time. :(

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Thanks. I appreciate all of the thoughts. It is much more difficult with two so close together. And I've known this one was coming in the near-ish future for quite a while, but that doesn't make it any easier.


I feel awful for Dean and Tessa, too. I can't explain why an entire house full of dogs has just vanished into thin air around them. I think they knew Sammie was very sick, but still, they were both looking for him last night and I can't explain why he's not there anymore.

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