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Urgent-- mojo needed!!

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Please, please send all the mojo you can muster for KIt. She's going into exploratory surgery for a presumed impaction of the small intestine. I've taken her to the vet each day since Fri, when she first started presenting symptoms. I initially believed she might have a tooth abcess since she appeared to have an appetite, but spit out or dropped mouthfuls of her breakfast. It wasn't until the next day that it became clear it was a GI issue. I can't lose her--I just can't!!

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Kit is out of surgery. Her prognosis is guarded. She had swallowed a dog bootie (canvas). It is so unlike her to each foreign objects that when it was suggested that she could have eaten a sock or some other object that they frequently see, I internally rejected the notion. The vet explained that the blockage was in a particularly bad spot, being so close her pancreas. They had to do a resection of about an inch of necrotic small intestine and the concern going forward is sepsis or pancreatitis. The vet felt the surgery itself went well. The next 3-5 days will be critical.


Thank you all for your well wishes. Please keep Kit in your thoughts.

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