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  1. In addition to the harnesses and crates and various other ways to keep your dogs safe when you travel, the most important is to know your limits. Stop if you get drowsy. I find that closing my eyes for 15 minutes followed by a quick walk or some stretches is a pretty good pick me up.
  2. My sister posted and emailed about this. I came here to see if it was true. What a horrible thing.
  3. I super glue my own cuts. Sometimes when I'm working in my glass I'll get a slice that is a little more than a bandaid but not big enough for a doctor. Out comes the super glue. Fix the cut and don't have to leave my project. It is actually pretty common practice among glassers. I have never had the occasion to try it on my dog.
  4. Elevators don't bother Jody one bit, not even the very first time. He was fine with the movement. It didn't even bother him that everything changed on the other side of the door when it opened at the end of the ride. He took it like it was no big deal.
  5. Helen, GA is really fun. Oak Island, NC is dog friendly and at the southern end of North Carolina. Uncrowded and quiet.
  6. Hi! This is Cherrie. You might know me better as bn_here_b4, my user name on the board. Thanks for visiting Diane's dog blog and participating in the caption contest. Good luck!
  7. Jody and Bella are both crate trained. They are the first dogs I ever used crates with and are also the most well behaved and bonded dogs I have ever had. I don't think it is just due to the crate - I am a different kind of dog owner now than I was at 20 or any of the other years between then and now. However, I do believe the crates led to fewer corrections from the very beginning. Less time correcting meant more good play and training time. Really focused time that we all enjoyed. I was relaxed with them rather than constantly being on alert to keep the next bad thing from happening. Consequently, I've ended up with two mellow, laid back dogs. Another benefit is that because they didn't have to be corrected much it is a big deal to them now if I give them the Ah! Ah! It really gets their attention!
  8. Good news on Cooper. I hope Zoey comes on home too. Prayers for her safe return.
  9. How far do they live from you? Could they be heading back to their own house? Maybe it would be good to put some signs in that area and along the route between your homes. I hope they come back safely. Thoughts and prayers coming your way.
  10. Our golden was full grown when we got Jody so for a little while there was a pretty significant size difference. We had good success doing exactly what Wildflower suggested. Stop before things get out of hand and redirect them. They are so cute together. Dexter looks happy to have a little buddy.
  11. Thanks Julie. That makes me feel better! I guess I'll just watch for changes over the next couple days and take him to the vet if he gets worse.
  12. I had a sore throat and stuffed up head earlier this week. Now Jody is sneezing. He doesn't have a cough. Eating, pooping and playing are a normal. I have seen one clear "snot bubble" on his nostril. No thick or colorful discharge from nose or eyes. He is up to date on all vaccinations. Can dogs get colds? What do you do for that?
  13. Jody will not carry any item through the exterior doors of our house. From room to room is ok but he won't bring a ball or other toy outside. He spits it out on the floor and looks at me to pick it up. Once we are outside he wants it back. Likewise on the way back in he'll bring his toy right to the door and drop it for me to pick up and bring in. My golden retriever's nickname is "Last Bark Bella" because she always has to get the last word. The barks turn into little whuffs and grumbles but you can be sure she will backtalk until you give up.
  14. It worked for me. Following OperationWesley as SugarfootGlass. I will post this to my facebook page too. Cherrie J
  15. I hate it when my post comes in twice. Sorry.
  16. I got my dog crate from a craigslist ad. It was in great condition, half the cost and has served well through two dogs worth of puppy/adolescent years. I was fortunate that someone was selling the right crate when I needed it. You may not find what you need, but it could be worth looking into. When I picked up the crate I met the lady's Rotty who had grown out of it, so I was pretty sure there was no risk of parvo or anything like that. Even so, I washed it down real well with bleach before I put my pup in it.
  17. We have floodlights on all the corners of our house so we can circle the house without getting in the darkest areas. I put Jody in a sit-stay then walk around the corner before I release him. He thinks iit is big fun to find me. On the weekends I try to gather up fallen sticks and other obstacles so I don't trip on them in the dark. I found little collar tags that had motion activated LED lights in them. They would have worked too except my dogs teamed up to remove them from each other. I guess they like being stealthy. RDM- When you say towel off six dogs it sounds do-able. Wiping 24 paws sounds almost insurmountable!
  18. South Carolina chimIng in. Keeping you and Alex in my thoughts.
  19. Prayers from here too. I hope Kit recovers quickly.
  20. What Julie said. Both of my dogs love to go mining for cat poo. Bella will actually eat it if she gets the chance. Jody will just dig a little then press his nose into the ground and inhale really deeply. He slits his eyes and looks like he is in smell heaven. Absolutely gross.
  21. I would put all the active toys away for the duration. Out of sight, out of mind might help a little. Maybe you could teach some tricks Maggie can do in a laying down position. Jody likes the cup game where I hide a treat under one of three cups and then mix them up. He plays that game sitting or laying down. Good luck with that whole quiet business! It's a tough assignment.
  22. Jody, my Border Collie, has a pronounced knot on top and he is a very smart boy. Bella, my Golden Retriever, has a head that is flat and smooth as a board. Hmmmm... Bella does have a great personality and beautiful hair.
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