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I Found Her, I Found Her, I Found Her

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She's home. When I left just a little bit ago Tommy's little face was back watching me out of the bedroom window. Honestly, I was so scared I would never see her little face there ever again.


She made clear over to the Home Depot Store Parking Lot. It's probably not more than a couple of miles but she made it across one of the busiest roads you could ever imagine.


She was picked up by a canine police officer who just happened to be shopping at Home Depot. She was just the nicest person and a total dog person. She got about 3:00 yesterday afternoon and took her home.


I called my vet about 9 this morning to tell them that Tommy was lost. Just so happens the police officer goes to the same vet and that was the first place she called.


I know this probably sounds completely hokey - but so many people were praying for her safety. And so many things could have gone so badly wrong and didn't.


Thank you so much.



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WHOOOOOHOOOOOO, doing the happy dance for you and Tommy!!

It's just so awful to lose a dog.


And this afternoon I am going to get tags with her name, my name and my phone number. I was so dumb not to have tags on her collar.


Please, everybody, be sure you have tags. It makes things just so much easier.


Lesson #2 - Never underestimate just how fast a border collie can react to a situation. I mean it was one second between everything being fine and having my whole world just fall apart.


And I have to go eat because I am suddenly starving.


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone. And thanks for all your help.



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I am So, So happy Tommy's back. I don't ever want to think about losing cerb.


What you said about tags is correct! I have this collar with the riveted on tag: Gun Dog Supply No jingle or tag to catch. I also followed his instructions on what to put on the tag, including "needs daily meds" (which I would if Cerb was lost) so folks will contact me ASAP.


Once again: WOO HOO!

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I am so glad to hear this. My husband thought I was crazy last night because I got up in the middle of the night to check and see if you found her. It was really eating at me! I was so sad this morning to see she still wasn't home.


YAY!!! Positive vibes DO work!!!


I used to have a house mate who would take the collars off my dogs, despite me SCREAMING at him not to do it. He thought the dogs "looked better naked". Thank heavens nothing ever happened! But its better never to take chances.


ENJOY the homecoming!



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Hokey?!? not at all!! Soooo happy to hear that's she is home safe and sound AND that she had a good, safe place during the fouth of July comotion last night!


I heartily second keeping tags on - when Kenzi ran off over night a year and a half ago, the person that found her was able to contact me right away because Kenzi was wearing tags.

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Whoop whoop!!

Been there done that. Know just how you feel. I have reward andd my cell phone number on our rivited tags. Got wise after moving enough that I kept Havin to replace tags so I just keep my cell phone number on them. Reward is to encourage someone to call.


Happy dancing right with you!

Funny until I saw your name just now I pictured you an older small man. I know, vivid imagination. Unless I'be seen a pic I have face in my mind for everyone on here. Maybe tommy coyote gave me the small man idea? Lol!

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Oh, I'm sooo happy to read this. When I checked the thread again this morning and there had still not been any word on her, I felt sick. I lost a dog once, so I know just how sickening it can feel to not know where they are and if they are OK. The not knowing is to hardest part. I'm sooo glad your story had a happy ending.

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