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Katie went to the Bridge this morning, with my vet's kind assistance. She went gently in my arms while my vet softly talked to her while injecting her and with a well-known vet tech petting her. A bc/springer mix, she was not the border collie I was hoping for when I adopted her after I lost Meg. Katie's hunting instincts were much stronger than her herding instints but she was a wonderful family dog - always happy, bouncing around, seemed like a perpetual puppy who loved all people but especially kids. The neighborhood children will miss her - we always had to stop multiple times on her walks so she could greet everyone. Thankfully she was only sick a few days and didn't seem to be in pain, just acting more like a severe case of flu.


Although we initially thought it was hemangio, it turned out to be lymphosarcoma. The pathologist who performed the analysis of her detailed bloodwork done at an outside lab strongly suspected that it had penetrated to her blood marrow. Although her lymph nodes were only slightly enlarged, her white blood cell count was 78,000 (lab normal is 4500)- the highest my vet had ever seen - with 72,000 being leukocytes. Her abdomen enlarged considerably overnight with free blood and on her skin under her white markings, she had splotches of petechial brusing of the skin. There was no doubt she was bleeding out. My vet did not believe surgery or chemo would help and recommended euthanesia.


Katie will be missed.

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