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A busy and bittersweet year

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So it's been a good long while since I posted anything on the BCboards. I've been extremely busy getting Maverick where he needed to be to compete in UKC Premier (He did fantastic! It was our first show and he got two legs for his URO1 title!) Then we had herding lessons with Kellie, I know she had a lot of fun and I'm glad we did it.


Unfortunately, Kellie is no longer with me. Two weeks ago, August 18th, we went for our morning walk and she was hit by a kid flying down our street at 80mph. Near as we can figure, he wasn't paying attention. He came over the hill past the white line and we just didn't get out of the way in time. I hate the road I live on...it's a wonder he didn't hit me or my nieces...and then he came back andstarted ranting about the dent in his car. I know I have every right to be angry and upset with him, but it just doesn't matter, it won't bring Kellie back and I'm just now climbing out of the dark place it left me in.


Be at peace Kellie, may Sirius be your guiding light, and I'll see you again at the Rainbow Bridge...and try really hard not to harass St. Peter too much






Now I've been going a little crazy the last couple of weeks, so I got what turned out to be the best therapy in the world. I'll post more on that soon...I have to go hug my dogs again...

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So sorry to read this about your beautiful dog ... what a terrible thing to happen. May she rest in peace!


It's one of my worst nightmares, because I walk on many roads that have no side walk, and people just drive way to fast and carelessly. Not that it would help, but I wished I could tell that guy a thing or two about the dent in his car ...


Take care!

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