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  1. Triple Crown Easy Gliders, definitely! After using many a plastic frisbees, this one glider has lasted more than a few months with Blaze.
  2. Thanks for the cross post from Sheepdog-L. I will be sending my check off Monday for one - sounds like a very good thing to have, especially for a newbie like myself!
  3. The webcast was amazing - I hope this well become a regular thing for the Finals! Thanks, I will definitely do that!
  4. Yes, their run was amazing! So calm and cool about everything, it seemed!
  5. I completely agree Paula. The webcast overall is SO great!
  6. I'll add my agreement. Very nice - thanks!
  7. Congratulations - look forward to hearing more about your future trials!
  8. It gets pretty hot down here in south Alabama during the summer. I've found those cheap plastic (hard sideded) kiddie pools you can buy for about $15 at places like Wal-Mart to be extremely nice. The dogs love them. They can all easily get in and out as they please/feel the need to when they get hot. And if I feel they are too hot, I can easily tell them to get in and "chill" for a for minutes. You could also try games with water hoses. Some dogs like to chase the water. I agree with those that said to replace the ball for training time. If you do play ball, I would hose him down before, during, and after the game of ball. And of course, make sure he has a constant supply of fresh, clean water. You mentioned you have an above ground soft sideded pool. We've got one left over from last year that I'm going to be using as a dog pool for my dogs this year. I plan to take the ladder that it came with and attach a ramp to it so the dogs can climb in and out. Then make a flat piece inbetween where the handle bars are. Not sure how I'll make the entrance to it so they can get up the ladder, but it's an idea.
  9. Among the things you listed, I like to see someone who trains his/her own dogs. And has trained other dogs and to know how these other dogs do in trials/working on the farm(<-- not a must by any means, though) and to see what others have say about a breeder's dogs. Are they happy with them? Are they placing in trials? If not, why? What are other puppy buyers saying? Those are just some things. My list changes as my knowledge grows, hehe. I'm interested to hear what others say on the subject.
  10. I've never found them to be worth it. A few of our neighbors have tried them and their dog/s always escaped and came down to our fence to bother our dogs. It's annoying. And of course once the dogs got out, they never went back in till the owner came and got them. Luckily for us, all our neighbors have since put up physical fences.
  11. O/T: The law for rabies shots has changed in AL? None of my guys have needed the rabies shot yet this year, so I guess I must have missed this. Great news!
  12. Blaze usually ignores strangers. If we are out walking, he'll look over at them, ears up, but quickly leaves them alone and goes back into 'walking' mode when I tell him to leave it. If we stop and talk to someone, he usually ignores them. Depending on the person he might go up to them, or might not. If we have people over at our house that he has not met or only seen a time or two he's very good with them. He'll say come and see what's up, but then leaves them alone. He's really good about meeting people, not shy. With people he knows, he has the nickname "mr. wiggly butt" for a reason, lol.
  13. I know this isn't a pleasant thought, but have you considered that they might have been stolen?
  14. Yes, I agree. I don't post often in these type threads because often I feel I have nothing of value to add being so new to Border Collies, but I read most of them. But I can't quite wrap my head around how picking a certian name makes you on "this side or that side". I don't understand that at all. It's just a name. Yes, to some names have meaning, but it's still just a name. Wouldn't being like this (saying a certain name puts you on a "side") be more like what the KC/AKC does, in that it's not really the work that matters, but how they look? If a name is so important, are we that much different from a KC/AKC? Just my thoughts from reading the past few pages.
  15. Nothing In Life Is Free. Meaning, they must work for everything they get. They want a treat? They must do a command. They want inside or outside? They must sit before doing so. They want there food bowl? They sit/down/whatever before getting it. Things like that.
  16. Thanks Sue, I might look into that. Is there anything specific or helpful I should know about going to the Finals?
  17. What are the best days to go to the Finals? I'm hoping to be able to go about 3 days. Thanks!
  18. I hope TSC doesn't stop carrying Diamond Naturals - ugh. Seems everytime we get a dog food that is decent and works with *all* our dogs, the store stops carrying it or the food changes.
  19. I don't have any thing to say about the video posted, but does anyone know where CM got his training from? Or is he self-taught?
  20. ^^ Definitely. I can't imagine letting my dog outside with no supervision AND no fence.
  21. If MrCutiePie disappears after a lesson one day it definitely was NOT me.
  22. BahhhhHumbugggggg right back at ya. Right now I'm dealing with neighbors who think it's fine to let there Chi roam and just a few minutes ago saw a loose pup, no more than 6 weeks, running around with no owner in site (I know where both dogs came from though. Bad neighborhood). I feel like pulling my hair out. And the city says the main problem with stray dogs in this area is they aren't getting fixed. No. It's called owner responsibility!! /end my vent of the day. lol
  23. Lizmo


    My deepest sympathies, Kristi. Run free with the squirrels, Bear.
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