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    Dogs, cats (still miss our 2!), planted freshwater aquariums + the fish, of course. Guinea pigs. Horses! <br />Photography. <br />Reading, just about anything, my favorites are mysteries and American Indian culture, food (both cookbooks and food politics), environmental issues.<br />Love being outdoors, the beach, the woods. Best if enjoyed with my favorite person, my husband! <br />Music, movies. So many favorites, hard to list them all.<br />Good food, wine, scotch, rum and great company.<br />Last, but never least, my daughter ... she's the best! (I don't know if this counts as an interest ....).
  1. Yeah, I'm sighing right along with you, Maralynn! Sky had no problem with the vaccine by the way, but I understand your caution. And if I dream of ticks tonight, it's Mark's fault ... interesting articles, though.
  2. Maralynn, Since the Frontline seemed to work great, I hadn't considered any other topical protection ... I hate to expose my dog and us to even more chemicals all the time. Also, I thought in combination with the vaccine, she'd be "safe". Oh well, there goes that theory. The Snap test was positive, and then they sent in blood to IDEXX lab for the quantative C6 test -- it cost $70 for the first time, I guess if you need additional tests it's cheaper. The high cost makes it not really a test you would just do routinely, especially if you had several dogs .... The test can differentiate
  3. I'd be interested to hear about that, too. My dog Sky has had Lyme vaccinations every year since we got her, which means twice now. I don't know which one, but it's $35 at our vet, have to ask next time which of those 3 they use. We use Frontline Plus religiously, and still, at the last heartworm/lyme disease snaptest she tested positive for the lyme. So the vet did the other, more conclusive test, to see if it was just a false positive reaction to the vaccine, but no, she tested positive for actual lyme. I had found exactly 3 ticks on her late last fall, and promptly removed them. Sk
  4. I feel for you! I have allergies to numerous kinds of plants and dust mites, wool too, and cats, horses, and dogs. And who knows what else, we stopped testing as the list got longer ... I did allergy shots for 5 years, weekly, 2 shots, 1 per arm. Just against the worst offenders. Did diddle squat in the end, and I was tired of it. So based on my experience I wouldn't put too much trust in immunotherapy treatment. It might work well if the dog only has one or two specific allergies. The more substances one is allergic to, the harder it is to treat. I am controlling my allergies wi
  5. Yeah!!!!!!!! I've been keeping my fingers crossed -- this is wonderful! So happy for you and the doggies!
  6. Oh, my -- just saw this. So glad Kenzi was found!!! What a nightmare. You'll be sleeping much better tonight! ))
  7. Some people just want to split hairs over how to use certain words, I think. I wouldn't worry about it. Deutscher Schaeferhund means German Shepherd Dog, and they were originally used and bred for herding, or maybe more accurately guiding/moving, and guarding sheep. The main focus of course has shifted to working in other areas, like police work, search dog, guard dog etc.. I found a website that shows a GSD rounding up/guiding sheep. They work differently than Border Collies. But it looks like the dog knows what to do and he seems very confident and happy to do his job. The artic
  8. I kind of have a similar problem in reverse. When we go to my brother-in-laws house, my nieces' dog is confrontational with our dog. Chloe is a hound/doberman mix or some such thing, and is at least twice as tall and almost 3x as heavy as little Sky. When Chloe was a pup they got along fine, but since she is fully grown (she's been spayed, so I don't think that is the problem), there is a lot of tense behavior, and if we don't watch them like hawks, they get in fights. Now, ever since that became clear, I keep Sky away from Chloe and my niece is doing the same. But these visits are oft
  9. Just shows you that bringing up kids who don't listen and dogs that don't listen isn't really very different .. )) I hate meeting loose dogs -- Sky has gotten mauled several times. She's gone from a dog who was super excited to meet any dog, and very, very submissive towards them and friendly, to a dog who assumes the worst, unless she happens to already know the dog well. It's kinda sad. I often cross the street when possible, or wait at some distance. This is not how I had imagined walking my dog! Luckily most people are too busy or lazy to walk their dogs, so often we are alone on
  10. So sorry to read this about your beautiful dog ... what a terrible thing to happen. May she rest in peace! It's one of my worst nightmares, because I walk on many roads that have no side walk, and people just drive way to fast and carelessly. Not that it would help, but I wished I could tell that guy a thing or two about the dent in his car ... Take care!
  11. Funny! Sky is really good about not chewing/playing with anything but her dog things. BUT, if you leave certain items on the floor by mistake, there are a few she cannot resist: boxes of tissues, pencils and pens. If those are on the coffee table, which she can easily reach despite being so small, they are completely safe from her. She won't even touch the pizza or fried chicken on the coffee table, if we eat in the living room -- and yes, you can leave the room, she won't touch anything. Pizza on the floor .. another story. Don't know if anyone trained her, or if she was just bo
  12. Congrats Mary, on your new little friend! Vala looks really cute, and it sounds like she is very happy already to be with you. It's always a gamble of sorts to take in a new pet, but from your description of her I think you have every reason to be able to expect a wonderful outcome this time around. My dog had kennel cough when I brought her home, slight coughing and runny nose, but it never really slowed her down, and after the vet visit and vaccination, it went way very quickly. I have no experience with heartworm, but from everything I've heard and read, it too is curable. I underst
  13. So sorry to hear about Bandit and the attack on both of you. I hope you are both ok soon! When I initially got my dog, I had this notion that my dog should have dog friends -- not really sure why I thought this. ... Anywho, it became very clear to me that dogs see this issue quite differently in many cases. We've been attacked several times on walks, and Sky now assumes the worst about most dogs we meet. Some who we see regularly in passing, she hates with a passion even from afar. Of course I don't ever let this escalate, but I tend to avoid dogs we don't know, and I don't think I w
  14. I would second that, Mary. You need time to digest what happened and come to grips with your sadness and guilt feelings. I understand that you have a big hole in your life right now, but I would enjoy or try to enjoy some time off from dealing with anything potentially stressful. Going on a trip sounds like a great idea. Going to the shelter to volunteer is nice, just take it easy with that too. You don't need any more heartache right this moment. Take care of yourself, and keep posting here!
  15. I hate going to the dentist, too! Fast recovery and happy chewing afterwards!
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