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Good news for Skip

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First off, thanks everyone for the Mojo. Skip came through with flying colors, ready to rumble with Jackson as soon as we got in the yard. Can't blame it entirely on Skip, Jackson did have his nose up his butt. It must have been embarrasing for Skip. I'll give him a pass on that. Of course, now that Jackson knows, who knows what teasing is going to go on in doggy land! :rolleyes:


Now for Cheyenne. I decided to have the doc check her tumors out since they(3) are now the size of golf balls. The bottom line is, either she has severe arthritis in her knees, or the cancer has spread to her lungs. Treatment plan is to give her Rimadyl till mon. and see if she improves (panting constantly, moving slow, low energy) and if not, we will do chest X-Rays. She is almost 14. Surgery, at this point, is not a viable option. So, if y'all have some more Mojo for my globe trotting buddy, my little girl, I would sure appreciate it.

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Lots of mojo for Cheyenne!


My heart aches for you, especially because I know what they mean, those true Companion dogs that have been everywhere with you.

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Kris and Sandra, yeah, it is hard. It's just impossible to describe our relationship. I can't write about it, I tried and it just made me wanna cry. And no, I haven't seen a difference in her yet but she has only taken 2 doses at this point. Getting ready to give her the nightly one.



Thanks to all for the extra Mojo! Mac, I am sure Lady will be able to summon up some extra special Mojo.

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