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    My dogs. Tinkerbell the Borador (BorderCollie Labrador lovechild), Bindy the Border Collie, and Layla the wolfdog. Other than that, too many interests to list...
  1. Hey there pansmom, long time no see. Last I heard from you you were havihng some agression issues with pan, what ever came of that?
  2. A$$ fountain faucet a$$ Very funny. Ironicaly, I haden't checked in here for months it seems, but I knew I had a beach camping trip planned for this past weekend, and it would be the first time the doggies ever saw the ocean, so I checkd in here on Friday to see if there was anything in here about doggies in the ocean, and this thread was up in the first page. Wierd. Anyways, I was nervous after reading all of this, but I'm happy to say that 2 out of three of my girls sniffed the water, took one lick, and then didn't try to drink it again, the third never even tried it once. They a
  3. I was just curious, and thought I'd poll the smart folks here. We've used Advanticks all along, and it seems to work just fine, but it's expensive. Is there an off brand or an over the counter brand, basically anything cheaper that will work just as good? Or is it important that I continue to pay for that pricey stuff?
  4. My heart goes out to you, it's a tough thing for sure. I think you probably know what the best thing to do is, whether it's to keep her alive and do your best to keep her happy, or to take the other route, only you really know the situation, and I hope you find peace with your decision.
  5. I've seen it, they have it on regular DVD at my Holywood Video. cute movie, but a little cheezy I thought. I basically rented it for the puppy footage, nothing cuter than a fluffy BC pup, except a wolf cub.
  6. My wolfdog layla was chewing on a little piece of her own poo the other day, and neither my wife nor I realized what it was until we had both squished it around in our hands for a minute. It was bad.
  7. Are we talking about dogs eating dog poo or sheep poo?
  8. Well, when we found Bindy, she had patches that looked just like you picture all over. One around an eye, one around the neck, and one near her back legs. The vet did a scrape and microscopic exam for mites and verified that she had Demodex, so I just wouldn't rule it out. It might not be, I'm no vet, I just think it looks like ours did.
  9. It looks like Demodectic mange. You should take her to the vet and have a scrape done to check for mytes.
  10. What a witch. If it were me, right about the point she yelled "that's right, keep moving", I would have stopped and took a dump in her yard, spared my dog the trouble.
  11. Well, I had my beer for Pan and mom yesterday at 6:18pm on the dot - got home a little late - but I did in fact open it, raise the bottle and say "this is for Pan and Pansmom" then I slammed that bad boy a little too fast, felt a little explosive, then burped and all went well. Anyone else follow through in the toast?
  12. I'm down. But, instead of wine, does anyone mind if I have a beer to celebrate?
  13. no pun intended I'm sure...right?
  14. I'll look into those supliments. Any suggestions on brands? Thanks.
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