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world's most handsome border collie!

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Oh! Zac's all grown up! Cutie Freckle-Twin for my dog. :D





hehe, yep he is now looking grown up, still very cheeky though! :rolleyes:



:D I LOVE Zac, those freckles are just dreamy LOL he is too handsome!


aww, thank you. :D




Let's face it. We all have gorgeous dogs!


You know i have been thinking the same, all BC's are truly lovely, i do think that we have the best looking ones from around the globe on this board though! :D

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They're all so handsome, it would be hard to pick a favorite, except that I'm a bit biased and I think Zeb is incredibly handsome.




Notice the come-hither look and check out those tail feathers.


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I have a few contenders here for "most handsome"...


Seth definitely thinks he is most handsome. He posed in this pic, he wasn't asked to at all.



Mike doesn't care if he's handsome, he just wants sheep



Reign gets the prize for handsome and focused, too bad it wasn't on sheep.


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I haven't seen one ugly dog on this board. They are all well loved and well taken care of- that's beauty in MY eyes!! I think they are ALL the most handsome. Of course we know Usher wins. :rolleyes::D

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Oh my god!!! What a bunch of sweethearts!!! My vote goes to all!!! I have a girl, that proves I'm vert impartial..... :rolleyes: . In my country there are not many BC, specially in my city, where I know each and every one... 3 including my Francisca!!!!!!!! So Im more than amazed seeing so many cute ones here.

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