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world's most handsome border collie!

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Solo says "Eat your heart out, Mike."








This is some serious red beefcake.


Just kidding. Mike is very handsome.


Seriously, I do not think that Solo was really mature until he turned about four. Until then he was a goofy adolescent boy with more than the normal share of teen angst.

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. Woo does not fall under the category of "handsome."




That's right.....Mr. Woo is HUNKY which is way better than handsome! Hey, RDM, where's that picture of Mr. Woo doing his beefcake leap for FIFA? I think you used it in your calendar. Now, that's a good-looking dog!

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Hello everyone,


Hey Mary, your boy and mine sure look a lot alike!!! Do you have any other photos to share?





I PMed you some photo links. Now, if you'd like to post, "Thank you," that will put you one post closer to being a "senior member." :rolleyes:



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