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  1. oooooh i have one too Lars the wonder dog
  2. Bear is 24" at the shoulder and 60 pounds lean
  3. i would suggest reevaluating after the UTI has cleared the infection could quite possibly be contributing to the behavioural changes confusion from an infection is a common side effect in older dogs - humans as well
  4. For some reason I have always wanted to name a pup Tank Feel free to laugh and ignore my suggestion
  5. same hear. I feed it as a meal and have had no problems. The boys love it.
  6. I use a 2 into 1 with the boys and i like it forces them to walk shoulder to shoulder most of the time i did shorten them a little though
  7. Lars says na na na to all the rest and Lars and Bear together
  8. the boys and i are still in and we could pick up Nick....
  9. the trick to feeding raw economically - -if you are thinking of switching is to have a separate freezer and being an opportunist grab whatever is on sale in bulk, portion out and freeze i use beef bones for recreation, either knuckle or femur i usually give them to the dogs frozes, so they have to work harder at the marrow
  10. my 39lb 7yo eats just over a pound a day and my 56lb 18mo eats just over 2 pounds a day my cost is about $1/pound
  11. on average once or twice a year. But the boys swim a lot and it also rains a lot
  12. Look about ten threads down the page for answers
  13. Ask me how i know what happens after a dog eats a pound of butter not pretty bear will bypass everything else to get to the butter or margarine
  14. the boys and i will try and attend too sounds like fun
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