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  1. Thanks for the feedback, thing is Blue has no problem jumping for the disc if I choose to throw it that way. I do agree it shows athleticism when a dog jumps for the disc, but it is a timed event that scores points within the time allotted. So I guess my point is why reward a jumping dog half point when it costs time? Here is my breakdown @ 60 seconds (for Blue anyway): When jumping he can usually get 4-5 which is = to 22pts-27.5pts Not jumping he can usually get 5-6 which is = to 25pts-30pts Again thanks for feedback
  2. One thing that bothers me with the distance/accuracy format is the additional half point awarded if the canine is airborne when catching? I’m not trying to be a party pooper but if the dog can make the distance catch without jumping why are they penalized? It’s not distance/accuracy/jumping is it? The main reason I bring this up is that at a “fun at the park” competition this guy comes up to me and said “you need to teach your dog to jump.”? All I could say was “sometimes I have a bad throw so he has to jump!” We won the event but what stuck in my mind was if I teach Blue to jump for the disc even though he doesn’t have too we will be more popular and get more points. Seems pointless for them to jump if they dont have to.
  3. Well for those of you who are checking on our progress, we have had somewhat of breakthrough! After a nice day of disc play at the park (catching 65+ yarders!!) we get home and the minute I open the door of the truck he bolts to the tree. I let him pace it for about 30 seconds then ran to the tree and yelled off, had him lie down then I started running around the tree. He was lying there watching me run around the tree, I was smacking the tree yelling mine, this is my tree! After about a minute Blue was looking at me like I lost my mind, I stopped walked up to him and said “your turn” and walked away. I looked back thinking I would see him pacing the tree but he was at my heel After that I went inside leaving him out, looking out the window he did go to the tree but just sniffed it then jogged around the yard. Knock on wood I hope this is really a breakthrough!!
  4. Yeah that first part there was something he was chewing on, but thing is in any other venue there could have been a prime rib on the ground and a simple that'll do would have him come running.
  5. Things are getting a little better, I have placed a wheel barrow between old shed and tree so he cant circle it but still hard to pull him off. I spoke with my vet and he had me make him a quick video of the behavior. He seemed to think I may be overreacting, but the video really doesn’t do the behavior justice. He said Blue was probably bored because of small back yard and was just finding something to do. I disagree, we have 8 acres in the front that we have play/disc time (and there are pecan trees there too), the only reason he is in the backyard is to take care of “business”. Thing is in any other scenario one call and he comes running immediately but when in the back yard that’s not the case. I put the video I gave to my vet on youtube: The other thing I have noticed is that when in the backyard there seems to be a lot of anxiety, I think because he knows I don’t want him to do what it is he wants to do? Anyway we a progressing, I have just been taking him out front lately to take care of “business” so less anxiety for both of us. Work in Progress
  6. I was at a get together for my disc club and a guy had a BC named "O' no" he said his BC was Irish. I thought it was clever:)
  7. Thanks for all the input! I understand people have differing views on how to train or correct certain behaviors, and I took both sides into consideration. I do believe that as with my kid’s my dog needs to be handled on an individual basis. I.e. My older son responds to positive reinforcement while my younger son needs *cough* “iron fist in a velvet glove”. Anyway here is what I have tried: (with a little success, but success none the less) First I would stand there while he was pacing the tree, then call him off and make him lay till he seemed relaxed. Then I would do short disc toss’s near the tree, he was distracted but not as bad as earlier. I do not think it will be possible to incorporate the tree in anyway; it really has power over him. Next I took him to a friend’s house; he has a huge field that backs up against a pecan orchard. I then made sure to sail a few discs into the pecan trees, and he could care less. He actually waited for me to free the disc from the tree and then was business as usual. That afternoon we got home and the minute I opened the door of the truck he bolted to the pecan tree in the yard and started his pacing. I could call him off, but he was like an addict wanting so much for me to just let him do his thing. So I sat by the tree so he couldn’t pace and had him lay down with me, but the whole time I could tell he wanted me to leave. After about 10 minutes of sitting there by the tree with him I got up and walked to the center of the yard and sat down again. It was strange, I could tell he wanted to sit with me but that damn tree had him. I then laid down patting the ground (during this time I wasn’t calling him off, I wanted him to choose) well as I was laying there he broke of the tree and laid down with me! (Baby Steps I Guess?)
  8. Hey Hey, About 3 weeks ago I was throwing disc with Blue in our back yard; all was good till an errant throw on my part had the disc end up in the Pecan tree. No big deal, I have a case of 100 of the same discs we train with and change out all the time when they get a few too many teeth marks. Well he fixated on the disc in the tree, and showed little interest in continuing our play so I shut it down and retrieved the disc from the Tree. Since then when in the back yard he is obsessed with the tree: First week it was “mild” just trotting around it looking up, I could call him off easily so didn’t seem like a big deal. We could still play and he was fine going after disc. Second week it got “medium” he would still trot around it looking up but if I wasn’t visible to him he would not break off. We could still play disc but he was definitely distracted. But any other place we would play he was fine, progressing very well and having a good time. Third week is “HOT”; it is like a drug and he cannot help himself. I have no IDEA what to do, it’s to the point it makes me angry. Yesterday I had to physically pull him off, I put him on the ground and yelled “OFF” but the second I let him go he went right back to it. It’s almost like the more he senses I am angry the more he wants to do it. He is a very smart dog but I cannot figure out how to break this “habit/obsession”? I’ am loosing my mind over this, any suggestions would be appreciated!
  9. UPDATE!!! I guess sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference. I always had Blue go around my right side (im righthanded) so I thought it was better for him to come around as I am throwing so he could see disc prior to release. Well I decided to change it up and have him go around my left side. Took about a half hour and he had it, was odd for me having him leaving off my right side but omg what a difference! Not only was he taking a more direct route, but was catching 60 yarders which atm is the farthest I can through a 100g disc. Also: I am not sure what it is about an open field and laying down orange cones, but it draws a crowd. So we had a small audience for the latter part of our exercise, was nice people were clapping and cheering him on At one point this old Golden Retriever came to join in the fun, he would start to run when I threw the disc then lay down about 10 yards into it, and Blue on the way back from a 40+ yard dash would give the disc to him and he would return it to me. Was actually kind of touching, and I am not the sentimental type . For the record I am a total newbie when it comes to training a disc dog, I took what I learned online and paired it with my BC (a good analogy would be the staples easy button ) so I take little credit for anything we accomplish.
  10. Well said, I have been there in both cases children and dogs and have never let what ppl think sway me from what ever discipline I feel is necessary! However I'am guilty of the "judgmental stranger", I witnessed a guy down by the lake leash whip a young lab to the point it was like a Mel Gibson movie. I could only stand and stare, once he was done he looked up at me and said "You got a problem?" I just said "No, I actually feel problem free at the moment. How bout yourself?" Anyway later on he was rolling around playing with pup, but I still could not get that image out of my head.
  11. Well Im back as far as getting the puter set back up, but Im here in GA permanant. I had stopped by a few times but you where out. I was curious how Hank was doing and if Stella came around? I stopped in SC at a friends and he had a BC that looked just like Cris. As much as I want him to take a direct route to the disc, i will let him run for it however he wants but it drives me nuts:)) I never get mad but Im just like Blue bud we have to figure this out:) Oh and as far the one siddedness I got him to deliver the disc to my right hand which is his left, that was a task but he got it!
  12. Hey all, I have been away for awhile, the move was a bear! Well I’m back now and have been working with Blue on disc distance/agility and he has been great. We were catching 40yds consistently and having much fun doing it but ran into a hiccup. I’ am not sure why but he has started taking a westward approach to the disc instead of a straight line? No matter the direction I throw the disc he takes a wide left approach to the disc, he still will catch it but so much more time and energy spent? I am not sure how to correct this? Any and all feedback welcome
  13. With Blue I end up calling him: Blueshnikins "thats his gang name" Bluescreen "good nickname for dog, bad for computer" Bluecifer "when he is evil" Bluelight "when he is special:)" BLUUUU "when i really need his attention"
  14. My dog has had only Eagle Pack pack growing up, but lately its been pricey so we switched to Prism. He has taking to it well its cheaper but think its made by same company.
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