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  1. I have a rounded one made from green jade that is beautiful and makes great clear sounds, the only problem I have with it is filling up with spit:( Is that a whistle shape thing or is it just me?
  2. The first breed standard for ACD's was written in 1893 and approved in Australia in 1903 - all that means is that the breed's physical characteristics have been interfered with by humans for that long, mostly for the purpose of winning bench shows. If you look at really old photos of working ACD's they did not have the massive head and jawlines that they have today - they were much more collie/kelpie like. Those characteristics were developed by show dog breeders who didn't know one end of a cow from another and assumed that cattle dogs needed big heads and jaws to work cattle - a bit l
  3. There are most definitely solids in the breeding program in Australia and it is recommended that breeders use them rather than breed merle x merle. The most responsible breeders won't breed merle to merle at all as there is still a small risk of defects with breeding heterozygous merles. Many other breeders will breed heterozygous merles and take the slight risk of defects. Anyone who cares about the breed and dogs in general should not be breeding homozygous merles ever, but I am sure it is done, most likely in ignorance of the dogs genetics and the disastrous consequences that result.
  4. Hi everyone! Its been ages since I visited these boards, but we have recently added two pups to our family and I am sure that I will be looking for advice when they are ready to start working. Freckles and Ryley are working bred from successful trial dogs (for any west aussies, they are Boylee pups by the NZ import Kiwi Knight). Freckles is my son's pup and Ryley is my future stock dog and possible trial dog if I a) ever get good enough and ever have the time to travel away to trials. Taj, Trinity, Bolt and Zeke make up the rest of the spoilt rotten six-pack:)
  5. I havn't been on this forum for quite a while, but just had to reply to your question;) We started with one border collie, then got number two. Next came the farm, sheep and border collies number three and four. Numbers five and six have just been added to our family. So in my opinion, yes, border collies are most definitely addictive!
  6. Thanks for the info Julie! The breeder has been selectively breeding for ten years, so has done some of the work for us in regards to selectively breeding for good shedders (as well as culling difficult sheep/escape artists etc). Some of ours havn't fully shed yet and do have the back blanket, although it is easily lifting off on most of them...ROFL had to do a bit of sheep wrangling to get them in the float, we'd grab one and come away with a handful of hair!) I'm quite looking forward to developing and improving the flock, but we were incredibly lucky to get f6 and f7 ewes - ewes in gener
  7. I just had to come and share that we are now the proud owners of a small flock of dorper sheep:) We only have 14 - one pure bred ram, two whether lambs and one ewe lamb that are still on thier mums, and the rest are F6 ewes that have lambed before...so hopefully not going to be too difficult come lambing time. They are not dog broke, but have been reasonably well handled so are not stupid like a bunch of merinos are LOL The lady we bought them from has been breeding them for 10 years and has been extremely helpful answering six million questions (we also drenched them all so we know how to
  8. I bought a jade shepherds whistle a couple of weeks ago...I was convinced it was broken but I finally learnt to make loud noises on Christmas day - woohoo! I am getting better at making intentional sounds, and although my dogs think I am nuts, I can whistle my horses in from the back paddock for their dinner:) But Debbie - one and a half years??? I havn't even started my dogs on stock yet...have no idea what sounds to make for stock commands, LOL I am not sure their is hope for me with this thing!
  9. Hi Caroline Whereabouts are you in Australia? We have a few things in common -we have just moved to the country as well (south west WA), only 43 acres though. We've also acquired two more working bred puppies and will be getting some dorpers in the next week or two hopefully...LOL AND...I have just purchased that dvd as well so I am interested in what others have to say about it...so far I have only watched the first ten minutes.
  10. I don't know who owns Doc (or his breeding), but I would like to contact Doug and find out. Is the Mayanup president Andrew Gorton? Nan gave me his contact details, but I am a bit hesitant to call anyone at the moment with harvest going on, so will wait until after Christmas. Both pups are already showing keen interest - LOL in the chickens;) Must go, I think our neighbour has come to collect his sheep!
  11. Thanks everyone:) Its over 40 degrees celcius here today, so the little tackers are flat out sleeping on the kitchen tiles enjoying the air conditioning;) Hiya Sam:) We got these two from someone here in Boyup Brook, their mum (Bonnie) is a working farm dog and their dad is Doug Collop's (Mayanup area) 'Doc' who apparently is from eastern states trial bloodlines. The Mayanup Sheepdog club is not far from us, so I am hoping to see him working next year at a trial or two.
  12. Aww poor baby! Good for you for turning his life around, he looks like a sweetie!
  13. Hi Beth....yeah sometimes life throws you a curve ball...things have settled down really well here now that we are on the farm, LOL the only down side is that our internet connection (reliability, speed and upload/download limits) totally sucks! Lucky I have two new baby bc's to keep me occupied!
  14. I taught Taj to spin by luring him with a treat in a circle a couple of times, with my index finger pointing down and making a circle. After a couple of goes, I'd said 'spin' and the finger circle and didn't treat until he did the spin. Easy peasy. An index finger circle with my finger horizontal to the ground is 'rollover'. Not so sure about the wiping feet bit though;)
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